Maulana Sheikh NazimEvery Mu’min must try to destroy Kufr

Audhu bilahi minesh shaitana rajim…Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim….I will destroy Kufr! One of the 54 Fard is that every Mu’min must try to destroy Kufr on the surface of the earth, to make it clean. Everyone’s intention must be that, with the holy ones’ blessings, holy ones’ intention. Therefore every time we repeat: ‘Meded, ya Sayidi’. Every holy one is or was an enemy of Shaitan, because Awliya, saints, are friends of Allah and enemies of Shaitan.

And we say: ‘Audhu bi-llahu mina shaitani rajim’, which means: ‘We run to You, o our Lord from Shaitan and his friends; Audhu bi-llahi min Iblis wa junudih’, ‘we are asking protection from Allah against Iblis and his soldiers’. Iblis is Shaitan, and there is no hope that blessings from Allah Almighty will reach to him, because the position that he is in prevents that. Until he moves from that point, blessings will never come, but cursing. Yet he is insisting to be there and he says to Allah: ’You are wrong, I am right.’

Even in the hereafter. Allah is sending him to Hells, and every years He is ordering the angels to take him out of the fire and to bring him to the entrance of Paradise. They bring him, and Allah is ordering the angels to address him, because He is never addressing Shaitan after he did that bad behaviour. Shaitan did his worst in the divine Presence, accusing Allah. Therefore Allah never speaks to him. He orders the angels to bring Adam a.s. in front of Him to the entrance of Paradise, and on behalf of Allah they say: ’O Iblis, make Sajdah to Adam and enter Paradise.’ But he says the same worst words: ’I am never going to make Sajdah to that one, no.’ That means: I am right, and who is ordering me, is wrong. And he is taken away to Hell once again, once again he goes into the fire.

Stubbornness is one of the worst characteristics of the nafs, of the ego. To be stubborn, to be proud, to be angry and to be envious, are the four characteristics that prevent a person to enter Paradise. Even with only one of these four characteristics, which are from Shaitan, a person represents Shaitan, and he is from the people of Shaitan. Anger, envy, pride and stubbornness are four characteristics that belong to Shaitan and to the nafs. Who has them, never enters Paradise. Envious people can’t enter Paradise. Proud people can’t enter Paradise. Stubborn people can’t enter Paradise. Angry people can’t enter Paradise. These dirtiest characteristics of Shaitan come on man and they are the characteristics of man’s ego.

Therefore it is important for a Muslim to try a treatment for himself to save himself from these four bad characteristics. Even one of them prevents a person to come into Paradise; it must be taken from him. He may do this by himself? No one can, even a doctor can’t treat himself, but he is calling another doctor saying: ’I can’t treat myself.’ Don’t think that a person may read books and may be able to treat or cure himself; it is impossible. There must be someone, a doctor, to make that one to be clean, to be treated and cured, to be healthy. People run to doctors for a check-up. Useless! Big queue in Harley Street in London. ‘Why you come?’ ‘I am coming for check-up, because the doctor says that I must come yearly for check-up.’ The doctors there are milking those people once a year, fill their bags and say: ’Go and come back after one year.’

If you are not curing yourself, you should be cured before you die, or through your grave, or on Yaum-ul-Mahscher; if it is not enough, through the fire of Hells. You must be cleaned, and then you enter Paradise. Therefore Allah says in the Holy Quran: ’…qad aflaha man tazakka, fa dhakkir ismi rabbihi fa salla’, and that cleanliness is for our egos. Allah is saying that cleaning the nafs is an obligation, Fard, one of the 54 Fard. You must try to be clean from these four satanic characteristics, and from them come so many branches, harming you and other people, destroying your faith, iman, as well as Islam.

Shaitan through these four characteristics was proud, very bad tempered, and that means, never getting into Paradise. And if the smallest amount, what we call dharra, of pride remains with a person, he can’t enter, this dharra prevents him. It must be taken from him, and then he may enter Paradise. Allah Almighty is saying that every bad characteristic that belongs to Shaitan and the ego is taken from Paradise people, and then they come in.

