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May Allah forgive us for our wrong actions and wrong intentions. Wrong actions are the fruit of bad intentions. Therefore we cannot be saved from bad actions until we can save ourselves from bad intentions. Intentions are in our heart and if we don't take care of our hearts, then bad intentions will be there. That is why the first step is that we must try to correct our hearts and then our intentions will be good intentions. After having good intentions you can do good actions.

What can correct our hearts? How can we correct our hearts? There is no doubt about it, a strong faith can correct our hearts. To believe in a correct way, that corrects our hearts. We need faith. Faith is the Sultan. Faith can command our hearts and through our hearts the command goes on to our body and through our body to our action. That is why we need a strong faith.

What should we believe in? We must believe in the existence and in the glory of the Lord of Heavens, the Lord of Universes, the Lord of the children of Adam. You must believe in that one. Adam, peace be upon him, believed in Him. Noa, peace be upon him, believed in Him. Abraham, peace be upon Him, believed in Him. Ismael and Isaq, peace be upon them, believed in Him. Jacob, peace be upon him, believed in Him. The twelve tribes of the children of Israel, peace be upon them, believed in Him. Moses, peace be upon him, believed in Him. David, peace be upon him, believed in Him. Solomon, peace be upon him, believed in Him. Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, believed in Him. Muhammad, peace be upon him, believed in Him. You must also believe!

He is the only Creator. He is the Lord. This corrects everything when you believe in the One who created Jesus Christ, who created Muhammad, who created Abraham, who created the first man, Adam, peace be upon them. The One who created you, who created earth and heaven, who created paradise and hell. The One who gives life and takes it away. You must believe in Him. The One who created Gabriel, Michael, Israfil and Asrael. The One who created angels. The One who created jinns. The One who created mankind. You must believe in Him!

He is the first. There was no-one before Him. He is the last, there is no-one after Him. There are no partners. You must believe. He is the last on Judgment Day. He is the collector of all creatures on the Day of Resurrection. He will give His Judgment to everyone on Judgment Day. No-one can be absent, everyone must be present in His Divine Presence. Jesus Christ will come to His Divine Presence, as well as all the other Prophets, also Muhammad, peace be upon them. And all of mankind will come. Whether you believe, or not, you will come. After you have become dust, you will come. He will collect all of you. Your body will be dust, but your soul lives. And your soul is kept in His Divine Hand. Believe in That-one. That belief will correct your faith. What I am saying is the same as all Prophets were saying. It is written in all the Holy Books, in the Old Testament, in the New Testament, in the Psalms and in the Holy Quran.

Don't change your direction. All our directions are towards the Lord of Heavens. Turn your faces towards the Divine Presence. He created you to be his servants, not the servants of this dirty world. He created you to be his servants. Take care of your belief, take care of your belief.

The first man was cheated by Shaitan. That same Shaitan is still living with us since that day. Since the first man until Judgment Day that Shaitan is living. But he must also die. He will die. Shaitan will die, he must die. But when all of mankind dies, then Allah Almighty will order Asrail to take the soul of Shaitan also. Shaitan will run to the East and will find Asrail there to catch him. He will run to the West and there he will also find Asrail. He will run to the North and will find Asrail there. He will run to the South and find him there. He will not be able to escape. After all of mankind has died, Asrail will take his soul also. He will die. But as long as mankind is alive, Shaitan also lives.

He was created before Adam, and then Allah Almighty created Adam and Eve. And He crowned them to be his Divine Deputies in the universe. Shaitan was a jealous, envious and proud one, and also very stubborn. He could never accept the Divine Choice. He said, "No! I am never going to obey you or your command to prostrate in front of Adam. I must be the first-one. I should be the one to be crowned to be your deputy."

Allah Almighty just chose Adam to be his deputy, his Divine Deputy. We have been honoured. And the first and last enemy of mankind is Shaitan. He is our worst and biggest enemy. He cheated Adam and Eve and then he was swearing and saying, "I must run after you and after all your coming generations. I must run and do my worst for you, Adam and all your children." He did his worst for Adam. Adam was in Eden, in paradise and Shaitan did his worst for Adam and made him to be thrown out of paradise. Adam was warned by his Lord, "Oh, Adam, beware of Shaitan! Don't make him cause you to be thrown out of paradise!". Adam did something heedlessly. He tried to break the holy command and he listened to Shaitan and then he was thrown out.

