Maulana Sheikh Nazim Every problem, every trouble (is) making Shaitan happy

Destur ya Sayyidi, Meded, Meded ya Rijalallah…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…By the Name of Allah Almighty, most Merciful, most Beneficent and most Magnificent.

Every problem, every trouble (is) making Shaitan happy. His first aim or his main target is not to be Children of Adam happy, either here or Hereafter. He is thinking nothing else. He was (the) first troublemaker. His title through Heavens is ‘First Troublemaker’, ‘First Rebellious One in divinely Presence’, ‘(The) first one who refused the Lord’s Order in divinely Presence’. And he was giving his oath in (the) divinely Presence also, addressing to the Lord of Heavens, “You are making me to be cursed for (the reason) of that Adam and (also) through his Children, and I am also swearing that I shall try to make them to be cursed, not to be obedient ones to You! I shall give all my chance up to the Day of Resurrection, (and) I am going to use it and I am swearing on it, that I am never going to give a chance to them to follow Your Orders; to be all of them like me, to be rebellious and disobedient people and disrespectful ones for Your Heavenly Kingdom. You should find them always never respecting You (and) Your heavenly Sultanate. And I am going to give whole chance for me, I shall try to establish my kingdom on earth and I shall try to take Your Kingdom, Your Sultanate away, so that You are not going to find any obedient one, only few ones, but (the) majority (of the Children of Adam) should follow me!”

That is what he was speaking- so dirty words in (the) divinely Presence, and he was kicked down. When he was speaking in such a way, arguing in (the) divinely Presence, Allah Almighty (was) ordering to be changed (his beauty and also his name) according to his bad intentions: “Take from him (his) outlooking, not to be as before! He was Azazil, his name was Azazil (and) just I granted to him honour and respect through himself and through his name also, but according to his bad intentions, bad actings, (that) just he passed over his limit in My divinely Presence, I change his name from Azazil to Iblis, that he (is) never going to hope (for) My Blessings, (but) forever to cut his hope. Change his name from Azazil to Iblis and Shaitan! And his outlooking was so beautiful, (such a) handsome looking. Just I granted (that) to him, but when he was doing this arguing in My divinely Presence and changing his intentions, his nature, (his) natural being just (was) becoming dirty, (the) dirtiest nature. And I change his beauty to ugliness and to be his outlooking worst looking, violent, most violent appearance for him to be seen that My Cursing (is) just falling on him.” And Allah Almighty was saying: ”Demon, go away from My divinely Presence!” And he was sent (away) and he ran away, because he had been granted also to be free for doing what his natural aspect (was) asking to make. That it is a grant for him to do (what he is asking to do). He is free and (he) had been permitted to go through East and West, from North to South, through continents, through mankind; where they may be, he may be there.

And he (was) first beginning to do what he was giving his oath (for), (and) beginning from Adam and Eve, and he was saying: “Oh Adam! I am not leaving you in Paradise! I have been thrown away from your Lord’s divinely Presence, (and) I am giving my oath that I am not leaving you to be in Paradise (either). Beware!” (This had been) saying also Allah Almighty. He was saying (it) first: “Oh Adam, beware for Shaitan! Try to protect yourself from that assaulted dog. Beware!” and Adam (was) forgetting (this); for one second, only one second, he forgot his Lord’s Warning, the divinely Warning for him from Shaitan and through that second he did what Shaitan was asking him to do.

That (one) second was giving a chance to Shaitan to be able to do his worst to Adam, and through that second that Adam was disobedient, he forgot his Lord’s Command, and through that second (that) he was disobedient servant, it had been declared a declaration through Heavens: “Adam (just) forgot his Lord’s Warning and he was falling through the trap of his enemy! Just the trap of his enemy was catching him and he is now (a) disobedient servant! Take him out! This is My Territory! (It is) only for clean ones, only for obedient ones. Can’t be here disobedient servants! Take him out, him and his wife also! Land him and his wife on earth, to be imprisoned on earth up to the Day of Resurrection and let them to fight with Shaitan on earth, he and his wife and their descendants. Let them to fight Shaitan and to save themselves. Whom they should be obedient to Me, I am choosing them for My Paradise, whom they are not listening and obeying to My divinely Orders, I am leaving them to be with Shaitan through the prison of Hells!”

And up today (with) everything (that is) happening on earth, Shaitan (is) trying to make tricks for mankind and to put traps. (His) tricks means: To make them to step on (something) as a person (is stepping on a) mine: A person may put his feet on it, and (it is) going (to explode), blowing up, finishing (him), and Shaitan is so happy. Either this or (he is) making traps: It is not to be killed and to be thrown away- traps mankind (is) putting to catch some hunts. And everywhere Shaitan is putting traps and (he is) making tricks and now, through the 21st century, (the) whole world (is) full with shaitanic tricks and traps. (Everywhere is) full!

And no one (is) warning mankind, beginning from religious people. No one (is) writing on the walls of churches or mosques or synagogues: ‘Beware of Shaitan!’ They are writing the names of cathedrals; they have a wooden board, (and it is) written on it (for example:) ‘St George’s Church’ and (then they are) writing: this (or) that (is) going to be on Sunday, on Monday- but never (anyone is) writing on that board: “Beware of Shaitan! Oh people, don’t follow Shaitan! Come to be your Lord’s servants! Don’t pass by cathedrals, without entering in it, don’t pass by mosques without entering in it! Beware of Shaitan, he is preventing you not to come in mosques, in cathedrals, in synagogues. Beware of Shaitan.” No one in East or West (is writing this)! If anyone (is) seeing (such a writing), let me know!

Shaitan is putting his full hegemony on the whole world now through East and West and no one is saying his name also. No! And mankind is so friendly for Shaitan. So friendly. Everyone is happy with him and saying: ‘Our best friend.’ Your best friend is taking you to Hells, as a butcher (is) carrying sheep behind him to (the) slaughterhouse. Mankind (is) running after Shaitan as sheep (are) running after (the) butcher- how you are going to find peace on earth? Every day making mankind to each other every kind of crimes that Allah Almighty never likes it. Daily they are showing so many dirty photographs, crimes that man doing to man. It is not the honour of man to kill!

Allah Almighty (was) ordering to His Prophets to call people and to say to them: “Oh people! Come! I am calling you to make man to live! Give life, but don’t take life.” (It is the) biggest sin to kill someone without a reason, and Islam is ordering not to kill, not to destroy, (and) Christianity and Judaism also- but through thousands of years up today you may see that everywhere people (are) running to kill, to destroy, not to make people to rest. And Allah Almighty in a quranic Verse He is saying (and) threatening people: “Should be (for) the people of Last Days coming a smoke, making people to be like drunk and they are not knowing what they are doing.” This smoke just now arrived on earth. Before (there was) coming another smoke that you can see, but this (kind of smoke) only you can understand through your good feelings, through your conscience, that (the) whole world (is) just veiled or covered, people (are) asking to kill, to burn, to destroy, not to be in peace, and fear just covered (the) whole world like a smoke and (there is) hopelessness; no on is hoping to live. The feeling of hope (is) changing to hopelessness, that people, no one can know, if they are living up to evening or from evening up to morning. They are not knowing. Fear just covered (everywhere) and hopelessness covered (the) whole world.

May Allah forgive me and send us someone to change our lives and to save people from the successors of Shaitan and his agents from devils and from evil.

For the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 13.05.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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