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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}}**The final decision and sovereignty is for Allah- you are servant**

The final decision and sovereignty is for Allah- you are servant. You cannot own anything, neither your body, nor what is surrounding you. In Shariat a slave can be bought and also sold, he has no own will. His owner orders him a work and he is the owner. All human beings are Allah’s servants, they cannot govern themselves, cannot decide on themselves. All are servants; there is no lordship for people. Whatever you claim to be yours, will be taken from you when they wrap you in that white cloth. What people can give to a dead one is only a Fatiha.
So look after yourself, correct yourself, your opinions and points of view about yourself and your surrounding, your children, house, the world, Heavens and earth. Don’t follow your ego. Don’t say: ’They belong to me.’ All the world is in the This-is-mine-illusion, but in the end they will be in the emptiness. No one is there to hold them, because they didn’t hold on to a firm support. The Hand of Allah is over the hands of His Prophets, and the hands of the Prophets are over the hands of the Saints. If you don’t catch their hand you will fall and be in the void.
I never met someone when sitting on a table for breakfast or dinner and sleeping… I never saw anyone sleeping. Here everyone sleeping… First class sleeper X… Wake up!...

Coming, sleeping there, making me to sleep also. Therefore I am sending him away. Who asking sleep, must go. One person enough for me for listening, I may give. If not, no need. Go! Anyone else sleeping here? If sleeping, I am making you to stand up, so of sleeping, you fall down… Understanding? If not, I am sending you out also…

You are coming fort a short time and it is your right to hear something that may be for you an opportunity reaching to Allah Almighty’s pleasure…

Destur, ya Sayidi, Meded. I am asking support for addressing you. Everyone is addressing, everyone may speak, but important is to make people to understand what you say, to keep it and to act. Or everyone may speak. I am asking from Grandsheikh to give me the spiritual support, so that what they make me to say to you may reach you and be a spiritual support for your spiritual being. If to a thirsty person I am giving water, but he is not giving it to his mouth, pouring into himself, he is never getting satisfied. Water must be given…

Therefore everyone may speak, but not everyone’s speech gives benefit to people. I am asking from our Grandsheikh, they are closer to me, and I am closer to you, because my level is your level, to make you to reach something from spirituality, because people are in need more than anything spirituality, not materiality. The whole world is full with materiality, and materiality never gives a support to mankind now to stand up on its feet, because materiality is so heavy.

Each part… even divided among people and everyone is reaching a little bit from the material world, but that small mass represents the whole world and its heaviness. You may have 10 Pounds, you may have 1oo Pounds or 1ooo Pounds- but the one who has 1o Pounds from the material of this world has the same heaviness with him. Don’t think that only millionaires have a heavy pressure, no. Who has something from Dunya, from the materiality of this life, he is under the whole heaviness and pressure of this world, because that amount prevents him to reach to Allah. It is same.

Therefore we are trying to save people from the materiality of this life; not to be a heavy burden on mankind. People now run after Dunya to reach even to the smallest part from that material. Who takes from materiality is with that, just mixed, and that pressure and darkness prevent that one to move towards Heavens.

That is the general view of mankind. Only who knows this is for Allah and says: ’I am using this for Allah’ can reach to treasures, it is not a heavy thing, it is like the wing of a fly. But who makes it for himself, he is going to be grinded under that heavy pressure. Even one gram material destroys that person, if he says: ’This is for me.’ If he says: ’This is for Allah, and I am using it for Allah’, then it is okay. Therefore Rasulullah sws was saying that prophets never left something from the material world to their relatives or the Ummah, no. Their inheritance was only heavenly, what coming from Heaven, not this material, no. They took nothing from the material world, they knew it is for Allah. Using… Because no one can claim: the material of this world is for me. One day you leave this, and that means it is not for you. Another one is comes and says: ’O, I reached to this, it is now for me’, but no, it is only for a short time, then he leaves also and another one comes and says: ’This is for me.’

You must know about your mission, about your position, your situation and your efforts in divinely Presence. If you don’t know, you may loose everything you reached; just taken from you, but the heaviness of the material that you were saying: ’This is for me or that is for me’, and you didn’t use it for Allah, it will all be put on you when you are buried like a hill. Not even a hill, but we know that a 1 square cm cube may carry the heaviness of this world.

