Maulana Sheikh NazimFrom Chaos to Peace

By the name of Allah, Who created mankind, the Almighty. The absolute power oceans belong to Him. By the name of the One Who can do everything, Who can do anything. By the name of the One Who gave men a mind and will-power. Amongst countless others, only mankind has been granted a mind and will-power.

With our minds we can know about His Existence. I don't think that anyone who really uses his mind can say that there is no God. It is impossible! Everyone who uses their mind must realise that we have been created. Was anyone in this room in existence at the turn of the century? Do you think that you made an application to be born, to be born as a human and not as a wolf, fox or ox? How can anyone say that we have no been created? Just like no-one can say whether we will be in existence in the 21st century, or not. Maybe you will at the beginning, or in the middle, but finally, at the end of the century no-one will be in existence.

So who makes you grow from the minuteness of being in your mother's womb, then to grow, grow and finally stop growing? Your growing has a limit, otherwise you would be bigger than trees. Then you come down and down until you reach the underground. If you use your mind, you must admit, that there is someone who has given you this body, whose power is over your power and whose will is over your will. Whether you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist, you must say this. It is a reality which you cannot object to.

We begin this in the name of the One Who created countless creatures and honoured mankind, men and women, to have a mind in their head and a heart in their chest.

You have a will-power, you can do as you like. You can use your mind in a good way with the help of your will-power. You will then be called a good, honourable, trustworthy, honest and noble person. You may be called a saint, if you use your will-power and mind. Heavens will greet you with Heavenly Greetings. But if you don't use your mind and your will-power and you do bad things, you will represent the devil and you will be a bad-one. You will belong to devils who do not get greetings from Heaven, but a cursing.

You can belong to whichever group you want. It is up to you. But whoever has been given a mind and will-power and do not use them, must be blamed. They fall down to the level of animals, but the animals also do not want to be with them. People who are against the messengers of God, the Almighty, Allah, and who are against the Heavenly Rules, against goodness and against humanity are lower than animals.

The freedom of the 20th century doesn't make you free, but slaves of your bad desires. The people of this century are slaves of their egos, of devils and of satan. They left the Divine Service for which they were created and which they were honoured with. I see so many churches for sale. It looks bad when a church, which has been built to honour the Creator, is for sale. It means that Christians are not taking their Divine Services serious. Muslims too, are getting western habits. Whatever people here do under the name of being modern, our heedless Muslims are adapting to. What does it mean to be westernised? If you look into Muslim households, you will see a western lifestyle. Most of them have given up their Divine Service and are eager to run after satanic ways by only enjoying their physical bodies' desires.

That is why people have fallen into a chaos. No government, no party is going to make it better. Until these people stop following satan they will not get peace. Peace comes from giving Divine Service. With it the Lord will bless you and you will be happy and in peace. If you run after satan, after your bad desires, a curse will come on this world and there can be no peace.


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