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You are creating us , whole creation from You, You are our Creator fro m pre-Eternal up to Eternal and we are asking humbly O our Lord through this holy month a grant from your Heavenly grants to make our egos under our feet and to help Your servants and to call them to come to Your servanthood . You are Sultan. You are Subhan.

Give more glory to Your most glorious One, Sayyidina Muhammad (s). Whole Glory and whole praisings only for You O our Lord. Give us from Your endless forgiveness, from Your endless blessigns. As-salaatu was-saalamu `alayk, whole praisings that is is a countless, never ending, never ending praising on you O our beloved Prophet (s) and our most glorious messenger from Heavens to whole creation. Alfu 's-salaat, alfu 's-salaam whole glory and praising to you O most beloved One in Divinely Presence.

And we are saying, A'udhu Billahi min-as Shaytan-ir-rajeem, Bismillah-ir-Rahman-ir-Raheem. We must be awakened people, not to be heedless ones, No! We must try to be awakened servants and to try to give our best praising to our Lord. Shaytan, the worst creature that it is against mankind and we must run away from that one to Heavenly shelter. The Lord of Heavens just granted us Heavenly sword from Heavens : Bismillah-ir-Rahman-ir-Rahim. That is biggest protection for mankind against Shaytan and Shaytanic ones. If you are asking a shelter, say: Bismillah-ir-Rahman-ir-Rahim. By the name of Allah Almighty, most Beneficent, most Munificent.

Then O our listeners, I am not making you to listen but you are very lucky ones because you may force your egos to sit down and to hear and listen and then to obey. Whole messages with whole messengers coming from heaven asking from people to listen and to obey and our honour according (to) our obediency and I am saying to whole listeners, As-salaamu`alaykum. (Wa alaykum salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakutuh).

That is amaan, (safety-peace) that is Heavenly shelter for every man whom they are asking a shelter. Shaytan, Sadanas, reaching everywhere and asking to make people unhappy and his most important wazife, his main subject, that Sadanas running after it to make people unhappy. That is Sadanas' most important mission. He is asking to make people unhappy and to fall in miseries and sufferings and every badness, cursing coming on people. Because he is cursed from Heavenly Presence of the Lord of Heavens, just it was thrown away and cursed, and it has such a hatred against mankind.

He never likes a person to be happy, enjoyful and in pleasure. Asking to make people unhappy, not to be enjoyful, not to be happy, not to be in peace. That is Shaytan's, Sadanas' mission. Therefore from beginning, Sadanas began entering to Paradise and first man and first woman they were in Paradise, in best life with full enjoyment, happiness, for them. Everywhere they are going getting a pleasure, a enjoyment, looking and taking. No fear, no hopelessly, no enmity, no any suffering or misery there. They are so happy. Shaytan saying "I must try to make that man to fall in worst level that they never going to taste anything, even in Paradise or out of Paradise."

OH PEOPLE!! Beware and Shaytan. But people writing on their doors of their homes, "Beware Dog!"

Beware Dog! no one writing "Beware Shaytan" because Shaytan coming to them as a best friend, a best teacher, best trainer, claiming and saying people, "Follow me, you should be so happy, so in enjoyment. So pleasure for you." Asking to cheat people to make them to fall into its traps. When falling in its traps beginning to laugh, "O my friend! How you are feeling now yourself,what is your feelings now? Just I put you in that trap, now you should understand what should happen to you."

Once upon a time, when I am saying "once upon a time," people beginning to say "dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm,dumm." Once upon a time, Shaytan's friendship, how is it going to be? Once upon a time a fox, don't say fox. Don't say fox, fox very strong one for cheating people. Don't say that other creature name, the Lord of Heavens making a fox to be friend with a snake. A snake worse, fox worst, Snake idiot; fox very clever one.

They said "we may do, we may be with you friends, I am going, come we may travel together through gardens, through homes of hens and through jungles, we may be together to be much more happy, and enjoying."
Fox looking and saying, "we may do." and they were beginning to be friends. Understanding? "O my friend, you are so quick. I can't reach to you, Fox"
Snake, "I am tiring,"
"Don't worry because I like to move quickly,"
"but I like to move slowly" saying snake.
They are going and finally they are reaching to a water and fox, our friend the fox, so many people now they are like fox, learning from fox so many things. Look fox what doing, what it can do? Coming. When entering fox in water, the snake said, "O my friend! (you are) leaving me here and you are passing on water?"
"why not coming?"
"Because I am not a heavy animal like you, Water can't carry you but may carry me."
"Therefore come, together we must pass."
"How it can be?" Fox asking and snake saying, "Oh, I may come around yourself till passing. When done passing I am going down and we may continue."
"We may continue."
"We may continue."
Then fox hearing and saying, "yes, doesn't matter, come."
Then (snake) wrapping (around fox's neck) and passing to second beach.
Then asking fox, "Just we passed, are you not going to leave me and we may continue?"
Snake saying, "No! You are my hunt. I can't leave you. I am going to get in your mouth down and eating everything inside making for my small ones, a nest."
"It is not true. Up to here we are friendly and now you are saying this."
"Because my creation in such a way. I hunted you now and I am getting inside and I am getting rest, bringing small ones and sitting there."
How many times fox raja etmek, begging. "O my friend don't do this for me. I am begging you."
"No cant' be."
When it was hopeless, fox saying, "O my friend. So long time we are having friendship. Now I like to come and to look to your beautiful eyes. Beautiful eyes. I must look to them, then I am just surrendered to you."
Snake, he is idiot. Coming like this, "Look, O my friend to my eyes."
"A little bit, come closer I like to kiss you." And idiot coming and HAAATT!! Fox biting, spitting, kapasi gitti, it's head went away.

