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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}}**THE EYE OF THE HEART and the TUNNEL OF THE EGO**

There are many different ways to make people to reach to Heavens. These ways are according
to the different capacities abilities and characteristics of people. We use methods depending on
the understanding of people and their beliefs. This is done according to their Will Power. What is
most important is the Will Power of those who really want. Therefore we must see the level on
which they are at that time so that we can take them from that point to their heavenly stations
either slowly or quickly.

Therefore we first ask of the seekers whether they are willing to be trained for their heavenly
stations. That will power must come from the seekers themselves. Then the master of the
Tariqat will give them something according to that level. Sometimes they do not give anything as
it become first necessary to change certain characteristics within them, which will make them
free to start moving upward. Sufi masters must have the Spiritual Powers so that when they look
at someone they will know their capacity. It is important not to give anyone more than what they
can carry. If he is overloaded he can be lost.

We are on the level of being seekers and not even yet beginners. We must prepare ourselves and
try to command our egos not to oppose what we ask. The main hindrance for each one is their
ego. It does not want you to go towards Heavens as the ego is connected to the lowest level.
The ego knows that if you leave it that it would be left forever and it will not be able to control
you anymore. Therefore this is a battle between our egos and our souls. This is why we are
trying to trick our egos so that it will not object to our need to reach the Heavens. Therefore
when you are able to control yourself at the lowest level, which is your ego, then it would
become easy to improve little by little towards Heaven.

The Sufi masters give instructions, but then you must practice. If you are intending to do
something you must ask me to help you and then my Spiritual Support will be with you. Anyone
who asks for heavenly ways must find a Holy Person who knows his student’s capacities and
abilities. When you have found him and when your heart is hundred percent confident of him
then he will be your guide and he will take you upwards. This is like a train engine that is in front
and it can still carry fifty or sixty wagons with it. Sometimes a second engine will join from
behind and then it will be very easy.

The first step for anyone must be to find within himself a demand for Heavens. When that is
ready your Lord will assign someone for you. He will make you meet some of those people who
know the way. When you have found him you can put your hook onto him and relax. At every
station unless it is underground you will find so many different views that you have never seen
before, but until you have cut the tunnel of your ego you will not have any visions but you will
continue to travel underground. When you have conquered your ego, you will find new Worlds
and new views that you have never seen before.

This is why you must be patient. You must not say, “I am not seeing, hearing or feeling, any of
these new visions, hearings or understandings”. Don’t ever say that. Maybe the tunnel of your
ego is a short one and you can cut it easily and find yourself in endless distances designed with
beautiful things, which you did not ever imagine before. Some people however continue traveling
within their tunnels until the very end of their lives, but still they must keep to that way because
at least in the last moment they will finish the tunnel of their ego, cut it and find the opening.

We must now be patient to find someone who may be suitable for our path and in whom we can
find confidence to follow. He will take us out of our egos. We will then move from darkness to
light. Beware and take care to keep your station with that train and then one day, it could be in
the morning or in the evening, it can be anytime, you can cut it and enter into a new life, new
vision and a new World. Darkness will vanish and you will find the light. It is necessary first to
have the desire in your heart. Develop it with your guide and improve it. When the engine
reaches the destination, you will also get there.

All masters are moving towards Heaven and through the Seven Heavens. But first you must cut
the tunnel of your ego. There are forty-one different kinds of ways. All of them help us cut the
tunnel of our egos. When you reach out of that tunnel you will find that there are no more bad
desires remaining with you. You will be pure. At that moment you will taste the Sweetness of
Lights, the Sweetness of Mercy, the Sweetness of Beauty, the Sweetness of Love, the
Sweetness of Knowledge, the Sweetness of Wisdom, the Sweetness of Will Power and the
Sweetness of Perfection.

Until then you must be patient and follow. You must not say, “Oh, how long do I have to follow
without seeing anything?” No, the tunnel is according to your ego, long or short. May Allah grant
you to reach your Heavenly Stations; you will then be happy, absolutely happy.

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