Destur, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Destur, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Mded, ya Rijalalah!
Don’t leave us in the hands of our egos!… As-salamu alaikum!

Audhu bi-llahi maina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa
bi-llahi-l’Aliyu-l ‘Azim. Allahumma ‘alimna ma yanfa-una wa zidna ‘ilman!

What is the most precious thing for mankind? This is a question and this is also a humble
meeting. We are now living in a time where the ‘true ones’ have disappeared. You
cannot find trustworthy people now. From east to west and from north to south all you will
find are mostly liars. Everything was created for the honour of the Seal of Prophets
Seyyadina Muhammad (sal) and he has said that such a time shall come on the world and
for the people. Every period has a limit. No period continues without a limit. When the
period has finished another period begins and there are changes. Then will come
another period and another time and this period will not be the same as the one before.

Historians are saying that there are four periods of time – the ancient period, the middle
age, the new age and the modern age. I am therefore asking these historians “what have
you got to say about the ancient period and the beginning of history?” They reply, “we
haven’t any real knowledge of these times, but we have our theories.” These historians
are for the most part unbelievers or atheists, and as such they do not believe in anything
that belongs to the Heavens. They say that they believe in their theories and that they
are living on it and trusting on it. These are their theories regarding the beginning of
creation. They do not believing in Holy Books which has been sent by the Lord of
Heavens. They only say that they believe in ‘positive knowledge.’ I am asking them,
“What do you base your positive knowledge on?” They reply, “We have only theories.”

Theories are imaginations that come into their minds and these are put into their minds
and inspired by Shaitanic inspirations. They believe these things to be true and they do
not care about what the Prophets have brought through their prophecy. They even say
that, “the knowledge found in Holy Books should not get into our universities or other
education centers. We are not accepting it.” I am asking them “why is this so,” and they
reply, “We don’t like it.” Then again I tell them, “I am saying to you that Heavenly
knowledge is like the sun and when it appears your imaginings, your ignorance, your level
and your existence will be made clear to you. When this huge pillar of knowledge appears
your theories will get smaller and smaller and it will be like the kindergarten level. This is
why you do not want to teach heavenly knowledge in your universities.” They only reply,
“We do not want to deal with anything that belong to the Heavens because we have our

This is the type of ignorance that people are now caught up in. The knowledge of
Heavens is so gigantic and reaches to the skies and their theories are so small in
comparison and they will vanish and finish. This is the only reason that they are
preventing these knowledges from being taught.

The people are now asking to be followers of Shaitanic theories and they are also forcing
their governments not to teach the realities from the Holy Books to the new generation.
But subhanallahi –l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim, we have a saying that the candle of the liar will only
reach up to Isha time then it will be finished because it cannot continue to burn and to
give light upto morning time. In this manner the candle of the liars will finish quickly. It is
only a very short time. The Sun however will not finish and the truth is like the sun. Do
you think that it will ever finish. Another of their theories is that the sun will finish and
there is no base to it.

If we tell them to stand up for their theories they have no feet to stand on and if we say sit
down they have no downstairs to sit down on, but still they keenly defend their Shaitanic
theories. More specifically they like to believe in the theory of Darwin and they have put
this into their heads and they say, “This is the truth. Therefore put away your Holy
Books. Leave them because the truth is with Davin.” What is this foolishness? I am very
sorry to say that Muslim countries too are accepting these theories and they are not
teaching their children Heavenly Knowledge about the beginning of life through their
schools and universities.

Then another person comes and says, “Creation began with the Big Bang.” From where
do they bring such foolish ideas. They say that in one fifty millionth unit of a second the
explosion which is the Big Bang happened.” But we are asking them how did that
explosion occur, and they reply that it was from inside. Then I ask them “how can that be,
without something coming from outside, something that would make it explode.” Such are
the foolish people in our days.

Therefore we see that liars are been respected today. They are the theoreticians, the
theory people. The people say, “that person is a big scholar, and this person is a big
alim, and they are trusting on them and not trusting on Heavenly Knowledge which is in
the Holy Quran. The Quran says, “Bismillah-ir-Rahman-hir-Raheem” and teaches that
everything was created by the order, kun - He said, “Be” and it came into appearance
and Allah Almighty says, “Everything is created by My Order, the whole of creation is only
by My Order. I do not need ‘the big bang.’ When I need to create anything I only say ‘be’
(kun) and my command happens and appears and I am your Lord. You are however
teaching such things like the ‘big bang’ ”. This is a very important point. La hawla wa la

They approve wrong ideas but never approve the realities. They approve the false and
deny the ‘haqq’ – reality, and they are going on the wrong way, the wrong way, the wrong
way. They are trusting on falsehood and denying the truth. Fifteen centuries ago the
Holy Prophet (sal) said that there should come a time that people would trust on the false
and deny the truth and also to find a person who is trusting on the truth is going to be so
difficult that you may never be able to find him.

