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The Fire of Desire

O yaran Shah Mardan. Madad. Ask for Madad, demand Meded (support). Dastur ya Shah
Mardan. May our day be a joyful day. May our yaran be joyful. May we be refreshed. May
shaytan and its followers be punished. They will be made uncomfortable, discomforted. Go
ahead Shah Mardan. Your yaran are admiring you. Yes. Khalaqa l-insan, 'allamahu lbayan.
(55:3,4) Go ahead; He (swt) created Man. Nobody came to existence by himself. There is
the One who brought us into existence. Nobody has the free will to be like this, to be a woman,
to be a man, to be beautiful, to be ugly, to be weak,to be strong. Free will is absolutely only
Hazrat Haqq's, who does as He wants. Go ahead. Welcome.

Our friends, our beloved. Madad. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. O Lion of Allah (Hz. Ali). Let's
listen to you. Listening. 'Ismau wau fa idha ra'aytum fantafiu. That's what the holy ones are
saying and also from Shah Naqshiband, Shah Mardan's word. 'Ismau wau. Listen and keep it.
When you keep it, it gives you benefit. For example a car - When the fuel finishes, you put fuel in
it. If you don't know where to put it it has no benefit. If we can keep the sayings of the great ones
it will give us strength. Dastur O RijalAllah, Madad O Shah Mardan Your yaran are admiring
you. How beautiful they are. Go after beauty. Beauty, is a gift of Janabul Haqq. He created His
Habib the most beautiful. He gave His Habib such a beauty that nobody can represent this
beauty. Sultanu l-Qawnayn. The Master of the Universe. Ask for the beauty given to him, search
for it. Search for beauty.
Madad O blessed Shah Mardan. Search for beauty. Because what beauty gives neither gold nor
silver can give, neither the earth nor the sea can give. Beauty is a gift, a grant from the heavens
for the people of this world. Ask for beauty. Allahu Akbar. Madad O Shah Mardan. A Man's
face who has been given beauty is like the sun or like the moon. His face is like a star, when
beauty has been given to him. Look for being beautiful, don't be ugly. Disgusting, isn't it Mehmet
(Sheikh) Disgusting. Don't be of the hated, of the disliked. Ask from Janabul Haqq. Ask - You
created us beautiful. Ahsanta khalqi, fi ahsin khulqi. An addressing of Janabul Haqq, Ahsanta
khalqi. There is nothing more beautiful then man's appearance. Even the angels were amazed.
Janabul Haqq said: This is my Khalifa. That's why the beauty I gave to him, the charm, the
honour, the lights are only for him. You have also something but what I granted my servants is
the most glorious thing. The most glorious thing is the charm Man has.
Inn'Allaha latifun bil 'ibad. Isn't this the Holy verse? Allahu Dhul-Jalal is kind to his servants.
How great is his kindness? Nobody knows. Inna Rabbuka "'ata'an ghayra majdhudh." (11:108)
(He gives unceasing gifts) Does He? Yes he does. The grants of the Lord, you can't surpass, they
are never ending, you can't get enough of those grants. O Man, nobody was given the rank you
are given. Where is your Shukr (gratitude)? If He had created you in the form of a bug, they also
walk by praising their Lord, They are pleased with their Lord. But they are low creatures. Man,
Insan, Hazrat Insan. The grants of the Lord are endless for them. Know your Lord.
Go ahead Shah Mardan. Allah Allah. Man wants the best of everything. When he wants to buy
clothing, my dear, he doesn't enter the cheap shop. He goes into the best shop. He says I should
wear the best clothing. O mindless Man. You want the best of everything. From where did you
get this feeling? Where is this inspiration coming from? Because your Lord Jalla wa 'Ala, wants
for you everything beautiful. Because Al Haqq created everything beautiful. He designed your
beauty. Beauty is Janabul Haqq's grant. He gave it to whomever he wants. Be beautiful.
Masha'Allah. All Prophets declared this and said: "Laqad khalaqna l-insana fi ahsani taqwim"
(95:4) Allahu Dhul-Jalal is giving His vow. "Laqad khalaqna l-insana fi ahsani taqwim" (95:4)
Allahu Akbar. O simpletons. We should prostate and leave our heads on the ground. Even that
wouldn't be enough. Man is the most beautiful. There is no other creation like him. And nothing
more beautiful then Man. He will represent Me, said Janabul Haqq. He can't be a low life.
