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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt="Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim" }} **1429 from 1500 days of this planets period have passed**

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim,
La haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l Aliyu-l Adhim.
Kulli ale yazur (?)... time running! That Allah Almighty just giving a
time for mankind to be on earth.

Once Prophet sws every time, when he was praying Salatu-l Fajr, and
turning his holy face to Ashab, his Companion, he was asking: "Anyone
dreaming a good dream?" And who was dreaming, saying and he was, sws,
explaining, saying.

Once one Sahab was saying: "Ya Rasulullah, just I dreamt a dream it is
really strange " "Say! Khair, insha Allah!" "I am dreaming that I have
been on a land, green land, I am not seeing beginning or ending and in
the middle of that field there was a Mimbar, and you are coming, ya
Rasulullah, and going up one step, two, three, fourth, fifth, sixth,
seventh step, you are sitting there. That is my dream." And Prophet
saying sws: "That is a true dream, rahmani " - Rahmani-shaitani- "This
from Allah Almighty, it is a good tidings." Good dreams from Allah,
bad dreams from Shaitan, therefore not for every dream you may ask
what is the meaning, no! If you are dreaming a bad dream , Prophet
saying, make on your left (spitting over the left shoulder) and say:
Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim , Allah protects you! "This it was
a good dream, heavenly dream, that is true. That means, Allah Almighty
giving for the Children of Adam to be on this earth 7ooo years."

Not less, no more. We are not philosophers or naturalist or
materialist or atheist people- ha sha- we are believing what coming
from Heavens to chosen ones! Chosen ones they are Prophets, peace be
upon them, and most beloved, most respected one in divinely Presence
that is S.Muhammad sws; what he is saying, that is just true: "The
period that should be Adam and his descendants on this planet, 7ooo
years. And that dream signing that just I am coming at the beginning
of 7th thousand. 6ooo just passed away, when remaining one, I am
coming." That, what Prophet sws is saying, is true.

And he was saying also: "When 1ooo finishing, beginning a half
thousand, 5oo years, to reach to Yaumu-l Qiyama, Last Day, Judgment
Day. Coming." Now 7ooo just finished and we are in that 5oo. Passed
away 1ooo and 428 years now. This must be finished at the end of this
century- so that we are so approaching to Last Day and Last Day so
quickly trying to reach to people and books just closed down.

And Prophet sws was explaining that after 7ooo coming days, they are
half belonging Dunya, half belonging to Akhirat. When Akhirat is
approaching, so many signs for Last Day just going to appear. Now we
are in it. Every sign that mentioned through Holy Quran and also
Prophet sws was saying, just now we are in it and going to finish.

There are some signs that it had been said to them small signs major
signs and minor, we are in it, just going to finish, when finishing,
ten more big signs coming and finishing. And it has been informed that
when big signs going to approach, minor signs going to finish, should
be a Melhametu-l Kubra, Armageddon. That mentioned through whole Holy
Books, Armageddon and in Islamic Books that mentioned through Prophets
Hadith it is Melhametu-l Kubra, Biggest War. Biggest War that should
take majority of people. Never happened such a Big War before or never
going to happen after it. Last War.

And we are looking and seeing that the conditions for that Armageddon
just prepared. Nations, all of them, they are preparing themselves for
that Biggest War. Everywhere giving whole their efforts to make such
dangerous weapons, nuclear bombs, missiles, and such a terrible
weapons! Just prepared to take away majority of people from earth. And
what is the reason?

Because when Last Day approaching, people going to be like before the
period of ignorance, once again. People should leave everything just
reached to them from Heavens; they are going to throw away everything
heavenly and they are asking to do something. But they are not knowing
what they are doing, because their teacher is Shaitan. Shaitan
teaching them, so that they should be destroyed- each one another one.

Allah Almighty saying: "O ya Muhammd sws! If My servants continue to
be disobedient, I am going to punish them! And I am Muqtadier, able,
to send My Punishment from Heavens!" Then Ayata-l Karima, Holy Verse,
coming. Prophet saying: "O my Lord, don t send their punishment from
up, from Heavens!" If coming, should be this mankind like the Qaumu-l
Ad! Allah Almighty sending from Heavens a punishment to them; coming a
wind, a wind making everything to be like sand, never remaining man or
their homes, finished. And Prophet saying: "O my Lord, please don t
punish, don t give their punishment from Heavens! Allah Almighty
repeating, saying: "If they are not coming to be obedient to Me, to My
Prophets, to my Orders, I am going to punish them- either from Heavens
or from under their feet!" And Prophet saying: "Under feet it is
terrible also, earthquakes!" Allah Almighty saying: "O my beloved one!
Just I am not giving punishment under their feet, but must be a
punishment, if they are continue to be disobedient! I am the Lord of
Heavens, I am going to punish them and I am making nations to be one
nation against the second one and second the third one. Whole people
living on earth going to be enemies to each other, so that man and his
next-door, they are going to be enemies. Leave that- even through one
house, through one home, you should find that women going to be enemy
to her husband, husband enemy to his wife, children enemies to
parents, parents enemies to children, children enemies to each other-
what do you think about other nations!

Now they are reaching to that point that they should be punished. They
should be punished And this mankind now on earth are like the nation
of Noah: Never saying that Allah sending a Prophet and His Holy
Orders. They were joking Holy Orders, never taking care. They are
saying: "We are making laws, we are making democracy!" All nations
saying: "Democracy, democracy", and they are going to be enemies to
each other. Democracy people coming to kill each other. Look now!

Islamic countries also; they are leaving Holy Quran! Pakistan, Muslim
country, asking to make Parliament and election. What election! How
happened! Iran saying Cumhuriyat Islamiya - no Cumhuriya in Islam,
Sultan! Turks democracy and they are worst position! Everywhere!
Punishment should be from one to the second one, from one nation
another nation, that they should be one group on right hand, one group
left hand. Rightist, leftist.

O people, you must believe in God, in Allah Almighty., and you must
try to bring Holy Orders of Allah! Don t bring shaitanic teachings and
making Allah to be angry with you! O people, look after yourself! If
not, punishment approaching!... And then Mehdi as comes, then Islam
should come! Should come! Ya Rabbi, ya Rabbi-jalna (make us) to be
with Mehdi a.s., to be with Sultanu-l Islam, not to be with those Jababira!

Khudhhum afda azizin muqtadirin, ya Jabbar, ya Qahhar, ya Allah!
Khudhhum afda azizin muqtadirin, ya Jabbar, ya Qahhar, ya Allah!
Khudhhum- whom they are refusing to keep Your Holy Orders, ya Rabbi-l Arsh! -
afda azizin muqtadirin, ya Jabbar, ya Qahhar, ya Allah!
Tauba, ya Rabbi, Tauba, ya Rabbi, tauba Astaghfirullah!

Everything they are doing munkar, never Allah happy or Rasul happy!
Say: "We are not with them," you should be under protection. If you
are running with them, taken away... May Allah forgive us!

Ya Rabb! We are weak servants! Send us from Your holy ones, to train
and to show our way to You and to defeat Shaitan and shaitanic ones, o
our Lord!

For the honour of Your most beloved, and most glorified servant
S.Muhammad sws! Ajalna fi hifdhiza wa amanika, ya Allah! Tubna wa
rajana ilayka, ya Allah!

Subhan Sensin, Sultan, Sensin, Subhan Sensin, Sultan Sensin, ya Allah!

Lefke, 12.09.2007

Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

PublisherKhairiyahSiegel, CategoryArmageddon
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