Maulana Sheikh NazimFor the believers we are asking an opening

Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim... For the believers we are asking an opening,
for the unbelievers guidance, hidayat, but those who are misleading people
will see the consequences and taste the divine punishment of Allah...Who is
leaving the way of Allah will suffer in Dunya and in Akhirat...

Allah has given us mind and understanding... Daytime there is the sun. Who
put it up there in the sky? And in the evening the light gets weak and
everything sinks into darkness. Whose mind is working may ask: Who is it
that makes the sun to rise in the morning until it stands over our head and
who lets it set in the evening? The morning light is born, rises over our
head and gets strong, and then looses its power and drowns in the evening
light and then there is darkness...

It is the beginning of Ramadan. According to the solar year the twelve
months are fixed. The lunar year consists also of twelve months, but they
are changing through the seasons. There is a creator directing
everything... It is Allah who teaches us knowledge- one cannot learn without
any teacher... The most honourable science is Ilmu hisab- Arithmetics. Man is
a strange creature with his 1 1/2 meters of height and on it a head of 2o-3o
cm length and a diameter of 15-2o cm. In it is the brain, a jewel, a cevher.
Who put in in there and how? Anyone with a functioning mind comes to the
conclusion that we didn't create ourselves. We are appearing and again
disappearing. If we had created ourselves, we would also be able to keep
ourselves in existence. But we have been granted existence from somewhere
else. And we see people die- to where their existence leaves? Who is taking
it from them? Something is leaving. So that there is an unseen world, and
that is the first order: to believe in the unseen and in the existence of

Every animal knows about their Lord and makes Dhikr, tesbih. Only man
doesn't. He makes statues from wood and metal and worships them. How crazy
they are! You made this form, how you can worship it? In Sri Lanka there is
so many of them. There is a bare tree that has neither fruits nor blossoms,
and the Buddhists venerate it wherever they find it, because they say that
Buddha slept under such a tree, a cobra next to him(?). And there are so
many different Buddha statues. In Singapur there is one of 25 m hight. I
touched it and immediately the guardian ran towards me. He said: You may
only look at it... The action is valued according to the intention behind

I said: "These statues represent Buddha - but they are not Buddha
himself. If I hit him, is he going to do anything? Can he see? Hear? Feel?
Why you worship to this statue? From where you take this idea?" "I don't
know", the man said... What is it, that dishonours man? That they worship
something that has no soul, no life. They make it their idol, and for that
reason Allah destroyed so many nations, because they attracted the divine
anger. May Allah not let us be from them.

This Ramadan begins on a Friday, and it began with 'azamat, heybet, power.
If everything continues like it is going on, then everything will be
finished at Bayram... Ya Allah, we believe in You and Your Power, accept us
as Your servants, dress us servanthood... It is over, wait and see what is
going to happen after Ramadan! May Allah forgive us! Fatiha.

Lefke - 15.11.2001

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