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Fi Sabilillah

As-Salamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahu wa Barakatuhu. Let us say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-
Rahim. La hawla wa la quwwata illa Billah Al Aliyyil Azim. Allah Allah... We woke up with
goodness; Allah Almighty made us reach the morning with His sajda, with His glorifying. May
He (swt) accept it from us. May Allah Almighty not take this joy of worship away from us but
make it plenty. It is like this, it is like this... Masha Allah, la quwwata illa Billah. La hawla wa la
quwwata illa Billah Al-Aliyyil Azim.
O Lord, may You forgive us. May You make us from Your servants who show respect for and
glorify Your Beloved. We are weak. Qawwi dha'fana fi ridak. We are weak. May You strenghten
us with Your acceptance. May the ego and desires, shaytan and dunya not crush us. No, we don't
want it. We are not created to be crushed. Subhan Allah. Let us say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-
Rahim. Who says the Bismillah will not be crushed. He is alive. He is alive. Allahu Akbar. How
beautiful. La hawla wa la quwwata illa Billahil Aliyyil Azim, Allah Almighty granted this; Allah
Almighty SubhanaHu wa Ta'ala, Jalla Jalaluhu Jallat 'Azamatuhu wa la Ilaha Ghayruhu.
You are Subhan O Lord! You are Sultan O Lord. If we stood up for you till the Day of
Judgement it is nothing, it is nothing. There are angels who are in qiyam (standing position) from
the day they are created. There are angels who are in ruku (bowing position) from the moment
they are created just like the angels that are standing. They remain in bowing position before the
Magnificence of Allah Almighty. There is a group of angels in the Heavens, who are also
according to the power of the manifestation in the Heavens; there is a group of angels among the
angels in the seven levels of Heavens who fall in sajda (prostration) from the moment they are
created. They are in sajda position. In the sajda, they make for Allah Almighty tahmid, tamjid,
tasbih (praising, glorifying). Masha Allah. You are Subhan O Lord. Say "Subhan Allah Sultan
Allah Subhan Allah Sultan Allah" and Allah Almighty makes you a lion. If you don't say you
become the lazy animal of shaytan. Hashakum, hashakum, hasha thumma kalla (May Allah save
you from it).
Allah Almighty did not create us to be animals to shaytan. "Wa Ma Khalaqtu Al-Jinna Wa Al-
'Insa 'Illa Li-Ya`buduni" (51:56). He (swt) says "I created the men & jinn only to be in My
'Ubudiyyah service (total submission and obedience)". "Ma 'Uridu Minhum Min Rizqin", I seek
not any provision from them. "Wa Ma 'Uridu 'An Yut`imuni", nor do I ask that they should feed
Me (51:57). "'Inna Allaha Huwa Ar-Razzaqu" I provide the food! I am Who provides your
provision for your exterior & interior, for your spiritual & physical being. "'Inna Allaha Huwa
Ar-Razzaqu Dhu Al- Quwati Al-Matinu" (51:58) Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar wa Lillah Al
Hamd. We should say this & be opened, refreshed. We should not be like a lazy cat. We should
not be like the scabies-infected four-legged ones. We should say Allah, Allah! Say Allah & you
will be a lion. If you don't say, hashakum, you become an animal.
"Ma 'Uridu Minhum Min Rizqin Wa Ma 'Uridu 'An Yut`imuni" I seek not any provision from
them nor do I ask that they should feed Me. He (swt) has no such claims. There is nothing like
"Work and give Me provision"! Like this universe... Subhan Allah, there are so many specks in
this universe. Let us say "atom" as they call in their language. Allah Who is the Qadir Al-
Muqtadir, Who is the All-Capable of everything is Who has the Power to place a world on an
atom. If Allah Almighty wants, He can make a hundred worlds, a thousand worlds sit on an
atom because He (swt) is Al-Qadir Al-Muqtadir. He (swt) is not helpless, nor is He (swt) needy!
Hasha, there is no helplessness for Allah Almighty but there is the Absolute Power; He (swt) does
whatever He wants.
You are Subhan O Lord, You are Sultan O Lord. You created us. You created us for Your
servanthood. This is the highest honour. Shaytan is jealous, he can't stand it; he can't stand the
fact that this honour is granted to mankind. He says "I will make them fall down no matter what.
I will not let them be servants to Allah but will make them animals to myself!" And unfortunately
the people; instead of being servants to Allah Dhul Jalal, Who(swt) created them, shaytan says "I
will not let them, I will make them animals to myself and ride on them like animals".
