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(Translated from Turkish)

Allah Almighty said:

فَاسْأَلْ بِه ِِ خَبِيرا
fas'al bihi khabeera. Ask the expert (who knows). (al-Furqaan, 25:59)

You must ask an expert for everything. Do not do anything according to your own mind. These Egyptians, without consulting anyone, did as they like: they gathered in masses and ruined it. Everything has a way and a method.

There is a saying of the Prophet (s):

إن أمر عليكم عبد حبشي مجدع ما أقام فيكم كتاب الله أرقاءكم أرقاءكم
In amra `alaykum abdun habashiyyun majda`a maa aqaama feekum kitaab Allah arqaa’akum arqaa’akum. If an Abyssinian slave is appointed over you and he conducts your affairs according to the Book of Allah, you should listen to him and obey (his orders). (Sahih Muslim)

Don’t come against him. Either they rule you properly or they don’t rule you properly. When they don’t rule you properly, Allah Almighty will change them for His servants. Then you need to ask forgiveness.

The population of Egypt is 80 million. Every one of them is following his own mentality. None of them is asking for Shari`ah. What does Shari`ah want you to do? They think, if they attend Jumu`ah prayers, it’ll be enough; if they go for hajj and `umra, it’ll be enough. Don’t think it is enough to only attend Jumu`ah prayers. We have to adjust our lives to Shari`ah. Asta'eedhu billah:

وَاتَّبِعْ سَبِيلَ مَنْ أَنَابَ إِلَيَّ
wattabi` sabeela man anaaba ilayya. and follow the path of those who turn towards Me. (Luqmaan 31:15)

In the Holy Qur’an, Allah Almighty says, “Follow the one who is submitting his will to My Service and who doesn’t have any other goal except My servanthood.” Amongst 80 million people, you can’t even find 80 who are following. Their women are following the latest fashion. Their youngsters are worse than them: they don’t care about what they’re dressing, what they’re eating, what they are doing--they don’t observe the Shari`ah. At that time, they are not on the straight path and a whip will come on their heads!

80 million people couldn’t take down one man from power. And that man is given courage: “Stay there and don’t be afraid; they can’t do anything.” 80 million Egyptians couldn’t defeat one man. It means, the will power of 80 million Egyptians is at a zero point. He is still ruling them. There are some powerful ones who make him to insist on his position. Either you will correct yourselves, or you will suffer. It is not easy to take one down and bring another one.

One day a Sultan was passing from somewhere. He looked and saw people digging the road. He stopped his horse and asked, “What’s happening? What are these people doing?” They replied, “Because of your oppression, they’re digging and looking for just Sultans who came before you. They’re working to find and bring them back.” The Sultan said, “Give me a shovel too” and started digging. They asked: “What are you doing?” He said, “I’m looking for the people (citizens) who came before you.”

The Prophet (s) said:

كما تكونون يولى عليكم
Kamaa takoonu yuwalla `alaykum: As you are so will your leaders be. (al-Daylami)

However you are, such will your leaders appointed over you be. When you squeeze lemon, you get sour. When you squeeze sweet orange, you get sweet. You’ve become sour; you’ve left Shari`ah. They left the orders of Allah Almighty and they’re living as they like. The people of Egypt cannot live as they like! If you live according to Allah’s Will, Allah will let you live according to yours.

Allah Almighty says:

وَمَنْ أَعْرَضَ عَن ذِكْرِي فَإِنَّ لَهُ مَعِيشَةً ضَنكًا
wa man `arada `an dhikree fa inna lahu ma`eeshatan dankaa. But whosoever turns away from My remembrance, verily, for him is a life of hardship. (Ta-Ha, 20:124)

“Those who forget Me, I will order a troublesome life for them.” They’re reading the Holy Qur’an, but there is none who understands and speaks about it anymore. Even if they spoke, no one would listen. Now they’ve come to their senses and took to the streets. What are you doing on the streets? First correct yourself, then Allah will correct your leaders. Since you are not correcting yourself and living according to Allah’s Will, Allah Almighty will not make your rulers to be as you like. The government is a reflection of who you are. But who is listening? Men and women are out on the streets sleeping. Young people are fighting with each other. What is this; women sleeping on the streets? Why are you leaving your homes? Why are you leaving your family at home to the men?

Women! What is your business on the streets? They’re on the streets, standing, screaming, sleeping! Is this the Shari`ah of Islam? Does Shari`ah accept this? No. Why are you out on the streets? And afterwards, you are sleeping on the street. It is not possible! If you go against Shari`ah, you‘ll get a slap from every direction. How long has it been going on for now? For 15 days, 80 million Muslims stood up and they cannot remove one man. If Allah is not removing, no one can remove. Allah doesn’t work according to your likings. When you act according to Allah’s Will, Allah will do what is best for you.

Turks are like that too. Damascus people are like that, Iraqis are like that, the Arabian Peninsula is like that. Chad, Tunis, Libya and Algeria; all are the same. Others, the Christian countries, we don’t interfere with them. There will be a time, however, when He will interfere with them. Wa min Allahi 't-tawfeeq. Amaan yaa Rabbee! Tawbah yaa Rabbee, tawbah astaghfirullah.


There is a lady here who’s a teacher. Was anything wrong in what I said, Miss Teacher? What we are saying is Shari`ah; no one can come against it. For 15 days they couldn’t make him move one step. He is still saying, “I’m sitting here. Come and kick me out.” If 80 million spit, they can drown that one man, but they cannot do it. It’s astonishing. Amaan yaa Rabbee! Tawbah yaa Rabbee.



Isn’t what we said Shari`ah? Will you adjust yourself to Shari`ah or will they adjust Shari`ah to you? If you struggle to make it adjust to you, then it means you’ve left Allah’s Shari`ah and have fallen to Shaytan’s way. This situation is everywhere. Tawbah, astaghfirullah.

Lefke, 09.02.2011

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