Maulana Sheikh NazimElectricity - the Unknown Soul of Technology

Most important are our intentions. Our Lord looks into our hearts to see which intentions we have. Religions cannot be official. Anything official will take away the sincerity. The Lord wants his servants to be sincere. Mankind has been created for divine service, nothing else. No religion ever claims that mankind has been created for this world.

In the Last Testament Allah the Almighty says that He created us. There is only one Creator. Only He can create. But nowadays people use this word so carelessly. Mankind cannot create, they can only make. We must thank Allah for giving us control over technology. The power of electricity, which we need to use technology, is a mystery. Even professors at the Cambridge University cannot explain exactly what it is. It is only one ray of the endless power oceans of the Lord. He has given authority to his servants to use it in the last two centuries. Before that it was not necessary, but now the Last Days are approaching, so He has given us permission. It is an unknown power, even though the entire technology works with it. It is like the soul of technology. In the same way in which our souls are a special power given to us by the Lord. Without a soul our bodies would be nothing, we would be dead. The soul keeps us alive. When it is taken away, we die. With it we have the authority to live; to see, to hear, to catch, to walk, to know, to understand... When it is gone, all that is finished.

It is a hidden power. People sometimes ask where it is and what it is. But before you ask that, ask about electricity. You can see it, it works for you, but you will never be able to understand it. It is only one ray which has been authorised by the Lord of Heavens to be of service for mankind, to help them understand much more. What could be the main reason for Allah to have given us electricity? It is an authority which enables us to learn much more about everything. First of all to know about yourself. Secondly, to know everything around yourself. Thirdly, to make you think about the One who authorised you to use such power. Those are the main reasons for the Lord to give us the authority to use electricity.

It is such a huge power, it kills! If you touch it, it kills. Since mankind has been using it, their understanding has improved. But the question is whether they are using it for the benefit of mankind, or not. Are our scholars, scientists, professors and our statesmen using that huge power for the benefit of nations and mankind? Are they helping mankind to become more humane through the use of electricity? No! They are always trying to use it for bad purposes. Why? Aren't they thinking?

Technology is preparing nations for a huge battle. Mankind is preparing themselves for a terrible and horrible war. They want to reach the point where one nation will be able to destroy another nation completely. It is a pity that mankind has reached this kind of top point of civilisation. It is the top point of violence instead of the top point of civilisation. From day to day more and more good qualities are leaving mankind and are being replaced by the worst ones. The future of mankind is very dark. If nations will not change their directions, they will fall into the worst condition from which they will not be able to save themselves, nor will technology.

They are using nuclear power in hospitals to cure patients. That is one way of using such power, another one is to kill millions. There is no balance. On the one hand they only save a few lives, but at the same time they use it to kill millions. Do you think that makes the Lord of Heavens happy with us? He, who granted us such a huge power to be used for our benefit!

Oh, professors of Cambridge University, what do you think about it? You, the authority of science! What is your opinion about the future of humanity? You are such a famous university, you have full authority for science. You make so much research to improve your authority in using the Hidden Oceans of Power. What are you making this research for? Are you going to help or harm humanity?

Every student graduating from this university should ask such questions. They should be guided in how to use their knowledge. But wherever I go and raise such questions, I never hear that such information is given in the universities. On the contrary, students are prevented to think about it. They are being told that such thoughts are part of religion which belongs to temples, churches, cathedrals and mosques. That is where they can be raised, not in universities. Statesmen have the authority of universities, not of the Church of England. Religious people have no more authority, neither in Christianity, Judaism or even Islam. Governments do not want to hear any religious comments. Religion has to be private. That is terrible and horrible. As long as statesmen are ruling only with the authority of science, this world is approaching Armageddon. Everything will be destroyed. Statesmen are imprisoning the religions into buildings and are telling religious people not to speak, but science is allowed to do everything.

What can we do? These people are very well aware of their own satanic methods. They support the young generation, telling them that they are free to do anything and not to listen to religious people. They have been given freedom, which makes these youngsters very happy. Now they want more, they want to get rid of all rules. The government warns them of religions, telling them that religions would take their freedom away, give them discipline and make them lose their endless consumption of lust. The result is that young people do not accept a God. But if there is no God, where do we come from? Did you create yourself? Then keep your existence. When the Angel of Death comes, don't surrender, tell it that you will not die.

Scientists are aware of this, but still they insist on the non-existence of God. But which book, which science, which professor can claim that we have created ourselves? If I would say that a cassette-recorder created itself, you will tell me that I am an idiot. But if I say that you have been created by someone who is unseen, people don't like it. Do you see what is behind the sun? The moon always shows us one side, what about the other, have you seen it? So why do you object when I mention the Unseen-One? What is your proof that there is no God? Which science could prove that? It is such a dangerous current which people are reaching in the 21st century: scientists have still not woken up! They are still giving valium to people to make them sleep. But thanks to the Lord Almighty, people have taken so much valium that they have started to become allergic against it. They don't want to sleep anymore, one after another is waking up.

The best tidings, which give endless hope to believers is that Heavenly Knowledge will win. This was the century of atheism and materialism, but every 'ism' is false and not for the benefit of humanity. Within Divine Knowledge you cannot find any 'isms'. Only man-made productions are 'isms'; atheism, materialism, feminism, socialism, liberalism, capitalism, communism... These mind-productions cannot bring solutions for the problems of mankind. It is finished! That is reality. This production of mankind has brought us into the deepest chaos which no professor or statesman can solve, individually or commonly. They were given so much authority from the Lord of Heavens, but it is not enough to get out of this narrow path and dark tunnel.

The 21st century is approaching. What I am saying is not an empty hope or an idea. It is part of Heavenly Knowledge. It is certain. Within science you cannot have certainty, because every day a new theory is born, nothing stays the same. With the certainty of Heavens we know that this century will end with everything which it contains. The worst ideas will be buried, a new opening will come. May Allah bring it quickly, and grant us to be able to reach and see the victory of Heavens, and witness the Heavenly Kingdom established on earth, instead of the kingdom of satan. May we have bright enlightened days!


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