Maulana Sheikh NazimEverything in creation has been created because of a reason

Everything in creation has been created because of a reason. There is a
reason behind everything. What is the reason for the present condition of
the world? All people are suffering, they are in fear and confusion and
don't know what will be tomorrow. They lost their inner peace and balance,
because they built their life on an illusion, which they can't realize and
therefore they get unhappy. The ways to reach to it are closed now. People
are like in a tunnel, and their car is on fire, they cannot move back or
forward and no technic can save them anymore. And the fire and smoke are
spreading. People feel in such a tunnel and they are afraid. There is fear
and confusion everywhere, even in America, the country that claims to be
patron of the world. The president was so afraid when the message came that
an airplane is coming towards the White House...

And Allah is informing about the condition of man in the Holy Quran.
Darkness has covered everything, Fasad is everywhere...From outlooking man
is a human being, but inside they are like wild animals...Nowadays even
Muslims are denying the Holy Quran, preventing it from being read in the
mosques. May Allah not write us from them. We want Allah's Word to be highly
respected. The Holy Quran has been the reason that some people were
elevated, and some other people dishonoured and distroyed, disgraded to
Asfala Safilien, to be the lowest of the low.

All people of the 21st century are against the Holy Quran-
and also the Muslims have become the victims of Batil (falsehood). They
don't respect what is written in the Holy Quran. But Allah says: ,I will not
leave you for this disrespect- I will disgrade you and finish with you,
because you don't respect My Word. I will throw you into fire and change
your form from an Alif to a Dal. I will punish you for your disrespect. I am
only waiting for the right time to come.' So the tension is climbing and it
will reach the point of explosion.

The Afghans, the Chechens, the Cyriots, the Turks, and the Pakistanis all
tasted it. The reason for all the dhulm and fasad is that people don't
respect the Divine Word. And it will continue, the fire will not stop.
People tell me that I should stay here or go to Damaskus, they invite me to
Egypt, to Saudia. I may come, but the conscience is not accepting this kind
of disrespectful behaviour anymore, and I am asking for things to happen,
not for the situation to continue. We are asking that those disrespectful
people may get their punishment. Even if we would have to go during the big
cleaning, we will accept, because we are not in peace during this Ramadan. I
want the flag of Islam to be opened, but still there is no one to take it
up. We are asking for that one to be sent, may Allah send the Sahibu Zaman.
I don't want things to continue the way they are. O Allah, You know better,
but our wish is that the flag of Islam may be opened and the one who may
carry it, be send. He will say ,Allahu akbar' three times and he will gather
the Ummah under the flag...This is inspired to our heart...We are ashamed of
the disrespect of the people for the Divine Word of Allah and that they kick
it with their feet. We are asking for permission to finish with them. That
is our request... And that Allah may make us to be with the good servants
and to be from the good ones also...

Lefke - 29.11.2001

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