Pictures of Maulana Sheikh NazimEvery Cell is in Enjoyment

(Sultan stands)

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, la ilaha ill-Llah, la ilaha ill-Llah, la ilaha ill-Llah.

Sayyidina Muhammad (s) by the Name of Allah, the Most Munificent, the Most Beneficent.

O Our Lord's Holy ones, Holy servants, give us from good manners to be closer from Heavens, to save from darkness of our egos and Satanic territories. We say, "Where can be Satan, and by whom he can be running and rushing and pulling them to follow him through darkness territories?" Darkness territories, that is Shaytanic territories.

Alfu's-salaat, alfu's-salaam. O you, our most beloved guide, ya Sayyidina Rasulullah! (Arabic) Wahabi, Salafi .......they are so jealous ones. We giving to you our most high respect, they are going to explode. (Mawlana Shaykh laughs) That is their punishment. And we are feeling an endless pleasure through ourselves, and that gives us pleasure and enjoyment and satisfaction and giving us lights. We are lightening.

(Sultan sits)

O People! O People! O Mankind! O our Lord's servants! I am a weak servant and you are trying to listen to know more and more. Ma barakli yawman wa 'zid fihi hidayah and we are saying A`udhu billahi min ash-shaytan ir-rajeem. Bismil-Lahi’ r-Rahmani ‘r-Raheem We are so proud and glorious by saying Bismil-Lahi’ r-Rahmani ‘r-Raheem; it is not easy for everyone to say Bismil-Lahi’ r-Rahmani ‘r-Raheem. O People! As-salamu alaykum wa rahmatallahi wa barakatuh!

(Sultan sings)

Dome dome dome dome
Dome dome dome dome
Dome dome dome dome
Dome dome dome dome

That music giving us so happiness and pleasure. O People! Because everything you are going to do for the Lord of Heavens and your Creator, you must feel. You must feel through yourself. Because I am not appointing only one place through your physical being; my aim, that my master who is the holiest one on this planet is saying, is not that only one part of your body getting to be in pleasure, but every part of your physical being dancing. The one who has billions of cells, all cells they are living ones; living means they are knowing something and they are getting happy. Every cell, or every organ going to be in pleasure and enjoyment. When we are saying Bismil-Lahi’ r-Rahmani ‘r-Raheem, that sending to every cell of our bodies a pleasure. They are so pleased, they are in such an enjoyment, you can't imagine. When the cells of a living one is happy it is running, or it runs to fulfil the wisdom or main purpose for their creation.

Understanding people?! Don't sleep! This is a warning as well as a teaching and we are only weak servants, and is our honor that we are asking to wake our body. Our body getting so pleasure when I am saying, hahchoo! hahchoo! (Mawlana sneezes). That is from Heavens. But when we are saying, "Aaaaw,haaw", (mimics prolonged yawning) that is from animals' level action. That means your organs unhappy and every cell through that organ is tired. But when they say, "hahchoo!" every cell, awakening.

O heedless people, look! I am saying from every Prophets' knowledge but they are giving to me and I don't know but I am saying gham (sadness) from east to west. And they must hear and take their care. (?Imagine) Shaykh Hisham to take their care that everything going to be in existence through enjoyment or to be ghamm, tired and unhappy. This life, O People! It is so easy. No problem if you are keeping one word from the Seal of Prophets and following it, you should find yourself in end through a new level. You should find yourself and saying, "this is a level giving to me a satisfaction. I am breathing happily, I am thinking clearly, I am running without tiring, I am understanding not (with) wrong understanding. I am happy on this level.