Yes. The situation of today's people is this. They call it panaroma, the general view: mankind has
forgotten his Lord. He doesn't think. No, he doesn't think at all: "There is Allah, there is akhirah,
there is death, there is paradise, there is fire..." He doesn't think about such things. Only...In the
old times they would put blinders on horses so they won't shy and walk straight ahead. Shaytan
brought mankind to this. They say the 21. century. Even if it is the 1000. century who forgets his
humanity is not human. What is he? Animal of shaytan. Who forgets about his servanthood to
Allah is the animal of shaytan. Ok then, make your choice and choose Him (swt)! What does
Allah say? Allah says "Be servants to Me. Keep My order. I grant you everything. I grant you
unconditionally. Make My service, I am Who created You. Whatever you need, I grant you. I
don't leave you empty-handed. I grant you everything you need. Your dunya life will be
beautiful, will be at rest. Your akhirah also will be forever in pleasure and in joy in My paradises
and wandering through the oceans of Ma'rifat (deep knowledge of Allah) . You will find honour
in My Presence as people of Ma'rifat".
Shaytan says "No, don't believe. Don't believe it". What should he believe then? "Come with me.
I will teach you so much". When he tells you to come, he says "come closer, come closer" and he
rides people without reins or saddles. He tells people "You should be jealous of each other. You
should claim and strive to say 'Me. I am better than everyone else. I am stronger than everyone. I
am more beautiful than everyone'. You should go after this claim. You should say 'Me', not
saying 'Ya Rabbi'. You should say 'Me'". Shaytan says "I am teaching you these ways, that your
honour lies in this". The cursed one, shaytan is cheating people. And what is the claim of all
people? What is the claim, the fight of today's people, Shaykh Mehmet Effendi? "I should be
something too". The whole fight; the fight of the nations as well as the fight of the people, is all
for "I want to be something too. But how will we do that?" "Come through the way I show you
and fight each other, finish each other. Dunya will be all for you and then you become
something. Say 'It is me only' and you rule the world". Who was able to rule till this day?
"You should not question", it is the instruction of shaytan. "O children of Adam, you should not
think! You should say 'Me'. Look, I said 'Me' and am left on my own". You made a mess, pimp
shaytan. He says "I am a pimp, I make you pimps too. I will make you advertise, sell your
everything". The distinctive sign of the people of century is that, in reality they have no
esteem or honour. Most of them are in a fight to show themselves, to show themselves beautiful.
Shaytan has put their women, their children as well as themselves in a fight where they claim "I
am the most beautiful, I am the smartest, I am the most powerful". Whole dunya is in a fight
because of this reason. There are all these millions or billions of people on earth. Shaytan made
them invent an instrument, that it shows all night, all day for 24 hours the dishonoured things
mankind does.
Men are not created to do dishonurable things. Men are created to show that they are virtuous
ones; they are created to show their Lord their virtues to show how they make service for Him,
what beautiful things they do, to show the goodnesses they do. Instead of showing these,
everybody wants to finish each other with their bad actions in the exact opposite way. And
shaytan claps. Clapping is from shaytan. Clapping is from shaytan. When shaytan gathers his
followers, he makes a speech for them. And when he finishes the speech, he points at them "Go
on, clap...". This clapping is from shaytan. He says "Clap". Therefore in every assembly when
they like a person, they applaud him, they clap for him. They make some sounds that not even
the animals in the forests make. A lion roars. It doesn't scream, it roars.
This shaytan has made mankind like a lazy cat or made him like his own animal. In other words
his donkey. The poor donkey, does it have a chance to roar at all? Someone is riding on its neck.
Donkey allows people to ride on it. But is there anyone who can ride a lion? There is no one. Is it
possible to approach the lion? It has a majesty. Allah Almighty made it the king of animals. It is
majestic, does not let anyone ride it. It does not let anyone ride it. Donkey allows but lion does
not allow. Who is considered to be the Sultan in the animal world? Lion. Lion cannot be ridden.
There is also donkey in that world. Poor donkey, it allows to be ridden. Don't be the donkey! Be
the lion!
They don't teach these things. Shaytan says "Mind your own business. Don't listen to such things.
Go on; eat, drink and enjoy. Make a mess all around, start fights". The servant of Allah is
disciplined & well mannered. The animal of shaytan is not disciplined, he is ill mannered,
shameless, greedy, dishonoured. They dress on themselves every bad thing. Here, the situation
and reputation of the so called 21st century's people is all about this. They can't say "O our Lord!
We should remember Your Holy Name, Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim". They can't say this. If
they do, the life in dunya will become orderly. They are calling to shaytan, therefore he made the
world upside down. There is no way, no street out of this.
O Turks, listen! O Arabs, listen! O Westerners, listen! The situation of people from east to west is
this. One person called to Confucius, "what do you say for this illustration?" "This illustration"
said Confucius, the philosopher Chinese people worship, said "the illustration of this person, I
seal not with my finger but I seal with my whole body that this person's words are true". What
corrupted your humanity is you making yourselves animal to shaytan. Leave being animals and
be Man. Man has honour. Animals' honour is not considered.
