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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt="Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim" }} **Every hour must be loaded with something**

Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, Meded, ya Rijalallah…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

It is important for everyone to look with which importance he is doing every day. It is 24 hours, a day. 24 hours, every hour must be loaded with something, as a wardrobe (that has) 24 drawers, according to our traditional knowledge that we are believing in it and depending on.

We are not depending on other knowledge, because other knowledge is mind productions. Mind productions (are) going to be so many different kinds, perhaps everyone’s mind production (is) going to be different from others. Therefore you can’t be able to trust on individual mind production, because they are not using a balance. No balance, that is just prepared for balancing every mind production as well as physical activities, something that man may think on or try to bring from himself and most people are so proud ones, they are saying: “My idea, my opinion, or my sight it is (the) best one and (there is) no need to use balance, no!” That is the pride of mankind that Shaitan (is) injecting to them to be proud. Shaitans injection. Shaitan mostly (is) running after mankind to make them proud ones and (he is) injecting to them pride.

Therefore everyone (is) sitting in a meeting, through people, through university, academy or everywhere and they are saying: “My opinion, my theory is the best and I am not accepting others, I am following myself.” But not using a balance, because he is so proud to say: “Who is going to control or look after my mind production, who can do this! All of them their level is under my level. I am top level!” He is so foolish one that through that claming he means to say that: “Over my level (there is) no level, (the) last level is for me. Last level. Over my level (there) can’t be another level. I am the limit of people’s levels, no one can reach that.” Coming and finding this ceiling and saying: “Beyond this finished, I am the last one.” Therefore he is not asking to make a check-up with any other ones understanding level, saying: “No. I am that last one and finishing (there on my level).” That Shaitan (is) making people to think everyone an independent idea and then to come and fight each other and remaining only ashes, burning their ideas by themselves and remaining only ashes. Ashes giving nothing, but it is suitable for Shaitan, satanic teaching that to be proud. May Allah forgive us!

We were saying (about) mind productions. How many billions of people (are) living on earth, but they have no balance or they are not accepting a balance and billions of peoples’ ideas and theories and understanding is coming and pouring in the same place and beginning to fight each other and no any balance for all ones to give them (a measure for) what is right, what is wrong. And that is the trouble that people now are falling on it; they are asking to fulfil that pride through themselves and they are bringing so many kinds of ranks about themselves, saying: “This is assistant, that is assistant professor, that is professor, that is international professor”… (all of this is only) to fulfil themselves. But they are not accepting a control on their limits of understanding, and if (there is) no control, all of them (are) going to be wrong!

(The) main balance- therefore we are saying- (is coming through) traditional knowledge. I am not trusting their knowledge that they say: “Positive knowledge and technology”; I am not trusting on it or taking any care for that knowledge, no, I am trusting (in the) Heavenly Balance: Heavenly Knowledge (is) balancing your knowledge, your mind productions. Every day TV (is) giving for watches (a) time balance, correcting. Looking and correcting. Every day daily you are in need a correction- what about your knowledge, what do you think? You are using same materials, everyone’s capital (is) from (the) same material, everyone is using (the) same diversion and (the) same methods, so how you are coming to refuse one another one to say: “That is better, that is true”? If you are saying: “That is true”, one billion people (are) saying: “Why? What about ourselves?”

Therefore one balance that every believer must believe and must follow (that) balance (is): “Wa wa’ada al mizan”, the Lord of Heavens (is) saying: “I am putting balance, oh people, you can’t put balance on your knowledge, on your actings or activities or on your lives, you can’t bring a balance. I am bringing, just I put it. If you are happy to keep My Balance, you should be really happy. If not, you can’t reach any good end, full pleasure or a full honoured final. You can’t reach. You must use My Balance.”

What about our people now? What we are saying is real reality and truth. Take truth from true ones! Whom they are? Whom they are using Heavenly Balance, they are true only. Other people (are the) slaves of their ego and slaves and servants of Shaitan. Therefore people finished.

We are saying according to Heavenly Knowledge. You ever hear this through TV, through broadcasting, from government people? You can hear such things (that they say): “According to our Lords Balance that is mentioned through traditional knowledge”? And Shaitan (is) cheating people and making them to throw (Heavenly Knowledge) away, not to put (it) in their teaching centers, not to put in it traditional knowledge, they are saying: “No value. Value what we are putting.” Eh- what you are putting! And we were on that point: People are proud ones. Proud ones with which (thing)? With nothing!

