Allah knows what is going to happen, and if Allah is teaching, or is giving from his Secret Knowledge to anyone, then that is alright. No-one may ask, "Why did You teach some people about secret knowledge?" Allah may teach anyone of his servants about the news of the future, the news of the coming days. This is never prohibited. Allah knows what is coming in future and if he likes to give these news, no-one can ask, "Why?" No-one!

All Prophets knew about the coming events, particularly the Seal of the Prophets, Sayidina Muhammad sws. He had been given the whole knowledge up to the Day of Resurrection of what is going to happen. The headlines of this is given to the prophets and the details to the holy-ones.

Our Grandsheik is giving us good tidings. He is telling us, that Muhiddin Ibn Arabi was one of the servants to whom Allah Almighty was giving exact knowledge about coming events. When Muhiddin Ibn Arabi wrote down something or said something, that must happen. But not everyone can understand the words of Muhiddin Ibn Arabi. It is so difficult. Our Grandsheik Abdullah Daghistani, may Allah bless him, spoke about Muhiddin Ibn Arabi and said that he was writing his books in 3 ways:
1. When he was in Divine Presence and he himself ceased to be in existence. At that point he entered the Divine Unity Oceans and was no more in existence. His existence was the Existence of the Lord Almighty Allah. He was taking Divine Knowledges from the Divine Presence and writing it down in his books. That kind of knowledge was written down in that state. When he was himself again, he would read what he had written, but the meanings were secret, even to him. It was only Naqshibandi Sheiks, and even of those only the most distinguished ones, who were able to understand the meanings.
2. Muhiddin Ibn Arabi was often in the Presence of the Prophet. Here he listened and was ordered to write down. This all the Grandsheiks of the Naqshibandi and of the other tariqats can understand. Ulemas, learned-ones, can neither understand the first nor the second part.
3. He was also meeting holy-ones and living holy-ones in interspace. He was able to meet them in their assemblies. From there he also took knowledge and wrote it down in his books. Some scholars can understand this, but the ones who don't, are the ones who are always coming against him. Because that is a rule, if someone does not understand, he will attack. That is Grandsheik's report about Muhiddin Ibn Arabi. Everything that he has written, must appear.

When we take from his secret knowledge about coming days, then we know that there must be a war, a Third War. According to the Hadith of the Prophet, a Third War must be before the coming of Mehdi,as. According to that hadith, the biggest war of all must come. Muhiddin Ibn Arabi is also writing about that point:

The Russians must move over Turkey and that is going to be the reason for the Great War. At the same time they will rush into Berlin and East Germany into West Germany. But quickly the situation will change, East Germany will go with West Germany. Not like the Russians want it to be. No! And Muhiddin Ibn Arabi is saying, that when the Russians are moving towards Turkey and Iran up to the South, then there will be a Great War for 3 months. Allah Almighty has appointed two nations to directly revenge against Russia. From the European side Germany. They are appointed by Allah Almighty to go against Russia. It will not be the same which happened in 1941. No! They will not be broken. And Japan will come from Asia. These two countries. The third nation will be Turkey from the South. No more Soviet Union...

That is something which is signed by Muhiddin Ibn Arabi in his writings. It will be a huge and terrible fighting, but the Germans are full of revenge against Russia, just like Japan, both nations. When the Second War finished, the Russians harmed these two countries. If they had given their best to these nations, they would not want revenge. But Russia did its worst. Therefore they are full, and no-one else but Allah Almighty is filling their hearts with revenge towards Russia. Turks are also full with revenge against communist Russia. In Damascus there will be a huge power, a gigantic army which ill come to the West of Aleppo where there is a big plain, Amuk, where there will be a great battle. The 'red-ones' will be broken there, and Mehdi as's hand will be with that army.

Those are a few of the news of coming events. Holy-people take it from the books of Muhiddin Ibn Arabi.

Lefke - 08.02.1988

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