And these four characteristics stand on hubb-ul-dunya; they are fed through the love of Dunya. Who is giving himself to Dunya or making it his last target, last aim, these four bad characteristics never leave him; they must be with him. Who likes Dunya, must be through him stubbornness, pride, envy and anger.

The whole world is in it now, because mankind has nothing in its sight and no aim, except the material world. People ask to reach material aims; they have no aims beyond that Dunya. The last point of mankind now is Dunya, and therefore they have these four bad characteristics. Most people are ill, sick with such bad characteristics- the whole world. You may find through 100.000 people one person, or through 1 billion people 3 or 4 persons who are not ill, but the majority of people, 100% or 99%, has as their last aim Dunya, nothing beyond that. They should be very happy here… Imagine a group of people all asking to reach the same- how you can find among them harmony for a good life, love, respect, kindness, humbleness? Finished. Therefore the whole world is now in chaos for the sake of Dunya. Like ten dogs that find a bone and all jump on it. The one who can catch it, the others will bite it to take that bone from its mouth.

Individually people are in such a position now, common people, nations, governments through themselves and outside, men, women, youngsters, old people- all run after Dunya like these 22 people in sport that run after the football who is going to reach it. All may fall and finish and that football is still there, asking: ‘Anyone else coming?’ Making check-up: these 22 passed away, but yet the ball is ready, asking for more foolish ones to come and kick it. They make its out looking like a globe, like our Dunya- everyone kicking it. Everyone is coming and saying: ’O Sheikh, economical crisis.’ Ya Hu- everyone is kicking Dunya like a football; how there can be a good position for economy?

Therefore the prophets first of all were teaching about the real position of Dunya, and they were talking about Akhirat, next life, taking care to make man to be satisfied through his knowledge about Dunya. When man understands, then his heart is going to be in satisfaction. What is making that satisfaction? Dhikrullah. Who is occupied with Dunya, forgets Allah and Dhikrullah, and no way for him to be saved. But if anyone makes the remembrance of Allah, Dhikrullah, then he may see what is Dunya and what should be its result and he should find satisfaction through himself and say: ’Even if I should reach to the whole world and its treasures, finally, at the end, I am going to leave, and there is no satisfaction from it. Therefore I must be with someone that is never going to leave me. I must try to be for Him, Who is for me, and Who ordered me to be for Him.’ They are so few people. The majority of people in our days are with Dunya; they have no ideas beyond Dunya, and the pressure of the material life and its heaviness is coming on them day by day more and more, until they are going to be like paper under it.

We said to escape from our egos to Allah, and to try to be for Allah. Who is going to be with Allah, reaches his never-ending purpose, never-ending happiness, eternal life, eternal pleasures and enjoyment through eternal beauty oceans, eternal wisdom oceans, eternal perfection oceans- oceans of oceans that belong to Allah Almighty’s divine Attributes. Ma sha Allah!
May Allah open our hearts for an understanding. People now are in need of a new understanding. The old understanding just finished, it must be taken away. Therefore Mehdi a.s. is coming and he brings a new understanding, so that everyone should be happy with the holy Quran. There should be a divine feast through East and West, North and South! Every nation and everyone should find what he was asking, and he should say: ’Ohh, that was my last wish and target, thanks to the Lord of Heavens, just He granted to me.’ When Mehdi comes, no one is going to complain, but everyone is going to say: ’I reached what I was asking to reach.’

Allah, Allah…Allah, Allah…Allah, Allah…Aziz Allah,
Allah, Allah…Allah, Allah…Allah, Allah…Karim Allah,
Allah, Allah…Allah, Allah…Allah, Allah…Subhan Allah,
Allah, Allah…Allah, Allah…Allah, Allah…Sultan Allah!

Lefke - 21.01.2002

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