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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}}**For my ego or for Allah?**

O our Lord, keep us under Your shelter, we are weak ones; we need every moment, every second Your divine support… Everything that Allah Almighty is doing, is perfect, and His Judgment for everyone is perfect judgment. What He is preparing for ourselves is best. What we are preferring, something for us, it is so useless, harmful and has a bad result. If we can be able to accept without putting our will over His Will, that is perfection for us. But always our ego asks to make its will first and to take away the Will of Allah. And all troubles in the world through East and West, North and South have only one reason: People try to put their wills over the Will of their Creator, the Will of the Lord of Heavens, the Creator of the whole universe or universes, This is the reason. It must be this, because people don’t get an introduction with their Lord. People mostly know nothing about their Lord, and all mankind is making an introduction only for Shaitan.

Every advertisement is only for what? It is only to make people understand or to know about Shaitan, and satanic works now running through East and West, North and South, and people mostly are under the command of Shaitan. He is asking to be well known by all mankind. People through their egos are only accepting the existence of someone they don’t see, but they follow him so easily, so powerfully, so speedfully, so lovely. People follow Shaitan through this 21st century, because about himself countless advertisement everywhere. Everything is for his honour, the honour of Shaitan, and really no honour for him, but people exalt him. They don’t know anyone more exalted than Shaitan; they make him their Lord, they obey him, don’t make any objection. This is the general view for the people of the 21st century.

People follow Shaitan, but they don’t say ‘Shaitan’; they think he is their Sultan, their highest supporter and beyond him people never accept anything or anyone. They call him: ’Our best friend’, and: ’The most exalted one in our sight’, ‘The only one’. Beyond that they are not declaring anyone’s existence. They follow Shaitan as their king, without objecting on his treatment, his activities. For each activity that Shaitan gives to people they say: ’Ohh, so perfect’, for every new fashion through the life of mankind now, for women and men. The founder of new fashions may be so ugly, but they accept them and say: ’They are so perfect’, because satanic advertisement is coming everywhere. If anyone says: ’This fashion is so bad’, they may attack you and say: ’You are a dishonoured person for our king, our chief. We move through his inspiration that he is giving to us. How you refuse and don’t accept? Why you say that this is ugly? It is perfect!’

This is what Allah Almighty is saying: Allah forgives every sin except to make for Him a partner; He doesn’t forgive those people, and the partner is that one, whose details or description is just coming- Shaitan. And people don’t think. If I make my hand on a holy place (like touching the Black Stone etc), I am going to be a Mushrik? Those things are nonsense from Wahabi people. But if partnership, is to make Shaitan partner. And people don’t even make him a partner, but they say: ’No one except Shaitan.’ Most people don’t believe in God Almighty.

If they believe and also follow Shaitan, that means they make Shaitan partner to their Lord. Therefore Shaitan for some believers is going to be partner; those who believe in God and follow Shaitan are going to be accused to keep a partner to Allah. But now people fully deny the existence of God Almighty and only reach to Shaitan; beyond him they don’t accept anything. So that there is no partnership, because Shaitan is going ot be their Lord and they say: ‘Only Shaitan. No God but Shaitan’, they say. A lot of people say: ’No God but Allah’, but they follow Shaitan, and that is partnership to Allah. Allah is getting very angry with those who say: ’We believe in Allah’, but they don’t follow Him and who say: ’We are not accepting Shaitan’, but they follow him. That makes Allah Almighty to be angry with them.

Now most people say: ’No God but Iblis’, and Allah Almighty is very angry with those people who say: ’La ilaha illa Shaitan.’ Those who move with their egos, the steps of those who follow their ego reach to Shaitan, and either he is are going to be a partner of God Almighty for them, or they say: ’No God but Iblis, Shaitan.’

Now we see that all people believe in Shaitan. If they say: ’We are Christians’, and they believe in Shaitan, they really make Iblis the partner of their Lord. But a lot of people, the majority of people that don’t follow Christianity or Islam or Judaism, they say: ’No God but Shaitan’, making him even more than a partner. The first group of people says: ’No God but Allah’, but through their actings really they follow Shaitan and say: ’No God but Shaitan’.

Now it is such a difficult time to carry the partnership of Shaitan from the minds of people. Allah is very angry, and more than this he is angry with people who not only make Shaitan a partner, but who say: ’No God but Iblis.’ Mankind now is in a very dangerous position. From both ways they must be taken away, because mankind is through two groups: One group makes Shaitan a partner to Allah, the other group says: ’No God but Shaitan.’ And as long as they are on that way, people must be destroyed, taken away; they must be killed and die. The majority of people follows Shaitan. Some say: ’He is our Lord’, some others say: ’We believe in God’, but they follow Shaitan, making him partner to Allah, hearing and obeying to him, not to Allah. The ego belongs to Shaitan, and Allah never forgives those people who make Shaitan partner or Lord.

Look whom you are following, after whom you are going. If it is a satanic work, you must quickly leave it and come back; it means you lost your way, you are on wrong way, and you must correct it. A very dangerous time is coming on people, and very few people are going to be saved, because the majority of them keeps Shaitan as their Lord and some others use and keep him as their partner for their Lord. Both sides is worse.

For every activity you must ask: ’Is this for my ego or for Allah? Who is going to be happy with this activity?’ If you know that your ego is going to be happy, it means, you are keeping a partner- your ego. The ego is saying: ’I am your Lord. On behalf of your Lord I am your Lord.’ The nafs, the ego, is saying: ’You must obey me.’ And what our physical being tastes from enjoyment, is very short and a very small amount; cheating people and they are asking to follow Shaitan. That is the reason.

I began with our association, and our target, our aim is to save people from false beliefs, false activities and bad movements. If Shaitan catches you from one side, he may carry you away. Don’t give a chance to him to carry you away from the right path, because he is so fast to run after people, to follow and to catch them. It is a dangerous situation that people get in now. Day by day darkness and danger is climbing, and people fear and don’t take taste from the physical life, because the heaviness from the soul is coming on them. And they escape from their souls, good dealing ones, and fall into the darkness of false, Batil.

This is what everyone must take care on, because it is so important: When one group of mankind says that Shaitan is a partner, and the other group says: ’No, he is Lord’, you must try to save your ego from both mistaken ways. If not, you should be carried away with the others to a bad result, very bad result…

May Allah forgive me and bless you for the honour of the most honoured Prophet Sayidinna Muhammad salallahu alayhi wasallim.

Lefke - 05.03.2002

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