Every building which doesn't have a real architect or builder to look after it, must collapse. The strongest building is the building of empires. For so many centuries Russia was an empire. It was built on strong pillars. But when those red-ones came, Lenin, Trotzki and Stalin, they never knew how to build a building. They were not experienced in building. They built a state, but it was a foolish building. They tried to keep it together with full police power, but when that was taken away, it quickly fell down.

If you build a building with 7 stores and you do not put iron or a base, for how long will it last? Even one strong wind will put it down. A little earthquake will put it down. Until now everything hasn't even been taken away from that. It needs a complete renewal. A new foundation must be put. That is the trouble in Russia. They must take away everything which they built in that foolish building after 1917. A foolish, ugly and nonsense building. Now Jeltsin wants to take everything out and put in a new foundation, but that will take such a long time because inside Russia there are people who want to put a hook to make him fall down. There are still millions of people like that. But they cannot succeed.

Look at France now. They have become more clever. They now want to build a strong building because the 21st century cannot have such foolish buildings. It must be changed. There must be a big change before the year 2000 everywhere. There will be earthquakes from east to west. For strong buildings that is all right.

This country here used to be an empire and the rules were strong. Some people came into power who never should have. They had wrong ideas. But this is now finished. The foundation here is so strong. If the English people would give more power to the Kingdom, they would be much more successful. This is now being considered. Power should have no partner. Power must be in one hand. Power can never accept a partner. These systems that the people of the 20th century are now running after, the parliament system, is very wrong. The 21st century will never accept such a system. No opposition! If there is an opposition, it should be outside. Whoever has power must control the whole country. Now they are sitting in the parliament and speaking and speaking and speaking. For what? The government is not listening to them anyway. Take them away!

That is why everything must be changed back to what it was before. We do not want these new fashioned buildings. The old ones must come back.

HOLLINGBOURNE - 04.04.1993

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