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Destur ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Meded, ya Sultan-l Awliya, Meded a Rijalallah, Meded ya Sayyidi and Sultanu-l Awliya, Destur! Ya Rijalallah alhimna rushdana…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…

For everything there is a protocol. Without protocol that means we are a group of creatures that belong to animals world. Through animals’ world (there is) no protocol. In jungle there is protocol? Do you think so? If a community (is) loosing (the) protocol, just they (are) falling from their human being level down and coming to be with animals’ world. Through animals’ world (there is) no protocol. (They are) free, (there is) freedom through desserts, freedom through jungles. And now Shaitan (is) urging people, particularly youngsters, not to have any protocol.

As when Allah created (the) ego, nafs, (He was) saying: “Come to Me” and it was turning back and going. And (when He was) saying to him: “Go away”, (it was) coming back. That means: (the) ego (is) never accepting a protocol, even from his Creator. And Allah Almighty is giving such knowledge to His honoured and chosen servants, (the) Prophets, through traditional knowledge that is heavenly Knowledge, to teach His servants (about the) protocol. And when He is informing His servants about their egos, (He is) making so clear its qualification or speciality or real characteristic. You must know! If you are asking to know about someone, you must know his characteristics. If you are not knowing that one’s characteristics, it is difficult to work together or to be with him or to leave him.

That was at the beginning of our ego’s creation. The Lord of our egos (was) saying to him: “Come to Me” and it was turning back and running away. When He was ordering to him: “Run away”, he was coming and facing to his Lord. That means: No protocol. Through protocols there are Rules and Commands and Orders. That is real protocol. And then Allah Almighty (was) asking to show His servants to give some knowledge about our egos why he did like this, ego? When He was ordering, his Lord (was) ordering: “Come”, and (it was) coming back and (when He was) saying: “Go back”, and (it was) coming forward. (To show) what is (the) reason, which thing (is) making our egos to do that, Allah Almighty (was) asking: “Who are you, who am I?” To make (it) clear and the ego was saying: “I am myself”, and: “You are You and I am myself.”

That means: he was declaring to be independent, for himself, and to do independently everything as he likes, that means: Never accepting any protocol: “I may do everything I like to do” or: “I must leave everything that I am not interesting to do that.” Real point Allah Almighty (was) showing, (the) real point, (the) real reason why he was always coming against his Lord’s Command: that he means or he was believing or asking to be his situation as his Creator’s situation, (saying:) ”You are You, and I am myself. If You are Commander, I am also commander and I am that one, (that), as You are not getting under anyone’s command, I am also now, I am never accepting (anyone) to be commander on myself. I must be also like You independent!”

The Lord of Heavens (was) teaching the characteristic of our nafs, our egos. Everyone has this and their nafs- if you leave it- it is asking only to eat, to drink and to enjoy with his physical desires, as animals- they are interesting only for eating, drinking and their sexual activities. Anything (else) you (are) knowing for animals? Therefore they are not in need for protocol, they are free.

Now Shaitan (is) urging people to say: “We are free ones” and (the) most suitable area for our egos to live through their freedom (is) the field of democracy. (The) democratic system (is) saying to everyone: “You may take your freedom! We are not keeping any protocol from Heavens, originally we are not accepting, we are not believing (in) any involvement from Heavens. Heavens is in our sight like (the) tales of fairies, no more. Therefore we must be positive people, we must live imagination and dreams”, as nations lived and spent their whole ability, capacity and energy through their imagination, through their wrong ideas, through their fairy tales. They spent it and for the sake of their dreams and for their imaginated worlds that they are believing through some people that there is Paradise and Hells, they did a protocol that this protocol (is) always making them (to be) through a trap- never leaving them to do anything as they like. That means: They were keeping protocols and claiming (that) these protocols (are) from Heavens and they were making their freedom through that imaginated protocols, making trouble on themselves and they were not living as they like. And shaitanic teachings (are) for destroying humanity. (His) first aim (is) to take away heavenly protocols. Doesn’t matter. They may do artificial protocols as they like, according to their egoistic desires they are doing something, but it is never going (to be) a real protocol. Therefore we are speaking on protocols that for everything there is a protocol. Man’s life must be through protocols, what I said now that they are making me to say.

