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As-Salamu Alaikum, our listeners. What do they listen to? Some listen to music. Some watch dancing girls. Some are busy with unnecessary things. Some listen to unnecessary things. As- Salamu Alaikum O believers who listen to us. It is the holy Ramadan so we may say a few words, as our condition permits. May Allah give us health & wellness. May our lives be spent well. May our lives be spent in the way Allah is pleased, this is the gift. We may say, Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar La ilaha illa Allahu wa Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar wa lillah al Hamd. Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala Ahlihi wa Sahbihi wa Sallim, crown of our heads, Our Prophet, the Beloved of Allah.

People now don't listen to long speeches. Only short. And what they listen to is only rubbish, nonsense things. Man - who is man? What is he? How come he is in this world? There is no one who searches & asks about this. Audhu Billahi min al shaytan al rajim. There is a creature that disturbs our mind & thoughts, that encourages us to do evil, that says "Enjoy yourselves. Do as you like, live as you like, eat, drink..." Ok. We are eating & drinking. What is the purpose then? What else is there in a palace? If there is no WC in a palace, does it have any value? Does it? No, it has no worth. The King in the palace can't just come & do it in the middle of the hall! It means for everything, there is be a place that is needed, a knowledge that it requires.

Yes, we are in dunya. In dunya.. Listen! O coffee shop regulars, listen! Don't spend your lives in vain in coffee shops. What was told to us, taught us, since a long time ago are the matters of dunya & akhirah. There is dunya, & there is akhirah after dunya. There is life, & there is death after life. There are houses, & after the houses, there are graves. O little people who play cards on tables, in coffee shops! Do you not know this? Do you not think about this? Think. Who needs a toilet can't just do it in the middle of the coffee shop. He knows the place for it. There is a place for everything.

Ok, this is a huge world. O young ones, beware, listen. Don't waste your time. Man is created to learn something. All the Prophets, that are sent by Allah Almighty, what they told us? The last of them being our Prophet (sas)- what he (sas) told in the end is: "O people, there is Allah Who created you. Know Him & be servants to Him" "What is servanthood?" they are asking, today's youth.. Should we say for them, those who can't understand anything, or should we say for them no mind ones, or the careless ones- so many growing youth are asking. "Why are we in this world? What should we do? We don't know what we should do. When we don't know, we go to coffee shops, spend time in coffee shops, or look for other entertainment venues. We spend our time in such places".

O young ones, this dunya is not a place to spend time & have fun. Listen! Leave the card in your hand. Listen to this word. You will bang your head against the stone but you get no result. People have become like this. Why there is no one from you who asks: "Where did these people come from? How did it happen?" (Instead) "What does this newspaper say? What does that magazine write? What plays in this movie theatre or what is that movie about?" These are not the real matters. They don't satisfy your hunger nor do they teach you anything. On the contrary, they teach bad things; consume man's life and he lives in vain and finally they throw him into a hole, throw earth on top of him. His turn is to come. If anyone can escape it, let him do so!

If they can't escape it, who invented these graves? How will they put us in the grave? What is there & what is not there in grave? What will happen? They come to our head sides (in grave) & recite. What are they reciting, for what are they reciting, anyone asks? No one asks. No one asks. But one day, he will hit his head on that marble stone (where corpses are washed) & he will understand but what is the use of knowing after that point?

O young ones! You will learn that you are created to learn something. Leave aside men, we may say to our girls. Who told the girls to open up & expose all their bodies & walk out in the streets like this? Did they create you for this? There is meat market, animal market. They don't cover or protect themselves. Is there no difference between you & animals? Why do you open up your awrah/private parts? Why do you show it to everybody? How do you not hide your private parts? Are you from the bad women who are put on display? Are you such bad creatures? Shame on you! You are studying, why do you study? What do they teach you? They teach you to go around with no underwear? They teach you to go out naked? Shame on you. You are displaying your valuable being to everybody. Shame on you. Leave aside sin, but shame on you. Man does not open up his private parts & show to everyone. Who open up their private parts, show everyone & go around like this, are animals.

Man, how can man show, display his private parts? Is this civilization? Is this, the advanced life, high life, or is this the purpose of life? And the men who encourage them are even lower than they. Today is holy Ramadan. I am ashamed to go out, for what? There are countless girls, women, who go around displaying their private parts in holy Ramadan. It is a shame. One day an illness comes on them, their beauty disappears. She becomes ugly, everybody runs away from her. You can't be sure of the future. Beware.

Today is the 20th of Ramadan, Masha Allah. Whoever fasted, fasted. They didn't lose even a pound. They are only happy & joyful because they kept the order of the Allah Almighty. They want the Worlds of Nur, they are tired of dunya. They know that dunya is temporary. They like to go beyond this world & live in the worlds of Nur. If you want to live there, you should teach yourself. You should know what to teach yourself. He says "What is this? Why are we here? How are we here?" There are people who explain these, from the beginning of dunya to its end. Now if we were to say from the beginning of dunya, we can't finish till the end of dunya. But I said briefly so that you think on it a little bit.

Who doesn't think is an animal. Man thinks, animal doesn't think. You think of yourself like man or animal? Why do you not think? What is today, our day? What will happen to us tomorrow? What should we do? What actions should we take? Why do you not learn? Who doesn't teach this, will remain in cursed holes. This is a short word for our people who know Turkish. Whoever like, listens. Who doesn't listen will get rotten & consumed through his own ego. He becomes such that no one can look at his face & finally the earth covers him. As-Salamu Alaikum o people, who are like the grandchildren of my grandchildren. This is an advice for you. If you listen, listen. If you don't listen, you are to suffer its consequences.

This is enough for today. It is holy Ramadan & our strength is up to here. May Allah forgive us. May we not follow our ego. May we not run after shaytan. May we not be caught up in evil. May we be good ones. The good one's name is written through the Heavens. The bad ones' names are written under the earth. Take care of yourself, o mankind. As-Salamu Alaikum. Think on this & we may speak again tomorrow insha Allah.


Lefke, 09.08.2012

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