Allahu Dhul-Jalal says: I created Man to represent Me. He can't be a low life.
"Laqad khalaqna l-insana fi ahsani taqwim" (95:4) That will do. Ahsani taqwim, the best form
what completes and perfects it? Ahsanul khuluq - The most beautiful manners. As our Master
(sws) said:"Innama bu'ithtu li'utammima makarimal 'akhlaqi I was sent to perfect the best of
manners. More beautiful than your physical appearance, I gave you spiritual beauty. "Laqad
khalaqna l-insana fi ahsani taqwim" (95:4) Allah Allah. O Beautiful. Go ahead Shah Mardan. Let
us understand. Eating, drinking, wearing, dressing doesn't benefit Man. Look for the honour in
which Allahu Dhul Jalal dressed you. Are you dressing in this? Are you taking care for this? Can
this be for a tyrant? Can it be for somebody with animal attributes? Can't be. Allahu Dhul Jalal
gives this to whom deserves it. He (swt) won't give dog characteristics to a lion. He won' give lion
characteristics to a cat. Every being is dressed with an appropriate and beautiful cloak. The cloak
of honour was given to Mankind. Get used to this, learn. Allahu Akbar.
Go ahead brothers, O yaran Shah Mardan. Therefore, Let us say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-
Rahim. Whenever you say the honorable Basmala, Janabul Haqq dresses you in a cloak of
beauty. Think of Janab Allah's grants. Think of the presence of the Sultan. The Sultan. Yes.
Think of the manifestation of the heavenly sultanate. Think of Allah Allahu Dhul Jalal wal
Kamal. O Man, know yourself. Such a rank you were given by Allah. Don't go after this world's
carcass. Who goes after carcass is like the chicken jumping here and there to find something.
Don't be a chicken. A chicken digs the earth and finds worms, or finds something similar and eats
it. Don't be a chicken. Chickens search the earth for worms. It is not suitable for you O Man,
that you go after worms. You are not a worm. You are Janabul Haqq Jalla Wa 'Ala's honored,
most honorable, most beautiful being. Know yourself.
Go ahead Shah Mardan. Who you should tell this to? If you say this to today's people they won't
understand. Man. I will "la ughwiyannahum" (38:82) I will seduce them. That means I will show
them the divine beauties as ugly. I will show them my ways as beautiful. and it finishes. We are
not chickens. A chicken scratches at the earth, it looks for worms. These people are digging up
the earth all the time. What do they want? They want gold, silver. Is that so. Allah Jalla wa 'Ala
did not create you to look for gold and silver. You are an honoured being. The rank you were
given, no other being has.
Wake up. Give thanks, give thanks to your Lord. If you don't give thanks La ughwiyannahum. As
shaytan says: I will seduce them, If you fall in shaytan's traps, shaytan will show you, in its own
mirror. Shaytan has its own mirror. This is like this, that's like that. La ughwiyannahum. It will
seduce. The beauty and sultanate cloak Janabul Haqq Jalla wa 'Ala gave you, shaytan will show
it as inferior. Listen to Allah. Go ahead Shah Mardan. O yaran. Let us understand. Let us
understand but it is not easy to understand. You understand the ways of Adab. What does the
bad mannered one understand? Chicken digs, finds a worm and swallows it. So, don't go after
worms. Don't go after this bad world. He (swt) did not create you for this bad world.
"Wa ma khalaqtu l-jinna wa l-insa illa liyabuduni"(51:56) I presented them the honor of
servanthood. They should be servants for Me. I the most glorious, I created the people. I want
them to do servanthood for Me. O our Lord, Go ahead Shah Mardan. What happened to
today's people? They turned into animals. There is something dressing them with animal
attributes. It takes away the honour dress Janab Allah gave you and puts on you an animal's
saddle and then rides on you and takes you wherever it likes. Man became shaytan. They
became shaytan's fools. I am this, I am that. You are whatever. You are neither this nor that.
