We are happy that a priest is visiting us today. He is humble enough to come. We always want to hear good news, but in our days there are hardly any. The only real good news are Heavenly News. The worldly news are getting worse from day to day. Heavenly News make people happy.

Mankind is following satan and his devils. Every advertisement is announcing something which is false. Why are they advertising? To make people accept their lies. Everything which is being advertised is hiding something which is no good. Look at what is being advertised! It is always for something bad and it tries to show people that it is good. Newspapers, magazines, TVs and broadcastings are all advertising satanic words, not Heavenly Words. All nations, the whole world is following satan, satanic ways. From day to day they are becoming more and more miserable. There is no satisfaction, confidence, happiness and no peace. How can people have confidence or happiness without peace?

Everything which belongs to Prophets, Saints and Heavens is being destroyed. Common people are supporting the works of satan without thinking and even defending it. Very few people understand what is really happening, but what can they do? If a 100 people put salt into the water and then 10 people try to make it sweet, what will happen? It will not change. Nowadays you cannot even find 1% of people trying to make it sweet. More than 99% are doing their best to poison the life of mankind. There are endless devils trying to poison life. The new generation is poisoned by a huge terrible Mafia. Only for the sake of making hundreds of millions of dollars in the bank, they try to destroy all youngsters by giving them poisons. No government can prevent them, because they are not real governments. A government should be able to prevent evil and to stop it. These governments are not governments. That is why there are advertisements everywhere trying to poison people. If there were real governments, they would be able to stop it.

How can it be stopped? In Malaysia I went to see the snakes exhibition. One of them was enormous, I was told that it is a huge boa and that it would only eat living animals. I suggest to put a big cage in the middle of Trafalgar Square and put a snake like that there. Every time the Mafia tries to poison our youngsters they should be put into the cage. Then look what will happen and whether anyone will dare to continue the next day. The government could do this, but these people are not real governments. Their advertisements are the opposite. They make people understand that they can do whatever they want to.

I am looking for a command from Heavens and then I will bring so many dragons here, open the cages and let them out on the streets. If there is not a real need, people can stay at home. Whoever works can get out, the others can stay at home. There would be no more night-life.

There are many ways to stop them. The governments are making prisons like hotels. Make prisons like prisons of Pharaoh, like the one in which our Prophet Joseph was. Then put scorpions, spiders and insects inside and it will be enough to be in there for one night to really repent. Prisons today are like rest houses, whoever of those devils become tired can go inside to have a rest. The government feeds them, then they get out, make trouble again and then they come back for a rest.

All of this is because we have human-rights. Are they human? They are people from the jungle! They are worse than wild animals. Why do you apply human-rights on them? Any religion which is not being supported by the government cannot do anything. Churches, cathedrals and mosques cannot do anything. When people come inside, they do not change and then they go out. Whatever you advise will not affect them. But the government puts a yellow line on the street and tells you not to go there and you won't. Because they are afraid that the traffic-warden will see it. It means that if anyone of us, whether in Christianity or in Islam, gives an order, there is no power to see that people will carry it out.

Instead of that the governments give such high penalty for nonsense offences. But for the sake of human safety and to ensure that they are kept safe, they are not doing anything. Unless the governments change from democracy to theocracy, everyday will become worse and worse and worse. That is why the 21st century cannot carry such people within democracy anymore. The system of democracy must come down. In the 21st century every state will be theocratic and will be ruled by Heavenly Rules.

LONDON - 09.04.1993

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