Since the French Revolution there is a new fashion for communities to be running after the feet to be the head and the head to be the feet. That is the real problem. If you analyse today's problems with its endless sufferings and problems, that is the source of it. Because since the revolution the people want to put the heads down and the feet up. That must create trouble, because two feet will always quarrel, and so will two heads. If you have only one head it will be alright, but the moment you put two feet on top, they must quarrel. One will say, "I must be the first!" and the second will say the same. This is the fight of the feet, and it is continuing until today. France became the worst example for all nations.

I am sorry to say, that even now, after 200 years, the French people are still celebrating this worst of all events. They are still not understanding what is wrong and what is their mistake. The revolution was the biggest curse. They cut the heads of the best people and brought the people from the markets, from the street, to be the new heads. And still they are clapping their hands. That is why they will be even more punished by the Lord of Heavens.

It is not a heavenly order to cut the heads of royal people, but it happened everywhere. In Germany it happened, in Italy it happened, in Russia it happened, in the Ottoman Empire it happened, and in Spain, in Greece, in Bulgaria, in China, in Abbessinia, in the Arab countries... Everywhere they exchanged the heads for feet. They took the feet to be the commanders. It is against nature. Like this nothing will improve. Never!

I hope that this century will bring the end of the Hegemony of the Feet. And I think that people will demand back their noble heads and ask for their royal people, the ones who are prepared to be royal, to be the head. It is impossible to shape the feet to look like a head, but that is what people want to do. They are replacing their hearts with their stomach.
The only blessed countries now are the ones with a king or a sultan. This must change. Even in Europe. Because when spring comes the trees will open. When autumn comes the trees get the order to leave their leaves. No tree can leave its leaves then. This is the winter of the world, and only some very few trees are keeping their leaves. That is why only some countries are keeping their kings or sultans. But all the trees without leaves are hoping for their life to come back. In winter the trees are like dry wood and no-one even hopes for the tree to be green again.

When the Divine Will wants to change people, their hearts can be changed within one day. They will all ask, "Where are our kings? We have been cheated!" That is what they will say. They will make a statistic of the time with the kings and the time with the tyrants and see what they lost and what they gained. They will see that one of the main interests of the tyrants have been to build motorways. Nothing else! All of them have cut fields, destroyed gardens and destroyed buildings just to make motorways.

Once upon a time there was a kingdom and a famous king. One day two strange persons came to the city of the king. You probably know the story, but I am telling it in another way so that you will get the point. The guardians stopped them and asked them where they were coming from and where they were going to. "We are just travellers!"
"What is your profession?" "We have a strange profession. We know how to make clothes which only people with a perfect mind can see. Imperfect people cannot see it. Only clever ones can. The idiots cannot." The guardians went to the King and told him about these two experts and asked him whether he was interested. "Yes, I am very interested. Bring them to me quickly! It is very important for me to know which ones of my generals are clever and which of my ministers are idiots, so that I can send them away." The two travellers got the job to make some very special clothes for the King. They said, that they needed lots of golden thread to weave the clothes. So the King ordered to give them a room in the palace to fulfil their task. They were given the best food and all the gold and silver which was meant for the clothes, was taken away secretly at night. The next day they asked for more. This went on for many, many days. After some time the King was asking for his clothes. He took his Ministers, his Prime Minister and his Generals to see what had happened. The tailors jumped up and kissed the feet of the King. "Oh, your Majesty, look! What beautiful clothes with the best of designs. Look!" But there was nothing to see. The King couldn't say that he didn't see anything, because then the other people would say that he has no mind and that he must be taken away and replaced by a clever one. So the King said, "Really? Very good!" and he asked the Prime Minister for his opinion about the design. No one could see a thing, but they had to say that it is so beautiful. The crooks were asked to make everything ready in time for a big celebration. The day of the great feast arrived and the tailors said that the clothes were ready, but that they needed help to carry them. The servants came, pretended to lift the clothes, because they also wanted to give the impression that they were clever. They clothed the King and made him compliments even though he was as naked as on the day he was born. He marched through the crowds and everyone was congratulating him on his new clothes. In the crowds there was a small boy with his father, who called out, "The King is wearing nothing!". His father told him to be quiet. "How can you say such a thing?". Nevertheless the boy continued to shout. The crowds joined in, "He has got nothing on!". Then the King understood that those two super-crooks had cheated him. Because the young boy had said the truth, the whole crowd put back their mind to their head. They began to understand what truth is. They understood that they had been cheated by the two crooks.

Today there are not only two super-crooks, but endless crooks are with us. They advertise this bad system of government and they are against kingdoms. But soon it will be known that they are super-crooks, all of them. Because of that, the people will ask their kings and sultans to come back. They will ask, "Where are our royal people, where are our noble people? We are fed up with those other devils!" That will happen before the year 2000. The awakening is here very soon now. People will run after their royal people. They will ask where they are. Our traditional knowledge tells us that we are going to die. The bodies will become dust. Some people burn bodies and they will turn into ashes. Our body can be completely dissolved, but only one cell is protected. It cannot be burned. It is impossible to be destroyed. No acid can affect it. It is the cell which represents you. It is seated at the end of your backbone.

When the Lord wants to bring back the people to life once again, a rain will fall from heavens. The rain is the water of men, its sperms and the cell will behave like the egg of the female. The cell will open up like a seed and out of it our new body will grow. This is an example that the Lord of Heavens, the Lord of the children of Adam has power to do such things. If He wants to keep someone, then no-one can be able to reach that protected one.

The Sultans and the Kings of the future are living with us today. Don't worry, when time is over those people will appear who will be on the throne of France, Spain, Hungary, Italy, Greece...everywhere... They will come quickly.They are living with us now. But the Lord is not letting their enemies reach them. Spiritually they are guarded by spiritual power. I hope that when His Highness is on the throne, that he will stand up and welcome me.

Paris - 01.06.1991

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