Maulana Sheikh NazimThis is the first page of wars that informed and reported from traditional knowledge, from Heavens, to Prophets

Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awlya. Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ’Azim.

This is the first page of wars that informed and reported from traditional knowledge, from Heavens, to Prophets. First of all people must know that for every beginning there must be an end. For every beginning must be an end, and that is also as a knowledge accepted, this is a reality, that positive knowledge and they are claiming to have positive knowledge, they know that for every beginning must be an end.

People in Paradise. When coming Judgment Day and the Lord of Heavens, the Lord of mankind, the Lord and Creator for every creature is giving His last decision for His Justice about living people on earth for a period, sending Paradise people to Paradise, and sending hells people to hells. If you are saying that should be a beginning for Paradise people, must come an end. That is your ‘mablara ilm ataat’, knowledge that reaching to that point. But when Paradise people entering Paradise, they are reaching to an absolute feeling about themselves: that they were in Paradise since Paradise created. They are never going to say that: ‘We entered Paradise yesterday’, or 1oo years ago or 1ooo years ago or 1 million years or 1 billion years ago. No! Their feelings should say to them that it is a reality that they have been in Paradise from timeless time: ‘This is our land, and we are in it since this Paradise lands are in existence. We are with Paradise, this is our real homeland’. They are never going to think that they have been far away from their homeland even one second. Reaching to eternity and going to eternity, from pre eternal up to eternal.

Therefore the reality Heavens, reality through Paradise never going to be same as we are in it now. The conditions that should be for Paradise people no one now in it. When they should be there, they should understand, they should taste that and dress that conditions, conditions of eternity and dressings from eternity, from pre eternal up to eternal.
Nothing going to be there as we are in it now here, no. This is something like a spark through pre eternal and eternal. That is an appearance and quickly this coming to its real routine. An appearance just happened, but they are really on their line, going from pre eternal up to eternal, that means: ‘Inna li-llahi wa inna ilayhi rajiun’: We are coming from Allah and we are going to Allah. Coming from Allah- you can’t understand with this creation. Our mind can’t reach to anything, only through our beliefs we may reach some understanding, and it is also through our beliefs that can reach some realities that we are coming from Allah and going to Allah.

And as a simple saying: We are travelling from Allah to Allah. And nothing else, only Allah. And you have an appearance from pre eternal and reaching to another appearance through eternal, eternity. Azal, Abad, Azal- pre eternal, Abad, eternal. It is impossible for any creature to understand this reality of eternity, because it belongs to Allah Almighty’s Existence. That is only for Him. And you are not in it, and you are not out of that pre eternal and eternal.

But in comparison to Dunya it is something else: Here we are nothing. What we are speaking on some realities as it is like unchangeable measures, muta’arifa, for every knowledge there is something that you must believe in, as a base, to build on it that knowledge, some principles. Principles you can’t understand. If you are asking behind what it is you can’t reach to anything. For example what is a nuqta, point, spot? Spot, if giving a description, it is something no length, no width. This is description for spot. What is a line? When you make so many spots, going to be a line. Your mind never accepting this, that a line is a continuation of spots and coming a line, that we said (for that spot) no length and no width. How it can be? (Putting spots) side by side and coming this line? But you must believe, you must not believe, but accept! Surface, when moving this line, going to be surface. That means also nothing, because really spot no existence. If something no length, no width, how it can be in existence?

Such things must be. And when we are saying that we are in existence, but our existence never going to be in the Existence, in the Essence of Allah, and also we are not out of the Essence of Allah, not in, not out. Because no existence for anything. No room in or out for anything, so that- we are coming from Allah and going to Allah- where are you? Like spot! But here we are using other measures. For every beginning must be an end, that we live through this life. You must accept this. Don’t say that this world or this term or period going to be endless. That is dark ignorance. You can’t say this, and people now say: ‘Ah, if no war, our life so beautiful, we were going endlessly without troubles of wars. How? How happened this? For what this wars?’

Ya Hu- peace days, peaceful years are not going on endlessly and war also not going to be endlessly. Changing is the attribute, not attribute, but real characteristic of whole creation. You can’t find any creature in existence without changing, to be on a stable position. In a unit of time that you may think 1 hour has 6o minutes, every minute coming to be 6o seconds, every second may be divided into 6o thirds and every third may be divided into 6o fourths. And every fourth you can imagine that if it is going to be one hour to be divided into 6o minutes and minutes to be 6o seconds, that there is a distance that you may divide it and that division in your imagination may go on endlessly. One can be divided by infinity. What is becoming? Zero. But your imagination saying to you, even if you are thinking endlessly, you may divide this into smaller units of time, you can never find in creation anything to be, to keep its stability as it was before that small time.

