Maulana Sheikh NazimThere must be for every movement an engine or a force to push or to pull

Lanatu-llah ‘ala’l dhalimin wa kafirin…Rahmatu-llah ‘ala’l mu’minin, muhlisin, sadiqin…
Audhu billahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim.

There must be for every movement an engine or a force to push or to pull. Without using a power nothing is moving. Everything inexistence needs a power. If no power reaching, no work can be done or no movement may appear. Therefore- we are Muslims, we say that we surrendered to Allah Almighty and his commands, we say: ’O our Lord, You are our Lord, You created us and we are Your servants, accepting every order that You order to Your servants to keep, and, as we are servants, we are asking to keep Your high respect.’
When we hear an order, we must be so quick to stand up, to run and to fulfil or to do that command of Heavens, the command of the Lord of Heavens. So that we are in need a power. These associations are traditional power stations. Who is asking to do something for Allah Almighty must ask from the power station something to be given to him or to her. As you are in need for your physical body to eat and to drink; if not eating and drinking, you can’t move, but when you eat and drink you can do so many things.

But important is to work or to do something that makes Allah Almighty pleased with you. When you eat and drink. You are full with power, but where do you spend that power? You must know. Everyone who is eating and drinking feels a power through himself, but not everyone is doing what is good for himself. He may do so many things that may be against himself. As a person doing something, putting a rope around his neck and tying it on a high place and leaving himself (to fall down). Then going to finish, going to die. It is a movement, an action, but that action is killing him. So that there are so many actions against mankind; harmful, dangerous. If not appearing today, tomorrow going to appear; if not tomorrow, going to appear next week, or next month, or next year. But must come. And what they are doing from harmful works, if not appearing here, but must appear, and then after death going to come in front of him what he did.

Therefore- for our physical being that asks power to move and to do something through this life on earth, we must eat and drink; that supports our physical being. But important after that is to be able to control oneself and to look: ’What am I doing?’ If no control on himself, he is going to destroy himself, his personality, his physical being, his future here and hereafter.

To be able to make a control on our works we need such associations, so that when we get out from the real safe way, we may take ourselves back to the safe way. It may be enough for a person once a year, perhaps it may be enough for some others through several months, and for someone enough to control himself through one association, because associations give power to our souls, our spiritual being, for controlling our physical being.

Anyone who is going to be unable to control his physical being is finished. Your physical being must be controlled, and this association helps those who attend to be able to control it. As a person riding a horse- if he is not able to control it, it is dangerous. It is good to have a horse, you may use it and it may help you, but only if you can be able to control it. If not, the horse is going to be dangerous for you. And the ego- one ego is perhaps more powerful than 7o horses, and to control it is more difficult than to control 7o horses. Because the ego is like a dragon with 7o heads. No creature can be more powerful in sharr, evil, than our ego. Our ego is so powerful. No creature may do what our ego may do. At least 7o times more it may do evil and be a devil.

Therefore it is not a simple function. Don’t think it is so easy for people to able to make a control on their egos. And most people walk under the command of their egos and are slaves of their egos. The ego never gives an honour to you, but makes you down, disrespected. It never respects you, never gives any respect, and it makes you disrespected. A servant through his service may be respected. If you are working for someone, he may respect you for your good service, but the ego never says to you: Thank you. No. To be able to control the ego is most important. And you cannot take this power, because it doesn’t need horse power- the ego only may bow on front of spiritual power and nothing else. Never bowing itself Even Sultans, Kings, and Emperors bow in front of their ego, but egos never bow in front of Sultans, Kings or Emperors. It always calls them: ’O my slaves, come here. Now I like this or that, I like you to do this or that for me.’ Ordering. The ego orders Kings and Emperors like someone ordering his slave. And the ego never understands material force; it only bows in front of spiritual power.