People may talk among themselves and say, “Oh brother, I hear that there is a trustworthy
person in Canada” and another may say that there is one also in Milano. Someone else
may say that you can find him in the Himalayan Mountains. Someone among the Tibetan
people may say, “Oh my brother, I heard that there is someone who speaks on the
realities in China.” Still another will say, “I am going in search of him and I went to
America.” The one in America then says “Hmmm. If I talk the truth I would not be able to
get my green papers and that is very important for me. If I talk the truth the green papers
will be cut off from me. Therefore what I say is that all Americans are trustworthy people.”

Then what about Turkey. Yes once upon a time there used to be such people but now
they are also American style. You may only find a small group of people and what about
the others. Those others are trusting on Russian theories and there are no trustworthy
people among them.

Then what about India? Oh! The people of India are fully occupied with cows and the
whole day their business is looking after cows, even the policemen will stop you and say,
“Stop. There is a cow coming.” They are such busy people.

The people of China are passing from one ocean to another. They are preparing opium
and this is their specialty. They are mostly in this opium state and they say, “Oh my
brother, which ocean are we swimming in now and I cannot see to where we have
reached.” They are occupied with this.

In Israel their houses are filled with computers and they are looking to see what has
happened to their shares in the share market, shares of petrol and petrol also for Saudi
people. These people are only worried whether the shares have gone up in price or
come down and also they occupied with this.

And the Israeli people like I said are occupied with the bourse (stock exchange) it comes up for one day and
goes down on the other. This is like what they were doing during the time of Seyyadina
Musa. They were digging wells and on the Sabbath (Saturday) day they were prevented
from hunting fish. They were digging wells and on Saturday the fish came. They then
said, “don’t touch it. It is Sabbath - Saturday.” Then they said, “It is Sunday today and
rush to take out the fish.” And now during our times they are making holes through the
east and west sometimes coming up and sometimes going down and they say, “What is
coming is for us. If it is not for us then it should go into the ocean.”

Every nation is busy with some nonsense or the other. No one seems to be trustworthy.
No one asks as to what is truth or what is reality. They are occupied with something or
the other and Shaitan is making them to be occupied with such nonsensical things and
making them to forget the next life which is the eternal life. They say that there is no life
after this life. This is why during the times of the last days it is so difficult and so rare to
find the ‘trustworthy and true ones.’ This is why they say, “We have heard that there is a
person in Damascus.” or they might say, “There is a person near the Victorian Lake in a
small Island and this person is a ‘true one’ but it is so difficult to reach to him.” This is the
way people are today. We are living in a time in which people have lost every valuable
diamond and they are instead running after carcasses.

Oh people this is a humble meeting and I am nothing. There are precious people who are
not speaking but they are listening to what is being said at this meeting. We are in a Holy
atmosphere and in numbers we are so small and throughout the east and the west the
people who understand my language are catching this and they know that permission is
now coming to someone and that there is no value for him.

I am thanking Allah Almighty that the Doors of Wisdom have not been fully and completely
closed. There is always at least a hole through which Divine Wisdoms are coming from,
so that people do not become hopeless. If they are asking to find ‘true ones’ they may still
find them. The Holy Ones are saying that maybe there are about fifty people gathered
here and if there were to be fifty thousand people coming here some people may say, “All
the things that I spoke through this meeting is being addressed to myself and to my ego,
and my ego they will say is so wrong and that I am on the wrong steps and that I am
asking to make my wrong steps into true steps.” This is because the one who is asking to
reach to Allah must use true steps. Wrong steps only take people to the fire.

Wrong steps lead people to Shaitan and Shaitan is leading them to the fire and we can
see now that because of this, this planet is ready to explode. I do not know when this will
be, whether it will be this month even or it might take upto Rajab or upto Shawwal or upto
Muharram. All I can say is that it is so very near. There will be a big explosion on this
planet and this explosion shall be on a magnitude like it has never happened before. This
will be the last explosion and billions of people will die. In earlier times thousands or
maybe millions were taken away, but now this fire is going to take away the people who
are not asking for trustworthy people. Those who do not follow the ‘true ones’ shall be
taken away like rubbish is carried out from homes. They shall be taken away from life to
death centers. They are mostly going to be ashes and their buildings will be ground to

Oh people take care and I am a weak warner for you. Those who accept shall be in
safety and as for those who are not accepting they are doing their worst for themselves.
Those who take these advices and keep it and use true steps, should be safe even if the
whole world is on fire, just like Allah Almighty saved Ibrahim (alai) from the fire, by making
that fire like a garden of roses for him. Therefore the Lord of Heavens, the Creator of
Mankind who landed Mankind on this planet will look after them and He is going to save
His believing and sincere servants. The others will be taken away as rubbish is taken to
be put into a dustbin. May Allah forgive me and bless you for the honour of the most
honoured one in His Divine Presence, Seyyadina Muhammad (sal). Fathiha.

Lefke, 11.6.2006

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