Maulana Sheikh NazimExpecting a Miraculous Servant

These times are very difficult for believers. Unbelievers have fallen into endless misery oceans of suffering. But the believers are following them and are getting the same curse. We are seeing the Islamic world and seeing in which terrible times they are.

Muhammad* used to say that Muslims are like one body. When any part of a body is in pain, it will be unable to be restful until the pain goes away. This is how the whole Muslim world is. If you don't take care of a wounded part, it may bleed to death. The Muslim world is bleeding from all sides: Bosnia, Chechenia, Palestine, Cashmere, Iraq... but the other Muslims are not doing anything. They keep their hands down, like robots.

These are dangerous days, because Muslims do not have a head. They have no common umbrella under which they can be protected. Until 1924 we had one, but then it was taken away. Now anything can fall on us.

We must ask for forgiveness from Allah the Almighty and we must try to come together to prevent attacks from unbelievers on us. We must bring the sultanate of satan down and ask Allah to send us an umbrella, to send us one of His miraculous servants. We need such a miraculous person to bring down technology. It is against humanity. It is killing every value of humanity. If not, humanity cannot be saved. Muslims are now expecting that miraculous person, Mehdi alehi salam, just like Christians are expecting Jesus* to come and the Jews are expecting the Messiah to save them. But the Messiah already came and so did the Last Prophet. But they deny that.

Sayyidina Muhammad* was the prophet which Allah had promised the Jews to send from the lineage of Ismail*, from Arabia. This is why they rushed to Medina to be able to welcome the Last Prophet. But when he arrived most of them denied it. We believe that this miraculous person will come before the year 2000 and that the new century will be a century of belief and truth and peace: a century of the Heavenly Kingdom. The kingdom of satan will be defeated. May Allah make it possible for us to reach that happy and peaceful century.


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