Maulana Sheikh NazimGenetic Engineering: Don't involve yourself in the Will of the Creator
The sign of perfection of a servant is to accept everything. A perfect person will see everything which happens in the past, present or future as perfect. If we see anything which is imperfect, it is perfect in its imperfection. The highest adab of a servant is to be able to see everything as perfect. Could you imagine a wezir in the presence of a sultan to say that something is wrong, even if he was allowed? Never! This is how people should behave towards each other, so how about towards Allah?
Imam Ghazzali said, "It is impossible for anything more suitable for this time to be in existence now. Tomorrow it may be changed." Servants must learn to accept everything from the Lord in an excellent way and to say, "As You like! What You did is perfect." This is the highest level a servant can reach. Any objection would be an involvement in His Will meaning to put your will above His. That is the biggest sin, to want to prevent His Will. If you do, it is possible that something could appear in the beginning which you like, but then something much more powerful will develop which is out of your control.

For example: people wanted to put a barrier in front of the River Nile to cause it to run the way they wanted, not the way the Lord wanted. What is the result of this involvement? Now the River Nile is going deeper than the 100 meter deep columns carrying the foundation of the dam, and the water is starting to creep through it. After some time it will be torn down and all of Egypt will drown. It is a teaching not to involve in such matters.

Today someone wrote me a letter telling me of a rose she had given me a few days ago. She thought it was a normal rose, but then she understood that it only had the appearance of a rose. It had sacrificed its smell to be able to grow quicker. Man had genetically interfered and made the rose grow in a few hours, what would normally take a few days. This is the kind of nonsense involvement mankind is doing now. It will result in a terrible end. Tomatoes are made to grow quickly, in 2-3 hours they get their size. Chicken can reach the size of a 3-4 month old chicken in 3-4 days! All of this harms and destroys people. Terrible involvement from scientists give horrendous harm to the physical body as well as to the spiritual lives of people.

Scientists say that they have to genetically engineer to be able to feed people. They need quick production and quick consumption, because people are wasting in a big way. That which is necessary for mankind is 1% of what they are producing. They throw away 99%. This is why they think they need to interfere. Everything in the life of man is getting worse and worse. People now are brothers of satan because they are wasting. If they wouldn't, the naturally grown food would be enough.

Physically and spiritually people have lost their health. They have no peace, they are punished from both sides. Just this one word of tariqats could save all nations, "Not to involve in the affairs of Allah the Almighty." He knows what is necessary for all nations. They say that the oceans are polluted because so many things are poisoning and killing it. Technology is the greatest danger for everyone. Until it is defeated and thrown away, there will be no more peace physically or spiritually. When Mehdi comes after the biggest war he will be ordered to stop everything by saying, "Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar!" These three tekbirs will destroy technology. It will be finished!

People have been given such a huge power through the use of electricity. But instead of using it for the benefit of mankind, they used it to destroy mankind physically and spiritually. This is why the tekbir will destroy the power of electricity and the technology with it.

Try not to be slaves of technology! Avoid it as much as possible and use less and less. Try to use natural ways, if you have a choice. Live your life with nature. Don't run away from nature. If you run away from nature everything which is against nature will follow you, destroy you and kill you! The best is to be as Allah asks you to be: simple! Be free! Don't let anyone force you and employ you as their servant. Make yourself free of technology. Everything Allah has created is excellent and best.

When your thoughts become clean, you will be clean of everything. As long as your mind is dirty you cannot reach cleanliness, which means there is no rest for you physically or spiritually. People are now losing their spiritual balance, so they decline spiritually and physically. Beware and keep good behaviour in front of Allah. Whatever Allah says is right! When He says something is wrong, then it is wrong. If you want to know what is right or wrong use the balance of Islam, the balance of the Shariah which is the balance of Heavens. If it is good, keep it. If it is bad, leave it! Try to come from badness to goodness. Don't allow yourself to run from goodness to badness. That is rebellious. The first rebellious one was satan. May Allah help us to change our direction from a bad to a right direction.

- 01.01.1997
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