Maulana Sheikh Nazim Everyone’s activity must be for Allah

Ya Rasulullah, Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

By the name of Allah Almighty, All Merciful, most Beneficent and most Magnificent. By the Name of Allah and for His Glory and Honour we must try to do everything- on behalf of Him Almighty, because we are His caliphs, His deputies or the representatives of Allah. Therefore everything that you are doing must be for Him Almighty, on behalf of Him Almighty. First you must live for Him, you must do for Him, you must work for Him Almighty. Anything that you are not intending with such intention is going to be dustbin, because it is rubbish, no value. Rubbish, you are taking it out, sending it away. Everyone’s effort, everyone’s activity must be for Allah Almighty. If you are not looking (after) and taking care (for this point), if you are doing for yourself, you are going to be out of His divinely Rule that He is calling you to be for His service only. If you are leaving His service and running for someone else’s service, that is Shirk- you are going to be Mushrik!

(The) Prophet sws was saying, making everything clear for understanding and saying: “As shirkun fi ummati akhfa min dabati naml.” He was saying that Shirk, to make a partner for Allah, is so hidden and secret, that (it is) so difficult to understand. That is- what the Prophet was saying sws- that is the meaning (of Shirk): To work for yourself!

(They are) calling Adhan, calling people to their Lord’s servanthood, prayer service; you are saying some people (are) never thinking on it, (they are) saying: “No time for me for servanthood, no time for me for praying.” Oh! How! To whom you are working? Who is commanding you and saying this that: “I have no time for my servanthood for Allah”? “To whom you are working? Ask him!” That means: He is working or acting or doing something for himself so that he is refusing praying and refusing servanthood to Allah Almighty, and he changed his oath that the was saying (on the Day of Promises in the divinely Presence): “Oh our Lord, we are Your servants, from pre-eternal up to eternal. We are keeping Your servanthood, because You are our Lord!” He forgot this, and then coming here, saying: “No time for praying.”

A day- how many hours (it has)? 24 hours. If a person (is) working, they have rules and laws that are saying: “6 hours daily or 36 hours weekly (you must work). Or: 8 hours daily and 48 hours weekly (you must work).” If you are working daily 6 hours, weekly (it is) going to be 1½ day! If you are collecting 36 hours, (it) means: 1½ day. A week- how many hours (it has)? How many days? 7 days. Take 1½ day (from it)- what (is) remaining? 5½ days! What you are doing, oh donkeys? Those people that are not knowing anything about mathematics! Weekly your work (is) only 1½ days, remaining 5½ days- what are you doing? Why you are saying: “No time for me for obedience, for servanthood (to my Lord)”?

I am speaking to those people who are only (by) name Muslim, but their activities (are) not Islamic. I am not blaming Non-Muslims, because Non-Muslims have not (been) offered divinely servanthood, because (they are) not accepting the last Messenger and the last Message- leave them! But I am speaking on these people who say: “We are Muslims” and if you ask them: “Why not praying?” they are saying: “No time.” I am blaming them, because they are not ashaming to say this!

5 ½ days- how (you are) passing (them)? And if you are taking 6 hours from 24 hours, remaining 16 hours. You are working 6 hours or 8 hours (and) remaining 16 hours or 18 hours- what you are doing 16 or 18 hours? Sleeping? No! What you are doing? Wasting time! You are not working and also you are not worshipping- what you are doing 16 or 18 hours daily? If you are employed through any work, (it) may be 6 hours daily or 8 hours- remaining 16 hours or 18 hours. What you are doing?

And all prayers, if you are collecting the time of 5 times prayers, (that are each let us) say: 1 hour- it is not 1 hour, but if you say 1 hour- take 5 hours from 16 hours- remaining 11 hours! You have yet much more time! (Even) if you are giving 1 hour for each praying time, worshipping time, it is remaining also 11 hours or 13 hours. What are you doing? How you are wasting your life? And your life- the Lord of Heavens (is) asking (that) your life-tree must be fruitful, but you are making your life-tree fruitless. Why? (For example): You are planting. There are some plants that even bees (are) not coming on them, through streets the government is planting so many, because they have different coloured flowers, but it is a poisoned plant, even bees (are) not coming on their flowers to take honey. I am not speaking about other trees- every tree has some benefit, giving benefit, even pine trees- they are not like that plants and even (they are) not giving fruit, but (they are) useful, its weather (is) giving refreshment for our lungs.

Why you are making your life-tree fruitless? Why? You are wasting 24 hours, that means you are working for someone else and its main characteristic is ‘atalet’, laziness. Laziness is (the) most well-known or (the) main characteristic of our ego. The ego is well-known to be accused by laziness. (It is) so heavy, never asking to move. You can’t move it.

Allah Almighty is giving His guarantee for our provision, but He put (as a condition) that people may run or must run to find their provision daily with so many works or jobs, different jobs.