All of his children who follow Shaitan are thrown out. They are lost. The general view now on earth now is, that people are very friendly with Shaitan. They are very, very friendly with Shaitan. They are respecting him. They say, "Oh, our best friend. What are your orders?". Nations are following Shaitan. They are saying, "Oh, our best friend, oh, our King, our Lord!". They are leaving the Lord of Heavens and they are saying to Shaitan, "You are our Lord, our best friend. You are our King. We must obey you. What are you ordering us to do?". And he answers, "I am ordering you to destroy everything and to kill each other and to drink the blood of each other." His advice is to be enemies of each other, "Oh, nations, kill each other as much as possible. With bombs, with bullets, with everything, just kill each other and destroy everything. Burn everything! And I will be happy. Because I am created of fire and I like fire. Fire must burn you, oh mankind!" Nations are now preparing fires to burn each other, to burn this world. They have prepared so many bombs, that if they would bring them all to explosion, the whole world would explode. Shaitan has ordered them and they obey Shaitan. They tell him, "You are our best friend, our Lord!"

This is the result of people's hearts being empty of real faith. They have no faith, no real faith in their hearts. So Shaitan can cheat them in their hearts and give them bad intentions. He teaches them bad intentions and after bad intentions bad actions follow.

These governments... None have any sense. They are saying, "Economy, economy, economy!". They never know the real reasons. They think that the biggest importance is with economy. The Labour Party will come and the Conservatives leave. The Conservatives will leave and the Labour Party will come... All of them say that they will give a good economy and that they will give much more money to the people. They say, "We will look after you much more and give you everything to enjoy yourself, to enjoy your physical body and to fulfil your physical desires."

No-one is saying, "Oh, nation! We are coming to correct your spiritual ways, to correct your heart, to fill your heart with faith and to correct your actions and to correct all wrong attributes in you." No-one is saying that. Everyone is saying so much nonsense and is making so much advertisement:economy, economy, economy... and nothing else. And all people and all nations are sinking. We need a real faith.

All nations need to correct their faith and to correct their intentions so that we can be friendly to each other. As long as we are keeping Shaitan as their friend, we cannot be friendly to each other. The Holy Prophet said 15 centuries ago, that when the Last Days are approaching nations will fight within themselves, not to other nations. And we are fighting with each other. We are enemies of each other.

The Conservatives are enemies of the Labour Party, and the Labour Party are enemies of the Conservatives. This is happening everywhere, not only in England, but in Turkey, in Greece, in Russia, in China, in Pakistan, in India, in Arabia, everywhere nations are fighting within themselves. You cannot find a nation that is not fighting with themselves. Because Shaitan is ordering to them to be enemies, not to be friends with each other. And we are dealing with enmity towards each other. We are not dealing with each other friendly. There is no more tolerance from people to each other. There is no more tolerance of governments towards their citizens. There is no more tolerance from the citizens towards their government.

May Allah forgive us. These are the most difficult times which have been mentioned in the Holy Books. We are living in them. Even darker days will be coming. The result of being friendly with Shaitan hasen't yet appeared, more are coming. They are on the way. They are loaded and they will be coming. The worst days in which all of mankind will cry, not crying tears, but tears of blood. This is not far away.

Oh, mankind, beware of Shaitan. Don't write on your doors, "Beware of dogs!". You must write, "Beware of Shaitan!" In the churches there are so many writings on the boards, but they never write: "Oh, people, oh, believers, beware of Shaitan!". That is the most important writing that should be written everywhere, in the churches, in the mosques, or anywhere else. People must be warned of Shaitan! Allah Almighty is warning in all the Holy Books, "Beware of Shaitan, Beware of Shaitan! Oh, my servants!". But no-one is writing this. Because our boss, our best friend Shaitan is telling us not to.

May Allah forgive us. It is a long story, since the time of Adam until today. It still hasn't finished. You must be warned through all the Prophets, that Adam was the first one to be cheated. Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus Christ and Muhammad, peace be upon them, they are all warning you. They are warning people and they are warning nations, "Beware of Shaitan, your biggest enemy!". But we are not listening. May Allah forgive us and bless you...

London - 29.03.1992

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