Maulana Sheikh NazimThe First Divine Requirement: Good Manners

No rank is above the rank of adab, good manners. It is the first required attribute in the Divine Presence. No-one can enter the Divine Presence of Allah the Almighty without it. Not with gold, money, jewels, beauty, power, knowledge, ranks... It is adab which brings a servant closer to the Divine Presence. Divine Protocol demands those who have good manners to come first.

All Holy Books teach people good manners. Try to learn to be praised ones here and in the hereafter. It is not easy to be praised in the Divine Presence. It depends on your adab. Muhammad* said, "My Lord taught me good manners. He is my teacher!" We will never reach the perfection of humanity without reaching out to the traditions which he passed on to us.

People in this world are so happy when they are VIPs. They try so hard to become VIPs. It means nothing and will not give you any values. Try to be a VIP in the Divine Presence. Adab will make you a VIP in the Divine Presence.

Adab is something else than praying, fasting and reading the Holy Quran a lot. Tariqats teach people good manners and respect. If someone does not accept a teacher, he does not have any adab. The Prophet* accepted Gabriel as his teacher. He listened and obeyed him. Everyone must have a master to teach them. They accept needing one when it comes to knowledge, but not to adab. Knowledge is not the most important. No-one can know more than satan. Science comes completely from knowledge. Satan has such great knowledge, but he has no adab. He told Allah, "You did a mistake by creating Adam* and honouring him. That rank should have been mine!" This is why he was cursed and kicked out of Heaven.

Don't think that adab is easy. Knowledge can be learned by everyone, adab only by very few. Oh believers, try to reach high adab. It will make you much more acceptable in the Divine Presence. It will put your ego down and mercy and blessings will rain on you. Be humble enough to come to someone who has been authorised to teach people good manners.


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