One person was walking on his feet through a countryside, through mountains and desserts. He was seeing someone who just appeared at the horizon, riding some creature. Until he came closer he couldn’t know what was that creature. When that person passed, he saw that it was a man riding a tiger and catching a snake in his hand like a whip. He ran away from that person and asked: ’O my Lord’s servant, how you reached to that?’ ‘That is my ego, I am riding on it. I may make it a tiger, a lion, anything and anyone. Even a dragon I may ride, and this whip is my power to control my ego. It is the whip of Schariat. I am treating my ego like a tiger now and I am controlling it with this snake, the whip of the Schariat. If you can do this, you can ride a tiger also, no need for a saddle, no need to put irons on it. Through the blink of an eye I may reach from one horizon to another without tiring. If you can do as I am doing, you can make your ego like a tiger and ride on it; it is so easy. If not, your ego will ride on you, making you its donkey.’

To be able to control our ego is important. A person like that is going to be really surrendered to his Lord as a servant. And granted to that one the title of ‘Servant of the Lord’. If not, he is going to be named: ’Slave of his ego’, ego’s slave. That is the title of common people now. No control. Even governments and states- everyone is under the slavery of his ego. No one is controlling, because no one takes care how he should be able to make that control on his ego. No one is asking: ’How we can save ourselves from our ego’s slavery?’ And really they are not looking and seeing, because they are drunk and heedless people, not understanding that they are donkeys of their egos. Instead to ride on it, they carry their ego.

Therefore- the life of uncontrolled people is a heavy burden, and especially in our days that people are accustomed to the very bad custom to be slaves of their ego 1oo%. When the material possibilities to give what their egos are asking are getting less, when that area to answer the ego is getting less, the whole world gets crazy. All people are like crazy ones now, because their egos ask something and order them to bring this and that immediately, but there is no more possibility to bring everything. That is crises. The main reason for the crises is that point, and not anything else. Everything is as before, but the ego is asking more and the person can’t be able to give what the ego is asking, and so the ego gets crazy and forces man; depression is coming on them and countless sufferings on earth now. This is the reason, one reason: People are not able as before to give what their egos are asking, and they are slaves for their egos.

You must try to reach freedom! People say: ’Freedom!’ They are liars, not knowing what is real freedom: To save oneself from the hands of one’s ego, becoming free. Those who are under the control of their egos are not free, they are slaves, and slaves can’t be free. You may write everywhere: Free slave- what is that? Yet he is slave- you think he is free? No. Now people are only free by name, but really they are not free, because they are slaves. That is another cheating for people, another big trick for cheating people, that freedom. This nation is asking freedom, another nations is asking freedom- for what? What is the benefit? If by name going to be given to be free ones, but yet they are slaves. It is not going to be by name only.

At the beginning of the 2oth century there were colonies. Every colony asked freedom from the Europeans and Europe gave it to them. In Africa, when I was in elementary school, this big continent was only ten territories, no more. Now perhaps there are 65 or 75 new states under imitated names, and the Congo alone is divided into ten states, and every state has another name. This big dessert in Africa was only one, a French colony. Now perhaps there are ten or twenty new free countries, saying: ’We are free.’ Never! Cyprus asking freedom- first Greek people asking freedom from the colonial government, and we asked also, both sides, but yet every side under their egos’ control, not free. Only our name is free country, but people are yet slaves for their egos. The whole world is under the hegemony of the ego; there is no free country. America is saying, but never. More than other countries America is slave of the ego. Western countries are more than Eastern countries slaves of their egos, because they have much more possibilities to fulfil their physical beings’, the ego’s, desires.

And we are asking to be free from the slavery of our egos, so that we can be Abd-u-llah, servant of Allah Almighty. Therefore, as our Grandsheikh, the inheritor of Rasulullah, said: ’If anyone is asking to reach full control on his ego, he must attend such meetings.’ They give to you some spiritual power, so you may be able to make a control on your ego, and you should be soon free. When you are going to be free, Allah Almighty accepts you to be His servant, but when you are occupied, no room for the service to Allah Almighty.

Lefke - 25.02.2002

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