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Allah, Allah…Meded, Ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…
Everything must be for His Glory! Everything that (you are) going to do (must be) only for His Almighty’s Glory. Don’t do or don’t work for yourself, for your ego! That is Haram! “Al Haramu bayyun wa-l Halalu bayyun.“ The Seal of Prophets was saying: “What is forbidden is clear and what is permitted is also clear, well-known.” And, as a summary, if you are asking to say what is Haram, forbidden, and what is permitted, Halal, we can say: Everything that you are doing or working for your Lord Allah Almighty, that is the way of Paradise and it is (the) Halal way of our life. Everything that you are doing for yourself that is Haram. Everything that you are doing for yourself, for your ego, to make it happy, that is Haram. This is a balance that can ‘t be changed.

From beginning up today all Prophets (were) coming and asking people to know what is Halal (and) what is Haram; what is forbidden or what has been ordered. Orders from Heavens (are) either saying: “This don’t do, (it is) forbidden.” If heavenly Orders saying: “Do this”, that is (something) permitted and Halal.

Subhanaka! La ‘ilma lana illa ma ‘alamtana! Don’t look (in the) Holy Quran as you are looking (in) any book! Don’t read (the) Holy Quran as you are reading (the) newspaper! Don’t try to understand (the) Holy Quran by yourself. (The) meanings of (the) Holy Quran (are) coming also from Heavens. The meanings of (the) Holy Quran can’t be mindly production. Therefore who is putting his mindly production on it, (he is) making a big sin: Just he is putting his opinion about the meanings of (the) Holy Quran. And (the) Holy Quran (is) showing everything, if you are using heavenly Lights that are a Grant from Allah Almighty to you. If you are not putting that heavenly Lights, you can’t understand anything from (the) Holy Quran.

Therefore 1oo’s of people are saying: “We are translating (the) Holy Quran”; into English, into French, into Russian, into Latin, into Spanish and through so many languages. They are making a translation, but they are not believing. That means their translation (has) no value! It is only an imitation, not real understanding. If he was understanding really, (he) must say: “La ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammadur Rasulullah sws” and (that): “(That) the Holy Quran (is a) holy Message, (the) last Message from Heavens to mankind.” Thousands of people (are) making translations according to their mindly productions, but mind productions always are always accused to be (there) some wrong views, or some wrong ideas, or some wrong thoughts or understandings in it, doubtful.

(The) Holy Quran (is) saying about (the) first man and his position and also the Lord of Heavens (Himself is) saying through (the) Holy Quran what Shaitan did finally and then what Adam did finally. Shaitan worked, he worshipped. He worked- not (a) work that we are working on earth now; he was working (for) what he was asking from his Lord: to reach levels and he was asking to reach (the) last level or (the) top level or (the) limit level.

Allah was knowing that his aim (was to reach something) for himself. He was working for himself (and) therefore all his efforts, thousands and thousand of years, even billions and trillions of years he was working, but the line for (the) final point (was that) he was working for himself and his real aim was to reach the top point of creation, to say: “I am after your Lord (the) first one!” That means he worked for himself, for his ego and all his efforts just finished. It was Haram, so that Allah Almighty (was) saying: “Take him away! Kick him away! Everything that he did (was) not for Me, (but) for himself! Kick that Shaitan down!”

Anything wrong through Ingil, Torah, Sabur, Quran? Anyone (is) saying from Prophets that Shaitan did his best? Yes, he did his best- for himself, not for Allah! Therefore: “Al Halalu bayyun wa-l Haramu bayyun.” Shaitan and his efforts, it is so clear that he was working for himself, not for Allah. Finished, all works were Haram and up today he is doing for himself, not for Allah. He is with us, running around, coming in ourselves, going around ourselves, running from East to West to make people democratical, (saying): “You must be democratical”, because democracy is not for Allah and (the) heedless Muslim world also (is) running after democracy. Democracy (is) for Allah? Bring your proofs! Shaitan’s biggest trap for mankind is democracy, to make them away from Halal, from (the) Holy Commands of Allah Almighty. He is saying to heedless people: “You may arrange yourself. Use your mind productions and you should be happy!”

