Maulana Sheikh NazimEvery day is new and has a spiritual Tajalli

Destur, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, destur, ya Rijalallah. Every day is new and has a spiritual Tajalli. Without help from above earthly people couldn’t do anything: wa li-llahi junudu samawati wa-l ‘ard…heavenly and earthly armies are under Allah’s command…

Allah Almighty is making clear everything to be understood. If it is not understood; no wisdom. You must say something to the one you are addressing and that one must understand, men or women. They are equal only for being servants of the Lord of Heavens, never equal physically or never equal mindly, never going to be equal with their structure. One created strongly, second created gently… two different couple under the title of mankind. Some of them men, some of them women. Structure of men is different 100% from women’s structure.

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim- we are running from satanic teachings, because satanic teachings making man and woman equal. Biggest mistake, lies and cheating, and furthest from righteousness, not true to say equality for men and women. Biggest cheating, and that is main reason now that the whole world in endless unsolved difficulties, problems, troubles, sufferings, miseries, fightings. That is- to accept equality for men and women. Subhanallah, glory to Allah! Today they are saying is Women’s Day. Biggest cheating from satanic people that represent satanic kingdom and support satanic kingdom on earth and they like this standard of life to go on as now it is going. What is that Women’s Day 8th of March every year? Suddenly I was looking today Turkish TV, making so many big lies and cheatings for women and saying: Oh, women! And so many women showing themselves, saying: ’Yes, we are like men, equality’. Those are no mind people and another group of men stir it up. Suddenly coming (to me) this channel from heavenly channel to make them down! But cheated people never take any good thought about their positions; women so quickly cheated and men who say ‘Equality of women’ are first class shaitan’s representatives, and all of them just graduated from satanic academy as ‘Doctors’. How it can be (equality)? Never thinking! They say equal, men and women, but never going to be a right statement. Say all are men or all are women, only one kind of creature then, men or women! No need to be a difference between men and women if they are equal. Put them together and make one creature and finished!

There is a knowledge, some statement about shaitan and the way of his generation (how it is coming): One side of satan represents men’s side, second leg represents women’s personality, and same time, in himself, coming together and coming shaitans. That is humiliation (for him). That is for satan to make that lowest way for generation. It is worst way that never happened through any (other) creature. Every creation have male and female, but the Lord of Heavens making Shaitan the lowest of all creatures, because that one was first coming disobedient to His Creator, the Lord. That is a very bad punishment: his generation coming through himself. One leg male, another leg female, and bringing… And when he is bringing (his generation) it is not so easy, but so painful to come new generation from him. Everything in creation has male and female except Shaitan. Therefore Shaitan is the most dangerous enemy for mankind. Every time he brings new generation through himself growing up much more revenge and hatred against mankind, that this humiliation because of mankind coming to him.

But Allah Almighty giving honour to mankind and making male and female, two figures- never same. If man to man, no attraction, only may be those wrong ones that have been thrown away from society. Society never accepting this, but through the signs of Last Days just all Prophets and same time the Seal of Prophets Sayiddina Muhammad sws was warning his nation that: When Last Days approaching it is going to be so many homosexual people going to appear through mankind. And it is very wrong and carrying heavenly Anger on earth. A perfect man never accepting such a wrong way. That is imperfection and it is forbidden through all heavenly books, heavenly orders, but now so running through nations, through people. They are not throwing away such people that Allah Almighty never accepting them to be alive also. All heavenly orders ordering to be taken away that.

This is a sign of the Last Days that the Seal of Prophets sws was informing and warning his nation: When Last Days approaching, men going to be satisfied with men and women by women and it is so wrong. Man is created for woman and woman created for man, not woman for woman and man for man. Very wrong! But never any government taking care and they say: ‘This is democracy, people may do as they like. They may do everything as they like, may enjoy themselves, we don’t accept wrong way or right way, we accept that freedom for mankind is unlimited. A person is free; man free to be with men or women free to be with women.’ And that carrying heavenly Anger to reach earth and Allah Almighty asking to burn them.

Once Jesus Christ through his travellings he saw fire in a silent place. Approaching, looking and seeing two persons: one burning second one and going to be ashes, then that ashes coming as a man and burning the first one and that one going to be ashes, and in such a way (continuing). And he was surprised, asking his Lord: ’What is the meaning (of this)? I never understand.’ The divine addressing was coming from Heavens: ’O Jesus, they are two people that their works are of the nation of Lot. They are two men, making this and therefore their punishment is this. Up to the Day of Resurrection they should be punished in such a way.’ Now they never tell such things in Churches or Synagogues or Muslim Ulema. Finished! And today, Subhanallah, Allah Almighty through His heavenly Mercy sending us this. This is a statement for all mankind. They are asking: ’For what war?’ And I am saying: ‘Without a reason war not coming. Their sins carry fire on them’. That is the reason and never going to give them any benefit even millions of people if running in streets that their minds wrong, their actions and movements are wrong, their ideas and thoughts are wrong. That war can’t be taken away. That fireflood coming on earth to burn it. It is going to be burnt, finished! Ata amrullah… the heavenly command just arrived; it is impossible to be taken away. Don’t think it is Iraq crises, no! It is something nonsense, but behind that veil something else that carries fire on earth to make it clean. Ya Allah! We are running to You from Shaitan and his bad, worst teaching! Protect us, put us under Your shelter.

Just East and West, North and South, everywhere advertising satanic advertisement, every wrong thing, and from biggest satanic advertisement is today’s ‘Day of Women’. Saying this and cheating women, making them down; not giving to them honour, but taking their honour. And I saw on that stage (on TV) some women being granted some cups, awards, either copper or silver or sometimes some gold on it, because of their good manners, ideas or service. Four or five women on stage granted and in front of them hundreds of women looking to them… Nonsense reached its limits from satanic teachings, and I am asking forgiveness from Allah Almighty that we do nothing. We can’t stop it, but we only say:

’O our Lord, we are not accepting their wrong ideas, satanic teachings and representatives. Please don’t write our name with those people. We are with Your Prophets, with Your good servants, even we are not good servants ourselves, but we like to be with them. Their love is through our heart. Keep us from a bad end, destination, and keep us on the way of Paradise, not to fall into the ways of Hells that are everywhere advertised.’

May Allah through His divine Mercy accept and send us from His lions to save His weak servants from the hands of shaitans and their representatives, wolves, for the honour of the most honoured servant in the divine Presence Sayiddina Muhammad salallahu alayhi wa sallim. Fatiha.

Lefke - 08.03.2003

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