Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim Essence of the teachings of Prophets

Destur ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Meded ya Rijalallah, Destur, ya ‘Ibadu-llahi salihien…Without the Awliya the world would be finished long time, they are keeping it…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…By the Name of Allah, All Mighty, All Merciful, most Beneficent and most Magnificent…

It is an association and the essence of association, essence of the teachings of Prophets, is to glorify our Lord Almighty Allah. Glorifying Allah! We must learn that before everything must learn people. Therefore when we were small ones, first out parents were trying to make that baby first childhood that beginning asking to speak to make his first word the Holy Name of Allah Almighty, to say: “Allah!” and to teach him also a little bit further: “Hu, Hu, Hu…”, after a while to make that new one to say: “La ilaha ill-Allah, la ilaha ill-Allah, la ilaha ill-Allah…” First teaching must be glorifying of our Lord Almighty Allah. That is most and most and most important point that mankind now never taking any care either for small one or big ones. They are not trying to teach new ones to say: “Allah”, to say: “La ilaha ill-Allah”, to say: “Muhammadur Rasulullah” sws. First step that must be- glorifying who created that one and who granted to you, oh heedless man. That is a grant to you from your Lord Almighty Allah that new baby. Therefore you must try to open his words his speech her speech by saying: “Allah, Allah, Allah…, la ilaha ill-Allah”, to begin with holy words, to speak. Who may be on that way, that is in our authority to do that, we can do this. But we can’t do anything when a person going to die to make him to say “Allah”, or to say: “La ilaha ill-Allah”, it is out of our authority. Therefore at the end of our lives…it is out of our order, out of our authority to make a person to say, to make his last words to say: “Allah”, to say: “La ilaha ill-Allah”, but we hope if we are trying to make little one small one to begin to say his first words holy words holy Name of Allah Almighty we hope that it is going to be granted the last word of that one when he is passing away from this life to be last words: “Allah” and: “La ilaha ill-Allah”.

People now are heedless from the most important point of our lives. That is our foundation of our lives. If our lives just built on that strong foundation, your life building never going to fall down. You can be in it in safety here and Hereafter. If not, those people going to be under any kind of danger, danger must be through his life, following him. Because whom never thinking for holy aspects that they have been offered, always they are under danger, danger following them, no balance for them. They don’t know if they are going like this it is danger for them or going like that, going to be in safety. Therefore everyone who cut off themselves from heavenly orders, through every moment, every second, they may be attacked by dangerous things from right side or from left side or from their front or from their behind or from their heads side or from under their feet. Six directions may fall on them some dangerous things making them if he is going to complete this what it is destroyed for example from right hand, till that going to be complete, coming another attack form his left direction. He is trying to save himself and to be as an original one, till he is doing that, coming another attack from in front of them a danger, making another damage on them so that those people who are not taking any care saying: “I don’t care for heavenly orders, I am a free one. I can do everything, because I am powerful, because I am rich one, or because I am such an important VIP person”…Ehhh, if not coming from outside, coming danger one day saying: “Oh, my stomach”, or may say: “Oh my head”, or one day may say: “Oh my heart” or may say: “Oh my back”…from inside coming…If not from outside, from inside coming- what are you doing? If you are President, if you are King, if you are VIP person, richest one, and you can’t move from your chair, saying: “I can’t walk, I can’t move”, bringing this bed that they are putting sick one on it and carrying quickly, coming from ambulance emergency, quickly coming and taking him from where? From fire stairs. Fire stairs is easy, because can’t be in lift. “Oh my friend. What about… how are you?” “Don’t ask.” “How? You are chief one, what happened to you, why you are not keeping yourself?” “I don’t know, it was such a unseen spear coming on my back and just touching on my back I finished…”

Man just created weak, very weak, but they are not thinking on it, they are saying that: “We can do everything, without we are not in need to be a relationship through Heavens, we are not accepting such things.” Eh- now look after yourself. Therefore people, if they are not arranging their lives according to heavenly Commands, always through every moment may touch to him something that he is not going to be happy. May be billionaire, may be Kings, may be President, may be anyone that may claim: “I am this one or that one”, no. Therefore heavenly teachings (are) asking to wake up nations, to wake up people to think on it. Heavenly Commands (are) making people to think, but Shaitan (is) making people and saying to them: “Don’t think on anything.” Heavenly Order is ordering for thinking, shaitanic teaching is saying: “No, you must not think on such things.“ That is biggest cursing now on people.

One person was asking me for some country that it was richest country, but now (is) going to be (a) poorest country and the governors of that country (is) thinking, asking: “How we can save ourselves from coming down economically?” And there was an answer: “(It is happening) because your involved in heavenly Orders; you tried to change nature. When you tried to change nature the Lord of Nature (is) punishing you. The Creator of this planet, (who is) giving its rules to nature, He is not happy what you are doing against nature. You are trying to change nature, He is not happy, the Lord of this planet, the Lord of Heavens is not happy with you, therefore He is asking you…

Therefore, first of all, what you did wrongly, you must come back, you must try to correct what you did wrongly. Wrong things must be corrected. As long as you are insisting on wrong attempts and leaving (the) real rules of nature, you are fighting nature and its rules, you (are) never going to be as you like. Your life (is) going to be (the) life of people of Hells. You are going to taste every badness, you are going to taste every bad thing. You can’t be able to taste the pleasure of this life.

