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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}}**From heart to heart **

What is the method of fighting the ego in our Tariqat? To become accustomed to doing everything with permission of the Sheikh, especially concerning marriage, divorce and long journeys; and it is best to consult him in every important matter.

We posses a 'walkie-talkie', and we can send waves from heart to heart. If you know the wavelength you can tune in, because a real Sheikh must send. According to a Murid's station, a real Sheikh can send him those waves: At the first station, the Sheikh's presence comes to the heart of the disciple. At a more advanced stage, the Murid may actually feel the Sheikh by his side and perceive his breathing. The final and most advanced stage is when the spiritual power of the Sheikh dresses itself on the Murid, so that he 'becomes' the Sheikh for a certain time.


BookOnthebridgetoEternity, CategoryGuidance
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