O People! What are you doing Samsonite (suitcase) through your hands? Every morning with Samsonite, one side coming down like this (mimics being weighed down),Samsonite shoulder coming down on earth. I am saying 'O my friend, your shoulder coming down, make a balance, take another to be like this." La ilaha ill-Llah, Sayyidina Muhammad (s). O People! You have been created to take rides for your egos? What is that? What is that, running on your ride, for what? What is your last point? O People! You have been created and the Lord of Heavens Who created you giving every part of your being to be always active through its effort. The Lord of Heavens Who created you making you to be like a donkey, two sides carrying heavy bags? You are man! You are from human nature, and humanity they have a specialty through whole creation. Learn and teach. That is important. When a cell, may be cell of your brain or cell of your heart or cells of your stomach or digestive system, cells standing up for, to continue our message, generation. Every cells through every organs, they are in enjoyment, they are pleased. All of them are in pleasure from your eyes, from your head to your feet.

Look o people, before our time, people they never doing shikayat, to be complaining. Never can be seen people before our times to be in pains, they never suffering. Only for some; more than ten, under the 100. Now, today in our days, illnesses countless. Before, hear and listen! O clever one! O thinker one! Keep your head in cleanly area! Keep your mind in a good position! You can understand what we are saying. Only those people who they are drunk ones, they are not understanding. Now countless illnesses they are suffering. Before, only one time a doctor giving a receipt for a patient . Now when people are going to a doctor he saying:

"First you must go for analysis for your body, to make a general checkup. And you must bring to me results of your checkup and then I may look and do something. If you are not doing that, I can't do treatment for you."

"O my doctor, it is necessary also to go to 'timarhane' mental house for checkup?"

"Yes, you must go to checkup yourself; if you are on just perfection through your mind, then we shall do our treatment. Yes, you must also go to mental house for checkup."

"O sir mental house doctors they are in need for checkup."

"That is true, that is true."

"They may give wrong receipt for me and making me more crazy."

"Doesn't matter, go to mental house for checkup and then I am putting you in here for tunnel, like barrel and going in one side and coming out other side then I may look for you and see what is happening."

"O my doctor til I am doing that ...
(The video transmission was lost, and the following is from a German translation, but is fragmented)

[It means your body cannot tolerate our treatment and are (...) but just do well to check up. This is a long history (...) we must at the beginning of the checkup, (...) or his returning of our master (...) everything in every organ, every cell, where they are (...) and look forward to, then they are at their best (...) human (...) yes. if our bodies are looking forward to (...) because their owners think about positive positions (...) that we are connected to our soul, with whom higher position (...) If this is connected okay, then you are not hurt. (...) never know because the cells are in their best positions and they] their best for that person, and then that man is living happily enjoyfully, sahat, healthy. Your health is coming from your cells. Your cells, they are living ones, and living ones, their life just related to heavens because life coming from heavens. And every cell is a living one and their lives coming from heavens. And their cells coming and getting enjoyful life from them.

Therefore, those people, their organs being harmony, the main `amood, pole that our world turning around it that is, harmony. There is a harmony in existence and that harmony in our understanding hayatan tayyibah, how happening? That harmony must be in every creation; if they have been sent on earth they have been created and they have a harmony through themselves and through others. Without harmony, what is against harmony? Chaos. Aferin. Chaos.. Now we have been learning some new thing, that I also learning that two main appearances through this Creation, either to be through harmony or to be chaos. When you are reaching to be through yourself you are reaching to be through harmony. our life, as Allah Almighty saying, that is a hayaatan tayyibah a good and best and happy life.. Nothing may touch you or nothing disturbing you or nothing harming you. because your harmany through every creature. If harmony, scorpion may come and never touch you.

Once I heard from my master that a scorpion coming to one of our grand ones, Imam `Azham (Imam Abu Hanifa an-Nu`man), that he was one of guiding people to the ways of the Seal of Prophets (s). Coming on him a scorpion. People running to kill it and he was saying, "Leave it, it can't do anything. And let it to bite. Doesn't matter." Coming, biting and falling dead that scorpion. Can't do, can't harm, it is forbidden for every creature to harm it. Allah Almighty created so many countless, so many countless creation, not bringing them in existence without something. There is a harmony around our dunya, around our planet. Must be. If there is not a harmony,no one living. In one hour they should finish each other and no more life on earth.