They reminded me that there are some old stars. Once they were gigantic suns, but after a while they were getting smaller and smaller, and its material going to be perhaps to a diameter of one mile; but one spoonful of that material going to weigh one million tons. This is recorded in Astronomy, it is true. Therefore Allah Almighty may put on that buried person one spoonful of material carrying all the heaviness of this world. Some people, when they are buried, and the angels come and question them, don’t give the right answers. Then the angels order the earth to squeeze him from both sides, to cover him, and his body becomes like a mass; all bones come together. That heaviness comes on him, and a small piece of the material world makes his body to be crushed.

Therefore it is important especially for believers to know to whom they belong and for whom they must use everything that is granted to them to use. If you know that you are for Allah and that what you have been granted is for Him, then you may use it for Allah, you are so happy one. If not, you will be under that heaviness of the whole world in your grave. May Allah forgive us.

And now people’s interest is only for material, and you see that the whole world is in a crisis, which means, that the heaviness of materiality is crushing people everywhere. Poor ones and rich ones- everyone is crushed from that crisis. The richest person may be bankrupt over night. No one can trust on his materiality now, no, finished. Big territories, powerful countries also begin to think on it, that you can’t trust this paper money. Now they begin to remember what Shaitan did to them, that he put a big trap for mankind, using this paper money. This paper money is making the crisis, nothing else. It is not acceptable in the divine Law; Allah is not accepting this, but Shaitan has made all countries to use paper, and it is against the Law of Heavens. Paper can’t be money! What they may write on it, but it is not a real thing, 1oo $, it is only a piece of paper.

Therefore richest people are in fear now from that crisis, that up to morning they may be bankrupt; richest countries like Japan, Germany, even America fear to become bankrupt over night like Argentina. That danger is not only for Argentina, no, it may run unto America also. Satanic mind people know this, and therefore they are bringing another kind of trick, which they think is going to be much more powerful: Therefore the European Union invented now the Euro. They say: No Franc, no Mark, or Pesetas, no, now: Euro. And I am looking that only the name changed; yet it is paper. But Shaitan is bringing another trick for mankind; his representatives are making this.

The only awakened nation and government is UK. They say: ‘I am not going to be playboy for those Shaitans; I am not accepting this. My money is money, Pound, I am not changing the Pound.’ Conservatives; keeping their old mind and their money and they say: ‘If anything happens, I carry my responsibility, not anyone else. You do as you like. My Pound.’ Euro! Turks also asking to make Euro, but they say: They are not putting this photograph, therefore we are not accepting. Europeans calling them: ‘Come with us!’ ‘No’, they say, ‘what is on Euro? This photograph is going to be on it?’ ‘No.’ And they refuse now…

Bankrupt. The crisis is running through the whole world now and there is danger until they bring those real values: gold and silver. Then that crisis finishes. Stock market. There are 1ooo and 1ooo tricks of Shaitan for the stock market; Shaitan is the Chief of the stock market, giving orders: ’Do this, do that’, and the shaitanic control is on man. But this is finishing; soon even America and the European Union are going to finish…

Last month there was some news in the newspaper. Through the biggest telescope of Palmera in Amerika(?) they discovered through our galaxy a new star. You cannot see with eyes. Its material is gold instead of earth, dust. Shining. And I say: ’Oh, they must make a celebration for 4o days!’ Now I am telling the people of the whole world to prepare strong cases to put the gold in it, not bags, because gold very heavy. Now after a while the earth will run under it and from there it may rain gold on earth; we shall fill this earth with gold. No more crises. Be happy, good tidings for everyone now. Everyone must prepare a strong case to fill… But I am saying: ’O people, if you cannot stop that tap, and everywhere is going to be full with gold- where are you going to plough?’ No more earth, what we shall do? Such news is sometimes through newspapers. Last month I spoke about it a little bit.

Don’t worry. They say light years… Eh, it is not one million, from here up to here we may reach…. Not even in your dream you can reach, but people are happy. Good tidings; don’t worry… There will be a new business in all countries; they need cases to store that gold, everyone must have one strong case… Jews, Israelis, say: ’It is under our control. We must use underground, you use up. We will make like chimneys, the gold will fall, and we will save it in a case.’… So happy…

Anything if it is for Allah, gives to you happiness and pleasure and lights. Everything that is not for Him gives you only sadness and darkness, which comes on your heart and destroys it. O people, all treasures on earth and over skies, through Heavens, belong to Allah. If He is opening, no one is going to close it; and if He is closing, no one can open it…

Allah, Allah, Aziz Allah…Kerim Allah…Subhan Allah…Sultan Allah…Run to Him, to reach eternal life with endless enjoyment and countless pleasures, to be with Allah.

Lefke - 27.01.2002

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