Maulana Sheikh NazimFor Safety: respect His beloved-one!

This year more and more people are coming who are interested in the true way. It is a good sign that so many kinds of people are coming from so many parts of the world. The Lord of the universes is calling his servants to his Divine Service. We only here for that purpose only, to call people to the service of the Lord because people have stopped serving their Lord. Service to the Lord is worshipping. People have stopped doing that. They are running after satan and are making everlasting contracts with him promising to serve him. May Allah forgive us.

That is an important point. We are seeing that youngsters are trying to come and to accept to serve their Lord, Almighty Allah. Try to keep it that way. Say, 'I am the servant of the Lord only and of his prophets, peace be upon them.' Without being the servant of the prophets and of the Seal of Prophets, Sayidina Muhammad, the praised-one, Allah Almighty, the Lord of Heavens will not accept your service. We are calling you to worship Allah, that is the service and to give your most high respects to Sayidina Muhammad, because he is representing the Lord of Heavens in creation. It is important that you understand that point clearly.

My purpose is to make people have full respect for the Lord of Heavens, to worship Him and to also have full respect for his servant Muhammad, may peace be upon him. People may reach the highest stations in Divine Presence if they follow his way. Whoever respects Allah must also respect His respected and praised-one. Just like we are saying, 'Ashaddu Allah illaha illalah, ashaddu anna Muhammad abduhu Rasul Allah.' No-one's faith can be complete without saying that. That is why you should keep highest respect for the beloved servant Muhammad, may peace be upon him.

The Command of Allah Almighty continues and any command that goes against the command of Allah Almighty or his servant Sayidina Muhammad, is the way of satan. If you want to be in safety here and hereafter. If you want to be in happiness, then respect the beloved-one of Allah and his way. If you want to be in the best condition here and hereafter so that you will have no fear of the coming days and no sadness concerning the past times, then respect him.

LONDON - 21.02.1993

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