Ma sha Allah! They are so happy now! Everywhere where (there is) democracy, (people are) eating themselves, someones each other. Shaitan saying: “I am so happy! You are now democratical people, listening to me. Yes, eat each other without cooking, don’t put in big pot, no, like this!” Like (a) snake (is) swallowing another creature, not asking to cook. No, only putting inside (its mouth)… and saying: “Oh my darling, how are you inside me now? Happy? I am doing democratical system for you to give everyone rights. You (are) my rights, I am swallowing you!” Now powerful one asking to swallow others and saying: “Ohhh. Now I am happy that I swallowed you!” That is democracy. Shaitan worked for himself and just (he was) kicked down, thrown away.

And then Adam- alayhi salat wa salam, peace be upon him- he was in Paradise and the Lord of Adam, the Lord of Heavens, the Lord of Paradises, the Lord of creation, (was) saying: “You are here in My Eden Garden. You can do everything, you can eat from everything, it is okay, but- I am your Lord and you are My servants and My right (is) to order My servants what I like.”

So many foolish ones (are) asking now: “Why 5 times prayings?” from heedless Muslims, “Why He is ordering to fast, why He is ordering not to drink wine?” So many foolish dirty ones asking: “Why (He is) preventing us from adultery?” So many dirty people that they are followers of Shaitan and cheated by Shaitan.

He is the Lord of Heavens, He is (the) Creator; He has only Lordship, lordshipness (is) only for Him, Almighty, not (for) anyone else. “You, Adam, (are) My servant, but now I granted to you all Paradises, you can go from East to West, everything (for you), but, as I am your Lord, I must show to you or I must teach you about My lordshipness and Your servanthood. I am putting you in My Paradise and (I am) dressing you (the) honour dress of Paradise and I am crowing (you, putting) on your head crown, but you must not think that with your honoured clothes and crown you are going to be something else from My servanthood. I am that One who dressed you and crowned you, coronated you, therefore I may order and everything that you are dressing from honour I may order to you servanthood, therefore I am saying: Oh Adam, listen to Me and obey! Everything here in that Paradise is for you. But that tree I am putting there and, as I am your Lord, (I am) ordering to you: Don’t eat! Don’t approach!” Heybet, Azamet from Allah Almighty! He is Glorious! And that Command was so gentle yet, because if He is giving (even only a) ‘nukta’, a small point from His Greatness Oceans, just disappearing Paradise and everyone in it also. Adam also. Saying gently: “Don’t come closer to that tree and don’t eat!” That means: “Beyond this, if you are not obeying, it means that you are doing, you are working for yourself. If you are eating from that, it means (that) you are (the) servant of your ego, you are not My servant. You are doing Haram!”

Therefore it was not originally Haram, prevented, but that acting, that eating, that was Haram. Therefore, when he approached and (he was) eating, just whole works (were) going to be belonging to his ego. Not working for Allah, therefore Allah (was) saying: “Get out!” And (the) divinely Sound (was) coming from every direction, not only from one direction. Everything was saying: “Get out, get out, get out, you are becoming dirty! Get out!” Allah Almighty’s Order! And when “Get out” Order (was) coming, he and Eve (were) looking that these honorable dressings (were) falling down and they were appearing with their nature, nothing on them, just disappeared. They were running like this, like that, like this, like that, to cover themselves, finished, only fig tree’s leaves coming and giving this and getting out, coming down. Because he did, he worked for himself, everything becoming Haram.

Therefore, when (the) Prophet (was) saying: “Al Halalu bayyun wa-l Haramu bayyun”, (it is) a big ocean. They are making me to speak only a little spot on it, to make you to understand what is Halal, what is Haram: Everything, every effort that you are doing for yourself is Haram, everything you are doing for Him, is Halal! Everything you are doing for your ego, finally (is) taking you to fire. Everything that you are making for your Lord Allah Almighty is taking you to Paradise.

People lost their ways now; you can’t find anyone for working (for Allah). (They are only) saying: “My business, my company, my work…” “For whom?” “For myself; to make happy my children, to make a good future my children, to prepare for myself a good future.” Anything else? No one (is) saying: “I am trying to be a good servant for my Lord.” No, (but): “My business...” Making green bank notes- Dollars-, and different colours Euro and English Pounds, putting: “Take this (to) bank. This is my future’s guarantee.” People asking their guarantee with those bank notes. Where is Allah for them? That is democratical teaching for people, shaitanic teachings for people!

Oh people, try to live for Allah, to do for Allah, you should be His servants. If not, you are doing Haram and you are servants of Shaitan; not servants, slaves! May Allah forgive us and change our hearts to Him only, to be His servants, to be glorified by being His servants. For the honour of the most honored one in His divine Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 07.07.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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