Maulana Sheikh NazimEvery race has its valuable characteristics

If people around you are suffering, then you cannot be happy. Our happiness is connected to the happiness of everyone. That is why we are trying to make our surroundings happy. Holy People are like an oasis. In the huge deserts people run to the spring, to sit there and to be happy. In the same way people run to holy people to take some rest, find some satisfaction and a way to Heavens. I come here once a year, but people only come to me with their problems, sadness, miseries and sufferings. I do not see that people are happy. They are all unhappy. If I wouldn't tell them to go, everyone would sit with me from early morning until evening, wanting to tell me about it and to recharge their energies.

That is the real position of Holy People. Jesus Christ came and he was surrounded by ill, blind, dead and all kinds of miserable people. The ones without problems didn't come. Holy People have to carry others. Thanks to God English people smile, Germans never do. They are very serious, as if they were sitting in court. When we were a colony, we were told that England is our boss. We are happy with our boss. You, Indian people, are you also happy with them?

For thousands of years the English people have been mixed up with so many other nationalities. The more a people are mixed, the more clever they will become. When I am in this area here of London, I see the very orthodox Jews and everyone looks like the other, because they do not mix. Nature improves when someone marries from another race, another nation, because the Lord created every race and every nation with a different characteristic. The English nation have one kind, the Irish another, the Scots another, the Welsh another, the Dutch another, the Germans another, the French another (how many kind of French do you have? 13? 14?). Every tribe and race have their particularities. They are like precious stones. The Lord gives every race something valuable. English people have one thing, Germans something else and French people something else. This is so that no-one can ask to be someone else. Like, "Oh, I wish I was English." or, "Oh, I wish I was French." Or if the Turks would say, "I wish I was Greek." or the Greeks would say, "I wish I was Turkish." Every kind of people have specialities with which they can be enough proud.

With the colours it is the same. We have specialities which the dark people do not have. And they have specialities which white people do not have. Yellow people have specialities which red people do not have. Red people have specialities which green-ones do not have. Are there green people? Here I see people with green hair, blue hair... All kinds of people have different characteristics, the way their Lord created them.

Rubies, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds each have a kind of beauty and value. All of them are alright. That is why all kinds of nations have been granted a valuable particularity by their Lord. For this we are grateful. Only our Turks say, "How happy I am to be a Turk!" I am not with them when it comes to that foolish saying.

Everyone has a speciality to be proud of. I am seeing that English people are very patient, more than others. They are also very careful when they do something. If they make a walkingstick, they will try to make it as straight as possible. And if they have to carry an egg from one place to the other, they will put wheels under it. They are very careful to follow rules. This is a very good characteristic. The Lord Almighty loves such people a lot. He wants His People to keep the rules. May Allah forgive us...

LONDON - 01.03.1993

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