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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt="Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim"}}**Followers of Shaytan are Like Dirty Toilets, They Have No Value**

(Deutsch: WerShaitanFolgtHatKeinenWert)

Subhanak, Subhanak , Subhanak. Laa nuhsee thanaan `alayk kama athnayta `ala nafsik. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar al-Akbar, Allahu Akbar al-Akbar.
A' udhu Billahi min-as-Shaytani 'r-rajeem, Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem.

Whole Glory and whole praisings for You only O our Lord. We are asking Your forgiveness and blessings and we are asking humbly to give Your most high respects and Glory to your most beloved and holy servant in Your Divinely Presence Sayyidina Muhammad (s). O our Lord give your forgiveness. O people say A'udhu Billahi-min-as-Shaytan-ir-rajeem, Bismillah-ir-Rahman-ir-Rahim. That is biggest honor for us to say to declare Your holy name and we are asking from Holy ones that are living on this planet and particularly we are asking from Master of this planet, that he is Qutb, Pole of this dunya. We are asking from that one whom representing the Seal of the Prophets Sayyidina Muhammad (s). (Stands) O our Lord, we are asking not to be tired for standing up and giving our most high glorifying to You and Your representative Sayyidina Muhammad (s). Most of this world looking from east to west, from north to south.His power spreading on this planet and He is using a power that belongs to Bismillah-ir-Rahman-ir-Rahim and we are sayin.. we are saying O our Lord protect and shelter us from Shaytan and its followers. We are weak ones. Shaytan also so weak but it claims that he is so powerful one. That is a claiming, idea, claiming this and he is saying, "O! I am such a one that behind me millions of people running but whole Prophets' followers they are handful but whom they are following me are millions and millions". And I am saying to Shaytan, cursing (palm forward) cursed one. Don't say this. That ones that following you the worst creations, worst ones that following you. Who following you they are dirtiest ones and worst ones. Why you are going to be proud that so many?

What is their quality? Their quality, no quality. No one paying even one pence for all of them, because they have no value.

As Shaytan no value for that one, no value, whom following him, also no value, dirty. Anyone paying money for dirty? Who may, so many, so many, eh.. shirket, companies you ever heard that so many things getting in a.. money master, bosa, stock market. Everything coming for sale you ever heard that some one bringing old 'tuvalets', introductions, tuvalet (toilet) that 1000s toilets full with dirty. Anyone bringing to black market, stock market to say "O people today I am opening our umm...What market? (stock market) stock market! I am bringing something that you never heard about that metal. Very, very cheap also I am giving and so big amounts that you can't load it on whole cargo ships. Can't be carried up to end of this world they may put in cargo ships and it is so cheap". "What saying?... which kind of stock market this? what is that material", 'O my friend. Hear,hear now what he is saying'. "What saying?" 'He is saying that biggest material on this world that (n)everending if you are using whole warehouses' and buyukkullunyar? (shipyard) and ship, ship and 'today we are coming here to make'.. black market? (stock market)..'stock market, but this belongs black market'. "Which kind material?" 'yes sir, everywhere we are finding, and(n)ever-ending, daily coming billions of that kind material'. "Hmm,this black market people", Black market? that material" all those stock market people saying ..come quickly come and "O my masters! that is so plenty and so valuable and also so cheap. We are not asking even half penny, half penny tonnes. "Hah! what is that? Hear now... ding ding, ding ding ding ding ding ding what happening?.."then it is very important thing, our chairman making this (bell) ring, ding ding ding ding "O look our" musabaka elan, (competitors), "compare people" ..someone putting eye glasses looking in front, "just coming to your about materials, details... (now Maulana finding some paper , puts on eye glasses, mimics).. It is written that that material that you can find everywhere and it is only so cheap and they are putting in market one penny for one ... eh...ton..material (shuffles paper).. putting material everywhere you can find, really that material everywhere through every houses you can find easily and people never paying anything but sending away, what is that? (animal dung/ compost) tuvalet's material". 'Hah!? this is bringing this today, for what this?' "be patient, because it is only one penny," 'even half penny who is paying this?' "they are saying, O my brother be patient they are taking this and making .. give it much more for details ( Maulana scrutinizing the paper)... saying that from this material they are doing .. mamma for children and like you, old ones. Making mamma for eating so, so, so .. lezzeti, (tasty/ delicious) so delicious, you ever taste it? huh?" 'taste! taste! how tasting? how tasting this?'. "O our boss, don't be so quickly angry, you taste a little bit, night-time and morning-time go to tuvalet and taste it once again, you should be so happy". 'thup..thup..from where bringing such metal, material for me?'

For what we are saying this? Tawbah, astaghfirullah. That is what people running after it. O people! O our listeners, how this are.. whole nations, whole mankind they are so keenly running after that one? And Shaytan making a very good, very good, kambalesh, "don't speak too much, my stomach coming out". 'Better, this also may sold'. "Hah?!"

"O our stock market, respected members! I am going to speak to you a good story. Once upon a time there was a king. "Where is king, where is this material?" 'Please sir, listen to me.' "Once upon a time, cok acikgoz nederler, (clever).. bu soylesin,(sharp, clever, crook), very crook one he heard that the king of that country he has a hobby for.. for what? for good perfumes. One robber he is saying, 'O, I must go and I must try to take as much as possible for that king, cheating.' and just he prepared 2 leather sacks. Leather sacks, he prepared and fulling inside, I am not saying what he is filling in it. Leave my listeners to know such a things because mostly people getting heedless such a things. I am professor for such a thing,..professor Ben uzman böyle bir şey için pm.. I am expert such a things. May listen this, his holiness, pope, may listen his holiness, anglican church bishop, may hear this patriarchy in Russia, in Constantinople, in east and west and particularly maybe Buddhist peoples chief chief, may be so cok sey diyorler ala qadar olmaz ... cok interesting. Therefore, listen to me that person he was chief of robbers, filling two leather cases. I am not saying what is in it. And then buying a perfume of rose, one bottle, ten bottles, making outside these sacks.