Allah Almighty (may) give the people that are living now as He gave to (the) Children of Israel through the dessert of Mount of Sinai- daily their provision (was) coming from Heavens. Without planting, without doing any work, Allah Almighty was feeding them, giving their provision, but He just occupied them with one thing, (so) that even everything was ready- daily (their) provision (was coming) without (them) moving their hands or feet- but (they were) not sitting. (He was) not giving them a chance to sit. They were by day getting up and walking to find a way to get out from that prison that (there were) no any guardians, no mine fields, no wires- nothing, it was (an) open area. And Allah Almighty (was) saying: “I am imprisoning them in that area (for) 4o years”, but, because (of) their weak belief (they were) not coming to say: “Tauba, ya Rabbi”, to ask their Lord’s forgiveness. They were insisting and saying: “We are not going to that country. Allah and His Prophet may go and they may open that city, taking away our enemies (and then) we are entering.” For that reason Allah (was) imprisoning them 4o years and (still) daily their provision (was) coming, (they were) eating and drinking, but yet they were not happy, they were asking to move. Even their egos liked to sleep, but, as a punishment, Allah Almighty (was) making them to run daily to find a tunnel or way to get out. If not, (they) were sleeping like this, eating and like this… sleeping.

And Allah Almighty is Guarantor for every creature that He created; He is (the) Guarantor for their provision. Even an ants provision (is) just prepared and just reached to that one. Any creature that has a mouth must eat and must glorify their Lord, only heedless mankind their mouth (is) open to eat, but never (they are) asking to glorify their Lord Allah Almighty!

Therefore, if Allah Almighty (was) leaving people not to work, sending them their provision daily through (their) homes or in front of their doors, they should be happy (with) eating and sleeping, not moving. But Allah Almighty, by His divinely Wisdom, just related works, (like) farming, trading and crafts, making them the ways to reach to their provisions. People are knowing and believing that if they are not working, their provision (is) never reaching to them. That is wrong. But (it is) as a punishment Allah (is) giving (this) to them, because they are following their egos and egos are the essence of laziness. All of them you can find- if their provision was sent down from Heavens- they should eat quickly and then… sleeping. Then, second provision coming, eating… then sleeping… never standing up to work!

If Allah Almighty (was) not making this, all people were going to eat and to sleep, not to move. That is (the) main characteristic of our egos and people therefore are saying: “Oh, I am busy, no time for me to work, no time for me for prayer, no time for me for servanthood, I am busy.” Then they should be blamed (on) the Day of Resurrection: “How? (There are) 24 hours! You were working 3,4,6,8, hours and remaining 16 or 18 hours- what you were doing (in) that time?” “We were enjoying, we were trying to enjoy ourselves, our physical being, we were following its desires and we were running for the refreshment of our physical being and to reach to our physical desires.” That means: They are working, giving their whole efforts for their provision and then, after provision that we said the hours of their work is 6 or 8 hours, (during the) other (hours) they are trying to enjoy or to make their egos to be pleased and to be in pleasure with countless dirty works that (are) making them away from their Lord. Therefore they are saying: “No time for us!” “Why?” “I am busy.” “For what?” “I am going to do this, to do that, We have such meetings, such playing and occasions to make ourselves happy and no time for me to give for Allah and for His worshipping. I am just occupied 1oo% with my ego, with my physical being’s desires. My commander is my physical being, or my commander is my ego; what my ego (is) ordering, I am trying to fulfil it and therefore (I have) no time for Allah and His divinely Service!”

When people (are) coming on that way that it is wrong way and wrong life-philosophy, their life-philosophy (is that they are) saying only: “We are trying to make our egoistic desires to fulfil and to fulfil also our physical being’s desires and enjoyments. That is all worlds inhabitants’ life-system, life-philosophy. “If we can find a time from our egoistic refreshment and enjoyments, we may give a time to our Lord’s worshipping”, and it is so difficult. And so many times we are looking some people coming to pray and praying so quickly and running away, because these people (are) just tied through their necks with a rope and that rope (is) in the hands of Shaitan. If they are coming in (the) mosque, they should be hurry as much as possible, because Shaitan (is) pulling them and saying: “Enough! I am tired outside. Come! Oh my donkey, come quickly! My legs (are) so weak and I am tired! Finish it and come out, I shall ride on you.” The throne of Shaitan where it is, you know? Here… sitting on (the) shoulders of the Children of Adam! “My best throne, I am taking my revenge from them, making them my donkeys. Sending them as I like. I am enjoying and they are suffering. Their suffering is my enjoyment!” Shaitan saying.

Therefore so many foolish ones are praying and saying: “Long Khutba, long Namaz (prayer). Ohhh… if finishing, I may go out for a cigarette…” Incense…”Oh my donkey”, saying his Shaitan, I am here fed up and tired. I was looking after you. Quickly take a cigarette, put in your mouth that its smoke (is) making my head so pleased…Quickly!” Therefore so many smoking people are very angry if (the) Imam (is) reciting long Sura or making a little bit long Khutba. Therefore order (is) coming from up to Imam: “Don’t do long Khutba!” That means: they are under (the) control of Shaitan also. It is not for them to order Khatib, who (is) addressing and advising people (to say): “Make it short.” No! No any one has such (an) authority to say: “Imam, make short your prayer, make short your speech.” No! But Shaitan (is) making (the) head ones also to be under his control, and they are saying: “Yes, we are sending to you a page, half of (a) page. If you are happy to read all of it, it is okay. If you are asking to read (for) Khutba half of that, it is better. If you are making from it ¼, very good, very happy, you are first class Imam and Khatib!”

Everywhere you may see people hearing and obeying satanic representatives, whom they are making people to run away from their Lord, to run away from Paradise and to fall into (the) sufferings of Hells.

May Allah forgive us and send us someone to take away satanic people, satanic works, to be people in health and wealth! For the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 13.06.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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