Therefore, there is a harmony, particularly on Man that is Sultan of this planet. Can't be that can't be without a connection through heavens, but is not keeping that heavenly arrangement, that is that harmony cut off. When harmony cut off, everything coming on it, everything coming on him, everything coming on her to give a trouble to that one and giving a chaos to come on our bodies. I was remembering when I was my age through elementary school, before 100 yrs ago. "O Shaykh, you are so old one." You are only ten years younger than me! I am remembering myself 70, 80, 90 years ago but the Lord of Heavens giving me such a special being, as He is granting to everyone a special being also. Everyone has a special being that he is carrying, that no one else carrying such specialties. The Creator, He is not making photocopies and everyone has an appearance through this life.

Yes sir, I am speaking on orders. and so many people, organs not working. And so many people thirteen years organs not working. coming to me, "O my Shaykh! Anything wrong with me that everything is working, Only one organ is not working. I am swearing, keep yourself in harmony and I am saying then every organ will be in its real position, never getting to be elder or useless. O Pope, O Dalai Lama, O Patriarchy in Istanbul and every other patriarch, and chief rabbis! Do you understand what I say or do you think that I am speaking wrong? No one can say that I am speaking wrong. Yes, we are making an explanation for understanding, that every thing in this life in a most perfect harmony. Between earthly creation and through heavenly positions, must be that harmony. If you are destroying that harmony, means that you are destroying yourself. And when that harmony just taken away, you are looking that whole nature, they are fighting to each other. And now people, Mankind, they are fighting to each other, harming and killing and destroying and burning. Because they lost real harmony between their spiritual being and heavenly harmony. That is very important.

O People! Keep and listen because anger coming to me! I am angry because they are not keeping harmony between themselves and heavens! And there is endless chaos on earth now because they are bringing this rule, that rule, this regime, that for the people all of them useless. Because they used to have kingdoms, it was the best ones, and now falling down, but coming worse ones now, and firstly they destroyed kingdoms, asking good life for them.

Trying to arrange their lives now, because Sultans they was best ones, but becoming to be falling down, falling down and going to the earth power among people going to the earth's tyrants. And tyrants no iman, no beliefs. And also no mind people, not knowing what is right hand from left hand. And now biggest cowards in this world, and people trembling, people burning, to destroy, from gigantic weapons. and their taleb (wish request) their last emel, (hope) another word, must be. (goal target?) Last point for them to kill. They are looking only for killing and destroying. Beyond that they are finished.That is biggest chaos for mankind in 21st Century they are making their last target to kill, to burn. to destroy. Now that is biggest chaos that is to appear from Mankind from beginning up to end.

(Mawlana Shaykh sings)

Dome dome dome dome
dome dome dome dome

That is harmony
that making you
to be happy
and to make you
be good feelings
and to live with good feelings.

Therefore we are saying to give to people:
Dome dome dome dome
Dome dome dome dome
Dome dome dome dome
Dome dome dome dome

Send us O our Lord from Heavens
Who can take away troublemakers
and Shaytanic groups
and can send from Heavens
to guide to ourselves
and guide to harmony
and most best things that a man may reach
to be in pleasure and enjoyment
and to be honored and glorified

Dome dome dome dome
Dome dome dome dome

Don't say it is haraam,
if it was haraam,
Allah Almighty not saying about Dawud
as when he was singing.
When he was singing,
in Holy books, whole mountains and trees and (...)
coming and making and singing with Sayyidina Dawud Alayhissalam.

Fatihah astaghfirullah, astaghfirullah

(53 minutes, Sayyidee) Because coming more power.

(Sultan speaks on phone with Mawlana Shaykh Hisham. Sultan is happy, smiling, saying "Subhanallah")

Lefke, 30.09.2009

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