We are servants, not slaves. To be a slave means it is by force and then, if you have a chance, you will escape. Therefore it is the highest honour for a human-being, or an angel, or a jinn to be called a servant. Every creature in existence wants to be a servant, but only mankind is allowed. They are all glorifying their Lord without stopping and without getting tired. Every part of our body is also glorifying Allah Almighty, but we have also been offered to do it with our will. That is our honour. Everything which has come into existence must glorify. If not, it wouldn't be in existence.

When we come together here, we ask for more power to be given to our souls against the attacks of our egos. Because our egos do attack us and they want to have all the control of our personality. The souls do not want to surrender, but the egos have their tricks to imprison the souls. A lot of blame comes on people because they are mostly represented by their egos. If a person lets his soul represent him, he will be a representative of prophets and saints and then it will be heavenly. Whoever is represented by their ego will be in hell.

Nowadays 999 out of 1000 people are representing satan and devils and their egos. That is why their lives are like in hell. Only a handful of people are represented through their souls and they are in Heaven on earth. Even if they are still on earth, their souls are in Paradise.

I heard a week ago, that there are 20 million criminal cases a year in England. 20 million! That is the civilisation in which we are living. What do you think about that? What does it mean? It means that people are burning in hell. They are burnig without flames. It means that they are represented by devils. One third of this country are represented by devils.
This is because they do not want a heavenly control over themselves. The rules and laws which are given by people on earth will never be effective. They cannot prevent it. It will even increase from day to day. That it the result of people fighting against religions. Even if they are not caring about Islam, if they were trying to be good Christians or good Jews, it would be effective on them. But they are not even doing that. Daily worshippings would control you. Just like Islam is ordering, so is Christianity, to pray daily. But people are escaping this rule, they want freedom from Heavenly Orders and Rules. They want to be free and to live everything which is forbidden. The people of the 20th century do not want anything to be forbidden. They want to be like people in the jungle. There shouldn't be anything forbidden. Everyone wants everything to be allowed for them. They are fighting against religions because religions bring people rules of what is allowed. But they never want to accept a control over their egos from Heaven. It is that which is bringing the troubles.

The governments are saying that it is an economical crisis. Let them all go to hell! They are cheating people and preventing them to see the real reason that people are falling into troubles. It is not an economical crisis. They are liars and devils! They say it is all economical, then they give them money and tell them to go to the pub and not to listen to any religion. They are offering them freedom. It is like telling the rabbits to run away and then telling the dogs to follow.

People are surrounded by devils and they have surrendered to them. So how can there be a bright future for mankind in the new century? If they do not change their direction it will be a worst end for them. Everything on earth may be destroyed and most people will be killed and those who survive will be on ruins. This will make satan very happy. Millions of people will be dead and their countries will be in ruins. Satan will be dancing and making music for them. He will have achieved what he planned.

If mankind will not change their direction, that is what will happen. So people, don't think or expect that these governments will help you out of this. All governments are against their own nations. We are a handful of people here and we are asking from the Lord of Heavens to help us. It is difficult to get a control over our egos by ourselves, so we ask the ones who are authorised from Heavens, the Holy-ones, to help us. That is the cure for everyone: to ask for the help of a Holy-one and to be under his wings. Their wings can reach from East to West and no-one can reach those who are under the wings of Holy-ones, here or in the hereafter. From now until the Day of Resurrection no-one can touch them. That is the cure for the whole of mankind: to ask, to escape and to find a Holy-one. They are with us. The Prophet, may peace be upon him, gave good tidings to his nation. He said, that even in the darkest of times you will find stars all over the sky. From East to West there must be Holy-ones. But they will not sit infront of St Ann's and proclaim themselves to be a Holy-one. If you think that they will show themselves and advertise themselves, then you are wrong. They are hidden ones, they are hidden treasures. You must look for them carefully to find them. They may be in Mekka, Medina or Jerusalem, but they may also put their foot from East to West. They may reach you whenever you are in need and you ask with sincerity, they can be there with the blink of an eye. Allah Almighty has given that authority to them. That is the salvation of all mankind : to find a Holy-one and to follow. As long as they are following devils, they will be carried to hells. The Holy-ones will take the people to Paradise, to the Lord Almighty Allah.

We are asking to be pardoned and to be given a new chance by being sent the powerful Holy-ones to carry us to you and to be saved from the hands of devils. It is so easy for you, allpowerful Lord of Heavens!

London - 01.03.1994

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