Even this world is such prison for believers also, but Allah Almighty (is) never leaving them to taste as a prisoner (is) tasting, no, because they have been granted a hope, not (a) hope only, (but) a real Favour from Allah Almighty, saying to them: “Oh My servants, this place is going to be seclusion for you and after seclusion I am taking you to unlimited Paradises and endless pleasure.” This one is something else, another group that they are never believing in such things they are grinding under the mill stones every second. This is a prisoner, that is a prisoner, on same planet, but they are looking for Paradises at the end of their seclusion and other ones are waiting to open the doors of Hells to them. Oh people keep yourself, don’t try to change nature! Nature is under its Creators Command and Rules!

Therefore those countries they are making against the Rules of Nature and they fall down and if they are asking to save themselves, (they) must come back and to live heavenly rules (of) nature and they must follow this. And for whole mankind- they are trying to change the rules for life of mankind. The nature of mankind they are trying to change it. When they are trying to change our natures, (they are) coming and falling in endless troubles and sufferings.

Therefore one way for all nations to save themselves, (is) to take away, to throw away artificial ideas that are teachings of Shaitan and shaitanic ideas (are) making people to go wrong and to change the Rules of nature. When they are doing this, when they are changing this, that commanding nature, they are fighting against you and never giving a chance to you to be rest.
People are thinking: “Oh, when we are coming from Cyprus to Turkey it is going to be changed our situation”, or some people are thinking that if we are going from Pakistan to England, we are passing over this dam and we are reaching to a best life.” No! Where Allah (is) making you to be and giving to you and making your destination, don’t change! You are going to be cursed people through that country. You are not people that you have been honoured in England, Germany, Russia, France, Italy, no! Those people that (are) running to Europe to find a better life, but they are not understanding that they are giving from their honour, making their honour under the feet of that nations and that nations (are) saying: “Why you are coming? Go away!”

Why? Allah granted us so many countries, lands, why (you are) not working on it, keeping nature as Allah Almighty said to you and (you are) running away to find an easy life? Euro! “Oh my friend, every hour 1o Euro.” “What you are taking in Turkey? 3 Euro? Why you are sitting in Turkey? Go to Germany, go to England, go to France and take every hour 1o Euro. If you are working 1o hours, 1oo Euro, in one month 3ooo Euro. Why you are sitting here? Go there!” Oh heedless people! You are taking 3ooo Euro, but you are putting your honour under the feet of Germans or English of French people or Europeans! What is the benefit? But no mind! They are asking to go there to make much more Euros, much more Pounds, much more Dollars- but what is the price to take that amount? The price is to put your honour under their feet. They are saying: “Why you are coming? Who is saying to you to come? Why fighting?” And now (such a) big territory (is) asking to and crying an shouting: “Please accept ourselves” and they are saying: “No!” One word was enough not to ask second time to be with them, but they are putting their honours under the feet of Europeans. But we have honour! Eat dry bread, but don’t go to them! You are fighting against nature. When you make this, you must be under their feet. No one going to enjoy through this life and when they are coming to next life Angels (are) taking them: “You, that one, who not keeping honour of Muslims, going to be servants to those people for Dunya?”

Till they are taking away that idea from themselves and to believe that Allah Almighty is that One who is giving our Rizq, provision, and provision is a grant from Allah Almighty, but our honour that we have been honoured to be Muslims is a much more high grant from Allah Almighty and you are putting that under that to take some money that it is nothing. (Even) if they are opening their treasures, you must not put your honour under their feet.

May Allah forgive me and give us a good understanding to make us to keep our honour every time. Don’t change your honour for some pieces of food- that it is nothing. The sweet food (is) what it is good for you and suitable for your honour. Don’t think that what you eat and drink in European countries is good for you, no. Be patient (with) what Allah Almighty (is) granting to you. Keep your country and make that dam, take it away to come what Allah (is) sending to you. That (is) preventing what Allah (is) sending to nature, to Muslims, believers, because they are running from their homelands to unknown lands, unknown people who are never happy with us. Keep yourself with dry bread and keep your honour!

May Allah give us good understanding and to keep His servanthood. First of all, (before) everything you must think (of) His servanthood and He is (the) only One reaching to you with a sweet life. No one is saying to me up today: “We are living a sweet life in European countries or western countries.” No one (is) saying (this). But we, Alhamdulillah- in our countries we have sweet food that Allah granted us, we are happy. We are thanking to Allah Almighty, we are not making objection (on) what He (is) sending to us, no, everything we have! Give your praising and glorifying to Allah Almighty and teach your children to glorify their Lord Almighty Allah and if you like to save yourself and your children!

May Allah forgive me and grant to you blessings for His pleasure and to keep His Commands and Orders and to keep His Favours by praising. May Allah bless you and His weak servants that believe in Him and in His endless Favours. For the honour of the most honoured one in His divine Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 19.06.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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