Maulana Sheikh NazimFirst fight our own self

To be is able to put one’s organs under one’s will is the mark of a real servant of Allah. If a man can’t do this, he is the servant of his ego, nafs. You must be able to advise yourself, before you may advise others. If your Self accepts being under your command, then other people may accept being under your command. This is the way of Prophets and Awliya. First they fight themselves, and then they look after other people. When they speak, their words have an effect upon those who listen. And if a person listens, it is impossible for him not to take benefit from the words of a Prophet or a Saint. He may take power to control his nafs and go on the right way.

It is not enough to say, “I am Muslim”, and to say the Shahada. You must try to keep your organs far from all actions that are not Muslim, far from ‘Haram’, forbidden things.


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