From beginning of time until now so many prophets arrived with Heavenly Messages where it was mentioned that the life on this planet would reach an end. It will not continue for ever. It is in limits and every day we get closer to that end. The Last Day will come. Just like there was a first day, there must be a last day. It is mentioned in all the Holy Books and by all the prophets.

It is also mentioned that the people living in those last days will be darker and more difficult and more oppressing and full of cruelty. There will be big events which will harm people and give them even more sufferings. This will increase. You will find that yesterday was better than today and that today is better than tomorrow. You will find that last year was better than this year and you will see that this year is better than next year. That is why you should not be hopeful concerning the general situation in this world and think that it will be better tomorrow.

All prophets warned their nations about these coming days and events. The last Prophet, Sayidina Muhammad, may peace be with him, completed all these news. In our traditional books we can find day by day what is coming. Allah Almighty sent his Last Message through the Holy Quran. People sometimes ask what is in it. What does it include? There is a very short hadith which tells us about this: 'Oh, living-ones, every news and information which has happened since the very beginning of creation right until today, can be found in it, it includes everything about everything and everyone.' Even this meeting which we are holding here, is mentioned in it.

One day Grandsheik was entering a big mosque in Damascus and he saw some scholars sitting there. They had spread out a big newspaper and told him that they were looking for news. "Don't you read the Quran?" Grandsheik asked them. "If you want to know any Heavenly News, read the Quran! Even if you want to know news about the future, you will find it there in detail."

Some people are as stubborn as goats. I am telling them, "There were millions of books in your museums and you were protecting them so carefully. Where did all that knowledge come from which was written in handwriting? Were they written before the Holy Quran? Were they written before the Prophet Muhammad? Where did the people take that knowledge from?

So when we even say that daily events are written in the Holy Quran, don't object. You would just prove that you are a goat-head!

We have been informed through the Holy Quran which the Prophet commented during 23 years. Maybe there are around 23 or 25 million hadith. Prophet did not have a zip to close his mouth. No! He wasn't like a tap which only gives when you open it. He was like a river, running. And people were taking. So if I say there are 25 million hadith, then don't tell me that it is too much. It could even be 50 million! Just think of how many hadith there were within 24 hours. He was giving commentaries to the Holy Quran. Don't say that when you look at it you don't see it like that, because you are blind, or short-sighted. Prophet Muhammad, may peace be upon him, looked and saw. If the Prophet had been like you, what had been his prophecy? If he couldn't see that which we cannot see, and if he doesn't hear that which we cannot hear, and if he cannot do what we cannot do, then he would have been an ordinary person. Prophets are not ordinary people, Wahabis say that they are. When the revelations came, his level changed and he reached Divine Presence. No-one can reach that level. Don't ever compare your level to the level of the Prophet.

Today is better than tomorrow and yesterday was better than today. Last year was better than this year and this year is better than next year. That is the information which we received from the Prophet. More and more difficulties are coming every day until the Lord of Heavens Allah Almighty will send what He promised to His Beloved and Praised Servant to save humanity. He is sending a saviour to humanity. Until he arrives every day will be worse and worse and worse. "Beware of satan!" the Prophet is warning his nation, and all of mankind is his nation. Some of them are accepting him and some of them are disobedient. But one day they will realise that he is the Last Prophet and that he is the Saviour and that all the saviours are under his wings. No-one can be a saviour without him. If people cannot accept this today, then they will tomorrow. If they cannot accept it here, they will accept it in the hereafter. They will accept it on the Day of Resurrection. People will run from one prophet to the next until they reach Prophet Muhammad and they will realise that he is the saviour. Jesus Christ will also send his people to Muhammad and tell them that he is the saviour, he is the praised-one. All prophets will be on their knees trembling for fear of God. Only Muhammad will be standing up in the Divine Presence. May Allah forgive us... Oh, Allah, send us the Sultan of Islam, the Sultan of the world to be with us. Send the Sultan with the Heavenly Sword!

LONDON - 28.03.1993

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