Everything is changing and unchangeable, no change only for Allah Jalla Jalaluhu. No distance, no room for Allah Almighty to be changed, no! Allah Qayyim bi dhat- Allah standing by Himself. No room for anyone else. Inside, in His Essence or out, no, you can’t imagine something beyond the Essence of the Lord of Heavens. Therefore when we say: We are not in Allah Almighty’s Essence or out of it. If out of it, any room? He must be there! No one else. Allahu akbar!

This is reality! On earth people think that not to come any change, and changing must come. Yesterday was something, one identity for yesterday, 19th of March. Today is the 2oth, its identity is another. Changed. What happened today wasn’t happening yesterday and what is going to happen tomorrow is not happening today. Biggest ignorance of people is to think that everything must continue as before. No, changing coming. If you are not blind, you may observe, you may see, you may look and you may understand.
Therefore people are longing for yesterday, they are longing for last week, longing for last month, longing for last year. They are longing and say: ‘Oh, it was so good, so happy, so happy days, peaceful days. Oh, we wished, we were asking not to change yesterday, but we were asking tomorrow to be changed. We were not thankful to our Lord for today and we were asking a changing for tomorrow’. When tomorrow coming, people say: ‘Oh, how it was so beautiful yesterday’. But we were not taking this, now we are looking for yesterday, but it changed. Its position or its term just passed, we lost it, and now we are looking for tomorrow to be better than today. We are not thanking Allah that today is best for us, we are looking for tomorrow to be much more pleasure for ourselves and we are loosing tomorrow what we have been in it for today.

That is biggest trouble, biggest stress, that is main source of distress. And people run into that dark ocean wholly now, whole world people running in it, falling in it. I heard that the Chinese government is saying: ‘Quickly stop, make cease fire’. These people are ahmaku-l humaka, the champions to be idiot ones! They are asking to stop war, to continue, same life style to continue as yesterday. That means that they are in such dark darkness of ignorance. They are so ignorant ones. Even (that war) may stop, but you can’t find same conditions that passed away. It is impossible! But people are not learning realities. Ever-changeable realities, they are not learning. That is biggest trouble sources for mankind on earth.

Yet our government, Turkish government saying: ‘Economical (crises’). We bring new sources for economy to make it better than yesterday’. What is that foolishness? This is reality? Whole world was so many years on top of economical improvement, they reached to top point and this world can’t be able to carry that heavy economical problems, and just moved one stone, and whole building coming down. Yet our government saying: ‘Our program is to look after economical sources. Extraordinary sources or miraculous sources we are going to bring to you. O people, support us’. What is that foolishness?

People live in the 21st century and claim that they are Muslims, believers, yet they are believing in economy, not in real reality. That changing must be and coming a changing according to our personalities. When we are changing, changing coming.

Childhood is something, then you reach to maturity and your personality is something else. You lost childhood period and you ask to come back to childhood? No, maturity. Then coming to perfection age and you ask teenage? No, finished, you passed that. And periods changing and running. No one learning from realities now. All just cheated by satanic teachings that are so far away from realities. Realities coming from Heavens, and you must accept! If accepting, who is believing, no more trouble through his heart, finding satisfaction and peace. Without beliefs you can’t reach a satisfaction, contentment and peace, pleasure and pleasement through your heart. It is impossible.

May Allah forgive us. This is a page for first day of new changing, new period, period of wars that should continue up to the time of Jesus Christ, (until he is) coming on earth, finishing dragons, devils and taking away evil. This just begun today 2oth of March, Thursday. Never going to finish till Mehdi a.s. comes, then coming Antichrist and after him coming real Christ and giving a new form to nations to follow holy commands of Heavens. This is a beginning and ending that all people should be worshippers to their Lord, trying to be best servants for His divinely service only.

Who is running away should be taken away through these terrible wars. May Allah give shelter to you, to me, to every believer, this is our praying. Who is running to Allah should be sheltered, who is running away from Him should be taken away. We are asking forgiveness and blessings through ever huge event, terrible wars, violent news. May Allah keep us away from such terrible events, for the honour of His most honoured one through creation S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke - 20.03.2003

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