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O people! Allahu Akbar-ul Akbar! Allahu Akbar-ul Akbar! Allahu Akbar-ul Akbar! O people fear
Allah (swt). Fear Allah (swt), fear Allah (swt)! This will save you in this world & in the Hereafter.
O people! Allah (jwa) sent to the children of Adam (as) His Beloved (asws) to train you, to teach
you & to honour you! The Master of the beginning & end, the Beloved of the Lord of the worlds,
Saydina Muhammad (saws).

Good tidings for you, O people! Good tidings for you. You have been created for worshipping
the Lord (jwa). As He (swt) says Jalla Jalahu "And I created not the jinn and mankind except that
they should worship Me"(51:56) "I seek not any provision from them nor do I ask that they
should feed Me " (51:57) O people do you think that Allah (jwa) created you for corruption? Did
He (swt) create you for fighting against each other? Or for corrupting the world from East to
West? Is this what you think? That Allah (awj) created you for corruption or for goodness?

O scholars! All honour is for the scholars and the scholars that deserve, they deserve to be
honoured & glorified. Allah (awj) said, Subhana wa Ta'ala "It is those who have knowledge
among His servants that fear Allah"(35:28) O scholars! You understand? "'Innama Yakhsha
Allaha Min Ibadihi Al-Ulama'u" (35:28) Whom from among you fears Allah (swt), we are asking
you? We ask you, who fears Allah (swt)? Be for Allah (swt). Who has fear from Allah (swt)? O
scholars! Allah (jwa) chose you to be scholars. Those who know the limits of humanity. The limits
of mankind. From what point to what point. They know it & they teach Khashia-Allah/ fear of
Allah (swt).

Allah (jwa) is Magnificent! Allahu Akbar-ul Akbar! Stand up for Allah (swt)! O people! Subhana
Allah! Allah! "Wa Allahu La Yuhibbu Al-Fasada" (2:205) those who do corruption in the world.
they are disliked and they are not accepted and they are deprived. "And Allah likes not
corruption." (2:205) He (swt) does not like, Allah (jwa), that His servants are corrupted. But Allah
(swt) likes the ones who do goodness. He (swt) does not like the corrupt.

O people! O scholars those who keep knowledge to themselves & do not share it they will be
dressed on Judgement Day with a rain of fire. You understand? You know this also. You know.
People are arguing and arguing brought corruption and corruption brought oppression &
oppression brings the Wrath of Allah (swt) to come down on them.

O scholars! "Wa Aslihu Dhata Baynikum"(8:1) Says the holy verse "settle all matters among
you" (8:1) Why you are not settling matters among you? O people! You are not scholars, but you
Muslims who listen to the words of Haqq from the tongues of your scholars, so glorify your
scholars! Get up O people! Take wisdom, if you do, you will gain benefit. These words of Haqq
are an advice from Allah (swt). Advice from the Prophet (saws). So if you take wisdom you will
gain benefit. If you do not listen curses are coming on you. May Allah (swt) take away from us

O people of Egypt you are of different races & backgrounds but...most of the people in Egypt are
Muslims, yes! Some people depending on what they believe they are free. "Faman Sha'a
Falyu'umin Wa Man Sha'a Falyakfur" (18:29) "Inna A`tadna Lilzzalimina Naraan" (18:29)
Hellfire, Naudhu Billah. A fire that .... "a fire whose walls will be surrounding..."(18:29) Subhana

Allah (swt) is Magnificent! Almighty! Allah (swt) forbade corruption & ordered to do goodness.
Yes! And now people in Egypt are in conflict. They left the non Muslims, but the Muslims are in
conflict. They are arguing & raising flags that are not suitable for Muslims. In Egypt, Muslims
should have raised the flag of Rasulllah, the flag of Islam. And if they were called for meeting
and giving their opinions then they should have been gathering under the banner of Islam. Not
getting all sorts of other flags that please them! And calling people, come with us! No! This
matter is enough!

People of Egypt. Muslims of Egypt, if you are called to raise any flag like that of Muslims
Brothers or that of those people Salafis, or those non-religious people, gather under the banner of
Islam. O Muslims, leave Falsehood/Batil and return to the right path/ Haqq and the flag of
Haqq/Truth. Gather under the flag of Islam. If you gather in squares where the banner of Islam
is, then run to be under it! That is the honored banner! To be saved here and hereafter.

I think it is enough, this speech is to the people of Egypt and the rest of the Muslim countries.
Don't take a God other than Allah (swt)! Your God is one. No God other than Him. Allah is the
most Merciful & Beneficent. Come and gather under the banner of Allah(swt) that was raised by
the Prophet(sas) of the end of times, Sayidina Muhammad (saws), and you will be saved in your
lives and be honored Hereafter forever in Heavens, in lasting Heavens. This is enough for us.

Words are inspired sometimes in our hearts. I need to introduce to Muslims here and there, that
they should gather under the banner of Haqq. La Ilaha Illa Allah, Sayidina Muhammad
Rasulullah The Prophet (saws) brought it from the Throne to you, O belivers! Otherwise, the
Wrath of Allah (swt) will be upon you here and in the Hereafter & nothing will save you no
groups here or in Hereafter. No intercession for you and no passage, no shelter nor passage

As-salamu Alaykum Listen and understand, and if you understand then benefit. Listen to your
scholars! And focus on the banners of Islam in the squares and gather under the banners of Islam
in all countries. So that Allah (awj) supports you and pulls you together and supports you from
Heavens, so nobody can be victorious over you! And Allah (swt) is witness on what we are
saying. Hasbuna Allah Wa Ni'ma Al Wakil. Allah Zid Habibak Izzan wa Sharafan, Nuran wa
Sururan, Ridwanan wa Sultanan.

Enough for us these words today for the people of Egypt, and to all other Muslim countries. As
Egypt is a center of knowledge. They have knowledge and... O believers, gather only under the
banner of Islam. We don't want this law, this constitution. No! They are disbelievers! Those who
take a constitution other than Holy Quran & the Sharia of Allah(swt) became disbelievers! "Wa
Man Lam Yahkum Bima 'Anzala Allahu Fa'ula'ika Humu Al-Kafiruna"(5:44) "Wa Man Lam
Yahkum Bima 'Anzala Allahu Fa'ula'ika Humu Al-Zalimuna"(5:45) "Wa Man Lam Yahkum
Bima 'Anzala Allahu Fa'ula'ika Humu Al-Fasiquna"(5:47)

Beware because Allah (awj) judges fast! Tawba Ya Rabbi. Tawba Ya Rabbi, Tawba
astaghfirullah. From our side, we respect scholars who believe in Haqq and inform people of it
and accept Haqq. May Allah (swt) reward them all goodness. Wa salamu Alaykum Wa
Rahmatullah Wa Barakatuhu. Fatiha.

Allah Shukur. Thanks our Lord. Thank you O our Lord. Grant us power O our Lord, power for
your servants O our Lord....Ya Rabbi, Ya Rabbi, Ya Rabbi We are Your servants, simple ones,
ignorant. Forgive us, pardon us and have mercy on us, inspire us. Subhana Allah. Fatiha.
I am not an Arab. I am a simple servant from non Arabs. May Allah (swt) forgive me & forgive

Bi Hurmat Al Habib, Fatiha.

Lefke, 12.07.2012

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