O our Lord, our Subhan, our Sultan! Accept us to Your servanthood. We are weak ones. You
sent us Your Beloved to show us such ways of adab. But there is no one who keeps the way of
Your Beloved. The Islamic World also got all divided following shaytan. Allah Almighty says "All
of you be together" but no, every person among these ones want to have a position and say "I am
this, I am that". They forget their servanthood & begin to say "I am also God". People want to
bring themselves to the position of God. "Ana Rabbikum al-ala'". Pharaoh called like this, "I am
your great god. Don't look for any other god. Don't listen to what Moses says. I am your god"
Nimrod also said like this. But Alexander didn't say this. I had the picture of Alexander printed in
these magazines and many people got surprised: "Why did he put it?" Because that man didn't
say; he didn't say "I am your god". All other than him are Pharaohs. And in this time also, there
are countless people like Pharaoh; small or big, some poisonous, some harmful, some dangerous.
That person did not say "I am god". For this, he was called Alexander the Great. He (swt)
opened the way for him. He said "I am Allah's servant" and He (swt) opened the way, he reached
all the way to India. All world watched it. He was applauded, he didn't kill people. The doors
opened and he went, came back. He submitted his soul in Islamic land. Don't say "Me"! Say "I
am the weak servant, poor servant, needy servant of Allah. O Lord, accept my servanthood. O
Lord to Whose Magnificence and Power there is no end, May You accept My servanthood. I
don't want anything else". He became Alexander the Great but said this word. He said it to
Diogenes. "What are you, O Diogenes?" he asked. "I am a weak servant of Who created me. I sit
right here" he said. "Who are you?" Alexander was ashamed. He said "What you said is right.
My claim was different and you straightened me". For this he became Alexander the Great. He
(swt) said "March. You acknowledged your servanthood to Allah. May all doors open for you".
Where is Macedonia and where is India?
There is no end to the matters that man can draw a lesson from. O my children, my friends who
are listening to me, we should be human. We should know that we are servants. We should have
good manners. We should show that we are not animals. Who has no manners is an animal.
O our Lord, forgive us. Send us a Master O Lord. May You not leave us without being granted a
share from the remembrance of Your Holy Name. We should say Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah. The
pillar of earths and Heavens is La hawla wa la quwwata illa Billah Al Aliyyil Azim. I am
ashaming, I am getting tired. We can't explain anything to my ego or others' egos. Everyone's
claim is "Me, me..." Everybody loves shaytan's way but does not say about his servanthood to
Rahman. He is ashamed to say "I am Allah's servant. I am this vizier, I am that King, I am the
president, I am prince"..Leave this. Leave this! Don't say "Me" because you have some little
money. Say "Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Who gives me from His grant is our Lord. You
grant me to give for You, not to store up".
Shame on the Princes. The Islamic World is in such hardship. There are all these rich servants.
"They are not helping", this complaint reached me. They don't even give a tent for the Muslims
who are scattered everywhere. They don't give even a penny from their treasures for their food".
This complaint reached me from Jordan. From Jordan where people are escaping from the
hands of a tyrant. They are left outside in this cold winter. They have nothing to eat, to dress, to
drink. They have no bed, no shelter. They say "Who sits in the palaces don't help". They don't
reach to King Abdullah sitting there as the ruler who comes from the pure line of the Glorious
Prophet (sas). They sit in the gold, in the treasures. "Sawfa Tarani; Tomorrow you will see what I
will do to you, how I will treat you. I granted you not so that you make treasures but so that you
spend, you do charity in My way. Fi Sabilillah! Fi Sabili.
Shaytan cheated you (by claiming), "I am richer than him, I have more than him". No, one day
you see that he falls into the lamp oil, in petrol, and dies there. He gets drowned there. It is not
certain so don't say "I step on solid ground". Fear Allah, O Muluk! Kings of Islam, reach to the
aid of the oppressed ones or else you will be worse than them.
Tawba Ya Rabbi, tawba Astaghfirullah. Shukur Ya Rabbi, Shukur Al Hamdulillah. May You
not leave us to our egos. May You not expel us from Your servanthood O Lord. Tawba Allah,
Tawba Ya Rabbi. Disasters, hurricanes are shaking the world. There is no one who says "We
should return to our Lord. O Lord, forgive us". They don't say this. They don't say this. If Allah
Almighty wants, He (swt) can make whole world flattened under floods. Allah Almighty can
make all fly away with hurricanes. Allah can make whole cities collapse on themselves in one
quake.. Allah Dhul Jalal is not do this. One angel can do this job. If He (swt) wants, one angel
kicks our world and can throw our globe from one side to another. He throws it into the sun,
saying "let them burn in its fire".
Fear Allah! O people, fear Allah. Repent. Perform your service for Him. Run away from shaytan
& you will be at rest. Your life will be beautiful. May Allah grant eternal happiness in dunya and
in akhirah. O our Lord, Tawba Ya Rabbi. Tawba Ya Rabbi. Tawba Astaghfirullah. Bismillahi r-
Rahmani r-Rahim. Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Bismillahi alladhi la yadurru ma`a Ismihi
shay'un fi al-ardi wa la fi as-sama'i wa Huwa as-Sami`u al-`Alim" we say. O Allah, forgive us.
Wa min Allah at-tawfiq, Al Fatiha.

Lefke, 27.01.2013

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