And then beginning to open itself and then our friend the fox, so many people they are like fox, taking from one side, making on earth like a sey dened gibi, a stick. and saying, "Look O my friend, friendship must be like this straight. If you are making like that then you must end up like this." Now Shaytan making people for biting and to finish them. That is its mission, asking to ride on you through east and west and if you are saying come down saying, "I am not riding on you to come down. I found like you a donkey animal for riding on it. I found a ride like you. How am I getting down?" Yahuu! Leave this.

Making people in such a way, that is Shaytan's mentality and it's mission to make people in such a way to fall down through trap and then when falling in trap, going to be in miseries and sufferings saying, "ah,ha,ha,ha! I am so happy making you through this trap. Live there, live there." Shaytan's mission but people now heedless, never believing Heavenly orders or Heavenly wasiyya, advice, saying now "no." Now ask everyone, saying "Shaytan is our best friend. if not Shaytan we cannot be happy and we can't enjoy ourselves. How you are saying Shaytan enemy for us, look every kind enjoyment Shaytan preparing for us and we are so happy." And Allah saying "إِنَّ الشَّيْطَانَ لَكُمْ عَدُوٌّ فَاتَّخِذُوهُ عَدُوًّا - inna ash-shaytaana lakum`aduwan fatakhidhoohu `adoowa - Verily Satan is an enemy to you: so treat him as an enemy." (35:6)

Oh my creatures, Shaytan is the worst one for you, leave him, don't follow him because that is worst one asking you to fall into crisis. Eh, comment cava? not comment cava? Not a good condition. French boss speaking to a English boss. I am saying, "Comment cava?" and second saying, "Monsieur. Why?"
"Because there is crisis and we never knowing how we can find a way, how we can get out from this crisis?"
"Oh monsieur you have little bit mind?"
"Yes, I am little bit clever one."
"Now, you also make against trap of Shaytan, another trap put for it."
"O monsieur, just I tried but getting worse."

Shaytan he is laughing, whole crisis on earth is heavenly punishment because they are following Shaytan not following Heavenly messages. OH PEOPLE!!! come and listen. So many foxen, so many dragons running around this world through continents and through oceans. OH PEOPLE!!! Beware and dog, What is dog? Dog is Shaytan.

You can't be in safety from dogs, you can't trust dog. Why? When Allah Almighty created Man, as creation, Satan coming and looking there. And he was going from up getting out, looking everywhere for new creation for Adam. Then it was so angry, making "spit", spitting on Sayyidina Adam Alayhissalam. Allah Almighty ordering Jibraeel Alayhissalam take this piece out, and Jibraeel Alayhissalam taking this out and this (w)hole from that and created from that dog. Therefore dog so closer to mankind but you can't trust dogs.

Going with man but sometimes may attack on you, therefore dog is dirty. Dirty one. Because coming with man also and then suddenly making khiyanet, betraying it. Don't trust Satan and its teachings. As long as man following Satanic ideas never going to be happy, here or Hereafter and always they should be under Divinely anger and they should be under Divinely cursing. Can't be in safety, mankind on earth until they are leaving Shaytan.

dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm,

That music singing. Two kinds. One kinds Heavenly singing giving refreshment to your soul. Another singing that belongs to Shaytan, hurting you. Giving you trouble.

We are trying to say, when I am saying, "dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, ..

cifti dayi cifti dayi sen
sen ekersin su bugdayi
sen ekersin su bugdayi
yesertirsin dagi tasi
dum dum dum
minnet sana
sukran sana
ey yaratan
mevlamiz sensiz
sen tesbih eder
seni daim
dum dum dum
minnet sana
sukran sana
ey rabbimiz
sukran sana
(43 minutes)

Everything that coming a day may be heard heavenly listenings saying to people, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm
whole people may say that at that time, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, Oh our Lord shukran sana
Dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm

(45 minutes), tamam.

Thank you for our listeners. I hope they should hear Heavenly singings through their souls. My sound is not so singer sound, but it is something. Yessir! Welcome to you.

Lefke, 14.09.2009

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