When he is passing, people saying 'O, O so beautiful. Ummm... so beautiful'. 'Give way, give way, he is entering from castle of king.' "Just I am coming for his majesty king, that no one can bring such a good perfume through east and west to our majesty king". People giving way and coming big entrance, entering to castle inside. Mizak, (the guards) spear, this ..beksi derem.. guards saying 'where?' and saying "uff.. don't ask please. I am coming to our majesty king with such thing that no one can give to his majesty as a present". They are looking (sniffs) 'uff... so beautiful'. Quickly sending to palace and saying, 'such and such a person coming', 'quickly let that person come in, why waiting? O guardians. Opens and come. Coming, bringing and stopping. And king coming and (sniffs) 'O, o, what you are bringing?' "O our majesty, as you smelling, the best kind of rose perfume". 'Really?' "Only our majesty this is very important, and I am sending it through your private room, hall, you must sit there and you must bring super.. (Turkish)...staff, but high courtiers. Don't leave anyone else there and I am sending my animal, to that place, you are sitting. Don't leave anyone comes in, only high staff for empire should be there and you may open and looking and so ...., so... sweet and so beautiful perfume, outside it is going nothing, inside it i is so..ooh. Yes sir! I am going, please give to me from your generosity a little bit."
'Quickly give that person!' "And my second ..talab, request, I am requesting from his majesty a horse, even worst should be granted to me and I may go before sunset. Give, and we are impatient.' And that riding on it , lang ling, lang ling, lang ling, till getting out from gate of palace, when getting out making like this, then making like this (gestures whipping of a horse)... arrow can't reach to him. And king ordered, 'please open to look in it, bring big pots. not to be wasted.'Yes, bringing big pots and ordering, coming this waiter with his knife making like this from both sides and making possh. oossha...ok ! this! hay hay, good, very well! That material you bringing to stock market, stock market shey bu, product. All king's clothes, all people's clothes going to be like tuvalet on them and then people making like this (wiping). 'Quickly run after that shaytan'. That shaytan reached nearby to his village and saying people. 'Open home quickly. If anyone coming, say we haven't such a person but we heard that someone from second village bringing such a things to his majesty king, but they are far people.

Come and look ,come and look'. "No this is very expensive material. His majesty, king saying that very valuable product, we must look we must buy it"... look around and bringing to tuvalet and look, "and this house also?" 'Yes'. When entering to it, "It was worse than this that bringing some shaytan to our king". Now shaytan bringing that material to stock market and saying people, "put it on the desk of materials and it is free material, anyone asking. You can bring billions and trillions of Euros here"... saying and now Shaytan making this whole dirtiness for people, saying "this is best material for me. I'm bringing and putting this in stock market. You may pay half penny, I am happy also because we have ... (shipyard) boat bringing this ...petrol, we have a tanker full. Pay me half penny, I shall give you whole ship give me, it doesn't matter you are giving me ten million, doesn't matter, I am happy. No we may bargain, we bring it down up to 1 million then it doesn't matter.

If saying no I may bring and putting it on your yard free". 'If putting it free, how many million pounds for cleaning that deck?' No sir, no sir. That is Shaytan's production you must put it in stock market and all of you should be so happy. As that king was so happy and then he was selling it and taking millions of pounds.

O people, O my listeners. What we shall do? Today it is Sunday. I am making last week of holy Ramadan, saying to people something to make them happy and also hopeful that one day they may be , they may be with that material richest billionaires. Take it freely for the honor of Sunday. Take it freely, Shaytan making this. O people! think on it. For every tale there is something to be learned. That is Shaytan and its market, it is not stock market; over-stock market, Shaytan making people to fall in it and not to find their ways east and west. And just he did this for whole nations and whole world just fall in a difficult position that they are saying "economical crisis!" Ask Shaytan, what he say to you? Make this bargaining and economical crisis quickly running away and all of you should be happy. That is dunya and its production. Who likes dunya never thinking for their Creator. All of them falling into that dirtiness channels and they should be in endless economical crisis. Till they are coming out and following Heavenly Way, they should reach happiness, here and Hereafter.

O people! Assalaam `alaykum. Thank you for visiting, and so many things to be said. You must be happy, you must laugh but you must think, if it is true or not. Make a jury group to give their last decision about economical crisis. I am a poor servant, I am showing you a very good way to save yourselves from economical crisis and I am showing to you a very good way to save you from economical crisis and I am giving whole channels production freely to you. Buy it and correct your economical crisis. Finish. Listen and think on it. If any other way, please phone to me I am bringing another kind material, so many kids of materials we have. You should be very happy and very rich ones. O nations and governments and religious people. Hear and listen!

Dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm,...
I am so happy with my materials
O, O people of stock market
Stock markets' bosses,
You should be very happy
And I am singing for u
Because you should be very
Happy when I am singing to you
You should find a good production
For selling and putting in
Stock markets everywhere
Dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm,...
Make this march for all of you
Because you reached finally what you are asking.
That is your asking and make music and sing:
Dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm,...
That you should be like that king, all of you should be kings
Because you are going to be bosses of a flea market
Or stock market, doesn't matter, we must sing
Dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm,...
Dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm,...
OK? (laughing),
Thank you.

We may say for Obama, this association to hear. People how many?


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