Asking from Allah to look after ourselves and to guide ourselves, it is too much, because to call Allah to do something individually for yourself is not a protocol, no. It is not protocol. (The) protocol is in another way. The Lord of Heavens created man on this planet and He was dressing (him) from His divinely Honoured dressings. (Adam), the first man, (and He was) making him to be (the) Qibla, (the direction) that our hearts have been asked to turn towards. That is what we are now turning to: (the) Kaaba, the House of Lord. It is for our materials Qibla, but it is not (the) Quibla for our spiritual being. (Our) spiritual beings’ Qibla is S.Muhammad sws. You must turn to him! That is protocol, real protocol. Not as they are saying: “We are asking from Allah.”

You know Allah? Who He is you know? Your representative, your ego, was saying: “Who? I don’t know anything for You. You are You, and I am that one!” Our ego is never declaring Allah Almighty’s Existence; (it is only) declaring existence for himself, therefore- how your ego (is) coming to declare the Existence of the Lord of Heavens?
Therefore- (the) first Qibla for mankind was Adam a.s. It is protocol. You must come to him and to look to him and to follow him, because his face (is turned) to His Face and your face must be to that Adam’s face. Adam was Qibla.

And then every time- the world (was) never becoming empty from Qibla. Therefore (it is from the) Adab for Tariqas also: they are saying their Sheikh is Qibla. That is protocol also. Through that Qibly you may find your way to (the) real Qibla Rasulullah sws, that all (are) coming and joining in his divinely representation. He is (the) only one representing the Lord of Heavens! Therefore we are saying, asking from Allah: “You know Allah?” If you know Allah, it is okay. But you don’t know!

Every Prophet (was) coming to teach people to know their Lord Allah Almighty and no any nation can pass, leaving their Prophets and pass forward to Allah- they must (all) pass on that bridge! If you are not accepting bridge and you are saying: “We are not in (of a) need bridge, we may walk on water”, water takes you away. You must use (the) bridge. No mind people (are) leaving (the) bridge and (they are) saying: “I must pass over water.” Yes, you may be able to pass over water, if you are a full keeper of (the) heavenly protocol. (Then) you have been granted such power to walk on water.

After the Seal of Prophets sws, (the) Sahaba, his disciples, Companions, they were moving towards East and West to reach people with heavenly Lights and Muslims armies were moving from the heart of Medina Munawwara through East and West; they were taking their powers from the heart of Medina Munawwara. And one of that armies (was) turning towards Iraq and Iran. Iranians were not Muslims and (the) Sahaba were running to take (the) Lights of Islam to Iranian people. They were making their roads (ready) for fighting and (the) army of Islam was coming, in front of them there was a river, Tigris or Euphrates- one of them. When army of Muslims (was) reaching to that huge river, one Sahaba that his name is not on my memory now, he was first on his horse rushing on (the) river and he was walking on it as a person (is) walking on earth and after him (the) whole army with their heavy equipment, everything that they carried for their army, was passing after him as they are walking on asphalt. When (the) Iranians (were) looking these people (are) running on that huge river, they were saying: “These people are not from mankind; may be they are Jinn, we can’t be able to fight them. Run away, because they are Jinn, you can’t be able to fight them!” Running away and leaving everything…

Yes- someones are not in need (of a) bridge, because they are bridge. Becoming bridge, because (they are) keeping (the) real protocol that I mean to say: heavenly protocol. They can do; (the) earth (is) under their command. But who (are) not accepting (the) heavenly protocol, (the) earth (is) never going to be under their commands, no, nature and world (are) fighting to them, never giving way to them and cursing them, (saying): “You are cursed people, never accepting heavenly protocol, go away, Demon you!”

May Allah forgive me and bless you! For the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 22.06.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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