And today is a new day and it has 24 hours. That is what we are coming on it from traditional Heavenly Knowledge. That these foolish people, drunk people, no mind people, never understanding people, square head people, the members of animal world people, are not understanding, they are not accepting what we are saying- traditional knowledge. “No”, they are saying, “We are not accepting.” “Bring what you are bringing from truth, from reality for this planet and through this space. Bring us a solid knowledge, unchangeable knowledge, bring and teach us!” No…

Traditional knowledge (is) saying that every day has 24 hours and every hour is like a wardrobes drawer. We have been offered to put something; not to leave that drawers empty, (but) to put in it something. Believers are trying to put through their drawers some precious jewels, (they are) trying to fill it, because (according to) traditional knowledge that (is) reaching to mankind through Prophets- heavenly chosen ones- they are saying that: “Coming once again every day on the Day of Resurrection for everyone- everyone’s wardrobe and drawers through all his life.” And what they put in it? (The) first hour of your whole life, of your life’s days (is) in one drawer going. You are going to look what is in it, what you put in it. You are not seeing now, it is going to appear to you (on) the Day of Resurrection and you are looking.

People are going to be repented. For what? Because some people (are) leaving (their) drawers empty. Someones (are) filling it with dirtiness, someone (are) filling it with scorpions or snakes, some people (are) filling it with straw, some of them (with) no value things, some of them (are) filling it with stones, but not precious stones. Some of them (are) filling with precious stones… People (are) looking and saying: “Oh! What we were saving? What we were putting on our days and hours through our life?” They should be there repented, but they lost their chance, because it was biggest grant that the Lord of Heavens who created man to be His deputies on this planet just granted to them such precious jewels that (He) never granted to others, (not) even (to) Angels.

And you should say: “Ohhh- what we shall do now?” You were not using divinely Balance, oh man, you were not using (the) heavenly balance.” To look (the) measure of some golden- you are going to jeweller to understand its value. Some (are) 4, some (are) 24… You never used that balance, now (you are) saying: “Why, what happened to me?”

Your foolishness (is) making you to be in (the) divine Presence in such a shame, to be ashamed. (When) Allah Almighty (is) asking: “Oh my servant, that is your collection! You like it? Look what you collected through your life. Look now. If you like, I like it. If you say: “No”, I am never happy with this” - what you are going to answer? Dunya, Dunya, Dunya, to save Dunya, running after Dunya through our mind productions we are running after it, but finally it is nothing, going to be blame for (the) owner of that wardrobe and (its) drawers.

Oh people, don’t forget to use (the) Heavenly Balance. Don’t say like those foolish people that: “We have only balance according to our mindly productions and we are not in need (of) another balance (like the one) that you are believing.” Don’t be from those foolish people, they are drunk ones, they are on (the) wrong way, (they are) mistaken ones.

That is… people running. whole life of people- look what (they are) gaining, to where they are reaching. I was asking someone- now so many people (are) coming and complaining, I am asking: “Where is your husband?” And she is answering: “Working.” “Working? Long time I am not seeing him.” “Yes”, she is saying, “he is working.” “Even I don’t think I met him since years.” And he lives really ¼ hour from our place, but I am not seeing him. But she is repeating, saying: “Working.” “Good. I think he is so hard working one, he bought half of your village?” And she is saying: “We have more and more debts on ourselves. Not taking, but we are falling under huge debts, banks are asking to take everything from us, therefore we are trying so hard to cover or debts and to be free from debts. Therefore we are working.” “You are working for your ego, for Shaitan, and Shaitan (is) making you under such heavy burden. If you are going to work for your Lord, He never makes you under heavy burden, (He is) taking from you every burden, (and) you should be so light, like Angels.”

People (are) cheated. What is reason? Because they are not using their mind, they are not using their willpower and mind to change their ways from mistaken to true direction, to be happy here and Hereafter. They are not asking. They are doing, as they like, never interesting (in) what the Lord of Heavens sending to us, (a) balance for every movement, for every activity that we are in and people are going to be punished, beginning from here up to (the) Day of Resurrection.

May Allah make us to awake and to understand and to follow (the) steps of (the) servants of (the) Lord. If you are not stepping on their steps, you are loosing and you are running to Hells.
May Allah forgive me and bless you, for the honour of the most honoured one in His divine Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha… La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim!

Lefke, 21.06.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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