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So many people in western countries everywhere are asking for more freedom, more freedom. what more freedom? Do you think that if you put a big cage, a lion in the will come and enter it, saying, "Shut the door, I will sit inside." Do you think this? It is so now to catch hold of people and to make them be a situation in which everything is in measure, with discipline.

Now it is, as they say, "the Age of Freedom." It began from the year 1789. You know that date? The French Revolution. Heads rolled, feet rose up. The turmoil (fitnah), of the whole world began from that time, the time when they put the noble people under their feet and the lowest level took their place. The door was opened at that time and it is still going on. It is impossible to close it except by God Almighty's will and power. No one can stop it. Now, each day, from those seeds, is coming terrorism. Finished. All governments are trembling from terrorism everywhere. They can't stop it, because they opened - they opened - the door for the wild nature to come out and to do everything under the title of "democracy." Yes.

There is the zoological garden here, the zoo. Have you seen it? I went eleven years ago. I saw a strong building, stronger than any other. On it was written "Lion House." I went through the passage. On both sides tigers and lions were sitting and looking, like this, very angry at the children of Adam, as if to say, "Why have you put us here? Let us have our freedom." Yes. Can you think, if they give freedom to those animals, what they would do? I also saw poisonous snakes and lizards inside, well-protected. Why do they not leave them free? They must be free because we have democracy! Is democracy only for people? They must give it to animals, also. Yes. they must.

And I also went to Safari Park where they give more freedom to wild animals. They say, "Lions walk around here as they like," but I saw a wall, perhaps ten meters high, with iron bars all around. Then they say, "We gave them freedom," but it is not true. The animals are very angry, sitting by the walls, looking around. "What is this freedom?" they say. "It is not freedom." As so many people in our time are saying, they also say, "This is not yet freedom. We want more freedom." It means take down all the walls. Leave them. They will destroy anything that may come in front of them. That is their freedom, and they are asking for more. Very angry, because guards are waiting with rifles, and those big doors open by electric commands. If one of them rushes at a guard, a bullet will go through his head. This is freedom? They do not want such freedom!

So many people in western countries, everywhere are looking for more freedom. what "more freedom?" They mean to say, "We must be like lions in the jungle - African jungles or Indian jungles - where we can move everywhere without any hindrance. We may see, we may like a woman and we must ride her. We may like to eat; from anywhere we may take. We may take any car, any jewels, anything - we may do anything we feel like doing." That is their "freedom."

That freedom, that bad freedom - I mean to say, what we have of those wild animals within ourselves - wants more freedom. The first step was from that time, 1789, the French Revolution. They have opened that door and they are unable to shut it now. From there it spread to every place and now they are trembling from terrorism - the French government, the English government, the Turkish government. Only the Russian government is not trembling. Communist governments never tremble. But democratic countries, all of them, are trembling, like this. Yes it is good for them. May they continue with democracy! Then the dragon of terrorism will swallow all of them. That is coming now.

We are giving the Prophet's (saws) information. It is something which has to happen. No one can stop it because democracy is feeding them, and it must be. Therefore, from the time that we gave freedom to everyone - for good ones and for bad ones, and the bad ones have more courage, no shame to rule over others, but good people are ashamed, without courage. Therefore, bad people have covered the whole world. That is why we say that governments are trembling from bad people, from terrorists. They do so many bad things, but governments still say, "There is a law, there is humanity. We must protect them not punish them. They may kill but we can't kill them."

Those who do not give their voice or vote for the execution of killers, they will be killed, also, because it is impossible to stop killers without killing. Everyone must know that whoever kills is going to be killed. Put a guillotine in the Champs Elysees, and every day put one murderer on it and cut of his head, all the people looking. Will they begin to tremble, or not? In the Tower of London there is a big wooden log with an ax. They used it to cut off the heads of kings and queens. Bring killers. Put one there with an ax on his head. Then see who becomes bold to do such things. But you are talking about dragons. "Oh, we must keep those. Democracy - we have democracy. what shall we do? Even if you eat us up, we must keep democracy!" They are swallowing people and yet they are saying, "May you be pleased with us! Eat as many as you like, but we must keep you in the same democracy." You understand?

No intelligence with people now. Finished. This is correct. This is the meaning of democracy - to give the good person and the bad person the same chance. You must know that bad people have courage. They quickly conceal everything, taking matters into their own hands. Then good people become like sheep under a shepherd. What mentality can accept this? If people are bad, you must give no chance for badness, for evil. That is the perfect government, not to give every bad one an opportunity to do as he likes. With democracy, everything is all right for bad people.

Then, how can a person in our time agree to come and say, "I agree to be in a cage?" They say that if they come into Islam, they must be under a discipline. There is a discipline in it, but they want freedom. That is the reason why people are running away from Islam, nothing else. Nothing else. What is wrong with Islam? Nothing. Something is wrong with them.

Who can agree to be in a cage without doing anything that his ego says to him? People want to make everything permissible (ibahiyah, religious libertinism), a kind of thought in which they say that everything is permissible (halal) for them. No harm. They do anything their egos dictate and then they say, "It is all right."