What is your purpose? Eating, drinking and filling the toilet. So why do you get arrogant? Are
you clean? Are you pure? You are not. "Innama l-mushrikuna najasun".(9:28) Who is against
Allah's orders is said to be filthy, dirty, unclean. Don't rebel. The angels won't. Madad O Shah
Mardan. We are seeing that today's world has fallen into fire, especially Turkey - all the time
burning fire. Nobody is asking, what is the cause?
What is the cause? Nobody is searching, nobody is asking. The fire of heavenly wrath is burning
them. It is said that mountains are burning, woods are burning, people are burning. They say its
fuel. The creatures are fuel, isn't it? From where is this coming? With a matchstick. Mountains,
thousands of hectares of mountains - with which matchstick are they burning? Nobody is asking.
There is a fire on the mountain. So how did it start? The flame of the fire comes from you. You
turned evil, that's why the fire came. Evil. There is nothing more devastating than evil for man. It
is making people go mad and makes them ugly. Mountains are on fire. How can the mountains
be on fire? Do they catch fire by matches? Mountains. They say we have the fire under control,
Masha'Allah. How much power do you have to say we have the fire under control? So, who are
you and what is your control? It can burn you also.
That's the mistake of today's people. They don't know themselves. They don't think from where
or how this disaster is coming. That mountain is on fire. Chanakkale is on fire. Mugla is on fire
or wherever, Antalya is on fire. Who is setting the fire? Does it start by a match? Light a match
and put it there will it burn? No it won't. Yet, this fire is the fire of forbidden desires. The fire of
desire is burning the woods, the mountains. And it is suffocating them in the floods. They don't
think. Kullu shayin lahum sababa. Everything has a cause. The ambitious lust of man is burning
the mountains. Say O scholars. O those who pretend to be scholars, say! What is the cause of this
fire? Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar wa Lillahi l-hamd. They are not saying. O our
Lord for heavens sake! al aman. The people are burning in the fire of desire. The fire of lust is
burning the countries, the mountains, the stones. The poor trees have no fault. The fire is coming
upon them. Why? It is the trouble, punishment for the people burning with the fire of desire.
O our Lord, forgive us, Send us Sahib (a Master). O yaran Shah Mardan, may assistance come
from your gathering for us. Allahu Akbar. Floods, nobody can stand in front of. Fires, nobody
can extinguish. Unstoppable earthquakes, riots. From where are they coming? Nothing happens
by itself. Think O man. Return to the honour of humanity. Don't be the donkey of shaytan.
Shaytan will take you from one trouble to another trouble. May Allah send it far from us. Keep
the way of the Prophet. If you don't, all will be on fire. All of them will be on fire. Bald mountains
will remain. O Turks. Your naughtiness is too much. Your eating, drinking, enjoying became
your religion. You don't know Allah, you don't know His Prophet. You are going after your
pleasures. You couldn't raise, train your children. You did not prepare them for the servanthood
of Allah. Therefore that fire is also coming for those innocents.
O our Lord! Grant us mercy. O Shah Merdan, how beautiful are your words. May our inside
and outside be pure and clean. When people die there are two pits. One pit is for WC and one
pit is a clean place, a rose garden. Run for the pure, leave the dirty. May Allah complete His
kindness for you. Ask for forgiveness, straighten your way. (Tawfiq) success. O yaran Shah
Merdan. The holy ones Shah Merdan loves; accustom and train. May we be trained and know
our Lord. All our doings will be smooth. If you don't know you will be whipped. Fire will also
come, flood also. Quakes and riots also will come. Nobody can stand against this. Think. If you
don't think you will be gone. May Allah forgive us. For the sake of Habibi Akram. Go ahead
Shah Merdan. Please teach us Adab. Send us the ones who are teaching adab. Tawfiq. Adab Ya
Hu. Adab saves you. You became rebellious against your Lord. You will get beaten. My Lord.
Allah Hu. Allah Hu Haqq. Fatiha.
Please go on! Our ikhwan, our friends, our listeners. May your place be Heaven. Close the dirty
gatherings, close them. If not, so many hurricanes will come to you and will blow you away.
Nobody can stand against them. May Allah save us from the ones burning in the fire of anger.

Lefke, 10.08.2013

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