Maulana Sheikh NazimEverything is running towards its last point

Audhu bi-llahi mineshaitana rajim. Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim. Everything is
running towards its last point. For everything there is a last point, that
is coming to there and then stopping or disappearing or finishing.
'Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim wa shamsu tadshri li mustakaril laha'.Allah
Almighty informing His servants (about the) sun, that is main factor for
life on earth. Without sun no life on earth, and Allah says about that sun
that it is moving towards its last station, last point; approaching day by
day, month after month year after year, century after century, thousand
years and thousand years. Moving towards its last station, that when
reaching to that point, going either to stop or to disappear or to be taken
away from existence. Finishing.

And I am looking to myself and looking to all of you that I and you, all of
us, what is appointed for everyone of us to be his last station, day by day
(we are) approaching. I was thinking that in front of me years, so many
years, and now I am reaching to 80 years. I am asking a further station,
maybe should be granted, but if going to be 90, it is going to be also the
day that I must disappear, and I am looking here young people, all of you,
that you hope to reach more life to be for you 80, 90, even 100 years. But
we must reach that point, the limit that is appointed for us. That limit
coming. Therefore they are giving to me that sign, information, about sun.

Sun- only Allah knows how many billions years rising- setting, rising-
setting, rising-setting, but also moving like this. It is rising, setting.
Second day it is not on same point rising and same point setting. 'Rabbu-l
masharik wa-l magharib.' Therefore Allah Almighty is saying: 'Rabbu-l
mashrikayni wa rabbu-l maghribayn'. Every day sun, if it is rising from its
appointed place- and that is one point Allah Almighty saying about it- and
then same day coming and setting down. This Allah Almighty is arranging.
That is from Allah Almighty, not sun by itself making its rising and
setting. Its Creator, Lord, making every day for sun one point to rise, one
point to come down. And then 'Rabbu-l mashriqayni wa rabbu-l maghribayn'
signing the farest point for rising and setting, and more closer place that
sun rising and coming down, that means rising and setting points through
summer time and winter time. Aqsa, most far point for rising. And Rabbu-l
masharik wa-l magharib', because sun moving- every day coming another- from
another rising point through universe. Rising and coming down. Next day
coming another point; so that the sun is moving and it is doing its
importance so exact, you can't find even second to be late or to be early.

And it is moving for its last point, when coming. 'Subhana man nauwarik,
subhana man sadawarik, subhana man iza sha'a kauwarik'. The Prophet,
salallahu alayhi wa sallim, was saying when looking sun rising, looking its
lights, so beautiful and magnificent: 'Only Allah may give to you such a
shape, so round, you can't find anything like this or that, full circle.
Glory to your Creator that created you in such a perfect appearance and
giving to you such a beauty, such a light. You are magnificent through
skies, and He is the only One that when He likes, to make your existence
coming, coming. closing, closing and through darkness finishing. Sun going
to finish: 'Isa shamsu quwirat'. sun going to be closed down, finishing, no
more sun rising, no more sun in existence.

For everything there is a last point, reaching and then disappearing. From
where coming, ending in it. 'Inna li-llahi wa inna ilayhi rajiun' does not
mean you are coming from Allah, from His Essence, no. Only you are coming
and appearing from Allah Almightys endless Power Oceans, 'bahru-l qudra'.
Appearing, then turning back through that 'bahru-l qudra', oceans of Power,
coming and disappearing. There are some fish, that salmon, I was going around
in America and I saw them jumping from the ocean and then disappearing,
jumping, disappearing. and everything in existence is coming and appearing
then going to disappear. And what that one is reaching through that very
short time- jumping, what it can take out of the Oceans of Power and then
coming down in it- what it reached, taking it and coming down, so that it is
not same when it was jumping and coming down also, no, not same, just
changed. And we also- from endless Power Oceans we are appearing, and what
we have been ordered to reach, we are taking and then coming down,
disappearing. Therefore everything on earth is going to be change- not every
day or every week, but every hour and every second and every less unit of
time. That is 'Azamatu-l Haqq, the Greatness of Allah Almighty, that is
impossible to think on. Only Abd, servant, may say: 'Allahu akbar!'
May Allah give us some understanding for our Lords Identity. And only we may
reach the last point and we are taking something and going to disappear..
From pre eternal up to eternal. May Allah forgive me and bless you.

Damaskus - 22.04.2002

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