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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}}**FORGETTING ALLAH ALMIGHTY is worse than THE COMMITTING OF SINS**

Assalamu alaikum. He is the only One who does everything as He likes. All power is with
Him. He is Allah Almighty. We are nothing. Oh! Children of Adam, He has blessed you
with the dressings of servanthood and this is the highest level and the highest honour for
you by the decree of Allah Almighty the Most Merciful, the Most Beneficent and the Most
Magnificent. Everything is in the hands of Allah Almighty.

Audhubillahimina shaytani rajim and we are running away from Shaitan to Allah Almighty
and we are saying Bismillah ir rahman hir raheem and we are asking “Tawwaju.”

As the sun rays are falling on the earth Allah Almighty dresses His distinguished servants
with lights. Divine light may shine on your heart. If such a light does not shine on one’s
heart, heavenly blessings and honour never reaches to them.

People now do not ask for forgiveness from Allah Almighty. They must say, “Oh! Our Lord
forgive us!” They should say this, but they are saying instead, “Why are we in need of
forgiveness? What have we done that we should ask for such forgiveness? We are not
doing so many bad things therefore we are clean people.” This is indeed a foolish
declaration. This is nonsensical thinking. Yet they say, “What wrong are we doing to ask
for forgiveness from Allah.” Yes, they think that they are doing every good thing and they
also think that they are sinless. This is why they say, “I did nothing wrong, why must I ask
forgiveness from Allah. I have done nothing wrong.” This is a shaitanic idea and shaitan
keep telling them, “You must say, ‘I did nothing wrong so then why should I ask for
forgiveness? What wrong have I done and we are doing our best and everything is ok”

At least we must ask Allah for forgiveness for forgetting Him. There is a dua (prayer) of
the Prophet (sal) when he was asking, “Oh! My Lord don’t make me to forget You – if I
forget You I will be falling into darkness.” Such was the prayer of the Prophet (sal). Yes,
the biggest sin is to forget your Creator. How can you forget Him when you are still
breathing? But shaitan makes them say that they are not in need of forgiveness..

Asthafirullah! To forget him is the biggest sin. To forget Allah Almighty means that you
are only with your ego. To forget Him means to take God away and to accept that there is
no Creator. This is why they say, “there is no one controlling us.” The scientists are also
saying this today.

But we say that even an atom which may perhaps be the smallest thing in existence
cannot be without someone controlling it. Who created that atom? He created it and is
also controlling it. Then what about yourselves? And you are thinking that you are not
being controlled. If you claim that you are not being controlled, you are worse than the
cattle in the meadows which think that it is under someone’s control. The cattle think in
this manner because that is their level and because they have a different understanding
and through this understanding they know that someone is controlling them. They never
feel that someone is not controlling them and that they are existing by themselves. But
foolish people are worse than these cattle as they think that they exist by themselves.
This is the biggest ignorance.

These foolish people do not understand this. They are like meadow people. Give your
attention to me. The biggest ignorance that has come over the 21st century people is
that they do not believe that someone is controlling them. Even an atom is under control
and there can be no existence for that atom by itself. Is it there in being without any
control from outside? Who is making the center of the atom? Who is making the
electrons in the atom run round its nucleus or center? Who is making light travel at such
speed. But people never think on these matters. They only say, “They are not being
controlled.” But this is impossible. If an atom is under control what about yourself. You
are a collection of atoms, millions and billions of atoms, trillions and quintillions of atoms.
If this is the case how then are you not being controlled?

But people are drunk now and they say that, “there is no God.” How can they say this?
But still they are even preventing in schools to say the name of the Creator, Allah. What
is this foolishness? How can one claim that no one is controlling the sun, the seas and
the continents. They say that this belongs to positive knowledge. What is positive in this
knowledge? Even the apes will laugh at them. For example the donkey may say, “Oh!
Professor, I know that I am under control and I know that I am being controlled by
mankind”. You however say that you are not under control and you are lower than the
level of this donkey. Finished and mankind has been cast into the dustbin like rubbish.

This is why the awliyas are saying that there will be so much of death. There will be
storms of deaths and floods of blood. No! Not floods of water but floods of blood. This is
because they say that they are not being controlled. At least say, “we are being
controlled and He is our controller.” Can anyone else be our controller? But 21st century
people are on the top level of ignorance. This is why they have begun to eat each other.
They are undergoing punishment.

This punishment has just begun. Today will be better than tomorrow. Yesterday was
much better than today. Everyday it gets worse and worse. This is because people today
do not accept to learn the truth and reality. They are running around like people
intoxicated by drinking. They do not want to ask as to how things happen. How does the
sun, rise and set. How is the world rotating around itself and how is the earth going
around the sun. The solar system is also moving in a certain direction and this is its
orbit. The solar system is in a galaxy and the galaxy also has an orbit, which has been
set down for it. Who is organizing and arranging and controlling all this?

The people have come to an end, and they are finished. Allah Almighty says, “I am giving
my oath and I am making them to be controlled by me and all the heedless people and all
the ignorant people will be in a place where they should be forever punished and will be
under the cursing of heavens upto eternity.”

Oh! People, our lives are very short. We have not been ordered to collect this world or
dunya or money. No. We have been sent here to be the representative on this earth of
that Heavenly Being. He granted us to be his representative or khaliph on this Earth. He
ordered us to collect good and precious things and not to run after dirty things that have
no value. But due to the shaitanic teaching and due to the shaitanic system people from
east to west and north to south now are running after these dirty things. May Allah forgive

For everything there is a limit. Even in our lives we may come and go but still there are
limits. When something reaches its limit it must finish. Do not think that the life of
mankind is going to be forever. No. One day Allah Almighty shall collect their souls.
Then they will be falling down as dead bodies. This is approaching nearer and nearer.
This world is not a new world. Do not think that because of your high rise buildings and
your technology that this world has been turned into a new world. No. He who created
this world and this planet has put a limit on it. One day this planet shall disappear by His
Holy Command. Then there should appear another land on this earth. Everything will be
like sand and you will not be able to find a stone even of the size of your fist. You may not
be able to find this because so many heavy earthquakes shall grind them into sand. Even
the mountains will run against each other and will be like sandy land. Then Allah Almighty
shall collect all the people to come to His judgment. Allah Almighty shall then give
judgment for the whole of mankind. This is so near now because the signs have

And the Prophet (sal) was saying, “If my nation is going to be on a straight path and are
going to be true ones Allah Almighty shall give them “one day.” If they run on shaitanic
ways there life will be half a day. One day means a thousand years and half a day is five
hundred years. They are first following shariah and then they are going to leave it. You
cannot find a country that is following the holy command. Therefore five hundred years.
Now we are in the year 1400, which means that there is only 100 years left. Then among
the signs is that there is going to be a big war. This is the biggest war that the world will
see. After this there shall be good days. And who is going to reach to these good days.
They are the sincere servants who are living for their Lord. They will be under protection
and they will be sheltered. As for the ones who are living for their ego’s physical desires
they should be taken away.

May Allah forgive us. May He give us of His lights and understanding so that we will be
able to understand what is going on around us. Everywhere today there is advertising
being done against the Holy Command and while they are running to find a way they are
falling down.

May Allah forgive us and bless you for the honour of the most honoured one in His Divine
Presence, Seyyadina Muhammad (sal).Fathiha.

Lefke, 04.06.2006 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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