That is an old way of thinking. Now most people practice that school of thought. They say, "We must give our ego everything that we are able to give it. We must make our ego pleased with us by any means, without my hindrance." Men can be women, women can be men. That is the worst thing. They are asking for this, making laws, also. You can understand from this what condition people are in now. This is one of the fruits of democracy, also. In democratic countries people are fighting against nature, changing nature. Therefore, the Prophet (saws) said that the time will come when men will be women and women will be men, and a curse will fall on them.

Once Jesus (as), was walking. He saw a man and a boy. The man was on fire, burning the boy, and the boy was on fire, burning the man. He was astonished. What was that punishment for the two of them? That is the worst action. Those people were making fire come on them. Therefore, God Almighty is punishing, His curse coming on earth by fire. It is impossible to stop World War III - Armageddon. They say this in all books. It must be. Don't suppose that the fire from nuclear weapons is without wisdom. No. It is by the Will of God Almighty, to burn them, to burn every dirtiness on earth. "I seek refuge in God from satan" (istighfar Allah).

Whoever comes to a Muslim teacher to listen and to say, "You are right," then his ego or her ego, like a dragon, catches him by his ear, taking him out. "I do not give you permission to do more than only go and see what is in this Regent's Park Mosque - to see how it is built; what is inside, what they are eating and drinking, what they are saying; to look at it as an exhibit, not to learn Islam from these teachers. I do not give that permission. You can just go and look around. Then it is like an exhibition in Alexander's Palace. Leave. it is enough. Who said you should sit down to learn what religion is, what Islam is, what it orders? What is this? Get out," it says.

Therefore, the one who may be able to put his ego under foot, he or she is a real hero / heroine. Without overcoming your egos, none of you can come to me from Germany, from America, from Sweden, from every part of the world. So many people are coming. You are overcoming your ego so that you can come. Yes. Your names have been written as heroes and heroines on the Guarded Tablet. It is not an easy thing to overcome your ego and almost all of you are young people with egos like spirited horses. All of you, all of you, you may fly - strong ones, your egos. That is the reason that you have been written as heroes and heroines on earth. Wherever you may go, there is light, lighting you as we look at the stars at night and heavenly people are looking on earth and seeing you also with light. Say, "Praise belongs to God, the Lord of the Worlds."

Disciple: You were speaking yesterday about respect, and I would like to understand. How do we respect those people who are like wild animals or people who are oppressors or who are really wicked?

The Prophet (saws) said, "You must help your brother, whether he is an oppressor or oppressed" (unsur akhaka dhaliman au madluma). You must give your help because all people have been created for the manifestation of the Most Beautiful Names of God Almighty. They are candidates to be God Almighty's viceregents. That is their honor.

Now, we are fighting Satan or against egos. A surgeon performs an operation, but he does not cut a person to kill him. He is not a butcher. Butchers kill, and surgeons do the same kind of thing but they do it to preserve life. Thus, every one of the children of Adam has been honored originally, but our egos take people under their command. Egos are wild animals. We must help them or save them with any means possible. For this reason, the Prophet (saws) said, "Whether oppressor or oppressed, you must help your brother." Then people asked, "Oh Prophet, how can we help an oppressor?" He said, "You must catch hold of his hand." If you see one person beating another, catch his hand, or if there is a sword in his hand ready to kill, catch his hand. That is help to the oppressor. You can help the oppressed person by taking them from the hands of their oppressor.

Now, all people, even oppressors, like to be respected. Respect is a kind of protection for you. You are weak before an oppressor. You can't keep him away. Therefore, when you give him your respect, you may receive protection from him and by that means - because your respect works on him, also - you may be able to make him give at least something of respect for your life. Therefore, although oppressors may do bad deeds, they are not bad originally, but by the path of following their egos, they went towards bad ways. The human being is not bad originally. He or she is not dirty originally, but you may make yourself dirty by dirty actions, by following satanic ways and by following your ego. Therefore, we may give respect, particularly to oppressors, to protect ourselves through that respect. That is a wisdom that we may use in our time.

Our Grand Shaykh lived in a time when there were so many oppressors around, so many enemies for shaykhs and spiritual paths during his time. They would often come to visit him. They wanted to do some harm to him, also, but he had heavenly wisdom, keeping respect for them. When he gave respect to an official person, too much respect, too much praise, then his disciples, his students, would sit and look in amazement. They thought that it was alright. But his wife often said, "Oh my sons, when you hear your Grand Shaykh praising someone too much, run away from him. It is only for protection from his evil so that no harm comes to you."

Therefore, respect takes away troubles and harms from you. There is no problem in giving your respect. Originally all people are respectable in the Divine Presence. According to your intention, you are going to apologize to God Almighty for what you did, but it is something God Almighty's tolerance covers. God Almighty never punishes a person because he showed respect towards His servants because respect keeps harm away from you.

Disciple: So even if you meet Hitler or Stalin, for example, the worst of the worst, you should behave respectfully to him?

What else can you do? You have no power to stand before him, to take his harm. No. Once a Shaykh was sitting at the entrance of the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus. A new general came by on a horse and all the people stood up to salute him. That Shaykh looked to see who he was. Then everyone stood up, saluting, except him. The Shaykh had a tiger skin in front of him. Then with his stick, he hit the tiger skin. A tiger - grr! - rushed at the people, at the general, also. If you can be such a person, no worry about facing Hitler or Stalin or any other one!


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