Maulana Sheikh NazimGeorge Bush and Tony Blair are granted Sainthood

... , because they are fighting tyrants and evil and devils, asking to bring rights of whole people, and respect and honour, because tyrants made people’s rights and respect under their feet. Their time finishing and Allah sending Saint George Bush and Saint Tony Blair and their supporters to take over those tyrants through East and West. They have been granted a sword from Heavens and they are never going to be failed through their fightings and they should finish it and then they are going to bring their sword to give to Jesus Christ when he is coming down. Reaching everywhere where there is a tyrant: Turkey, China, Russia, Arabia, Egypt, Libya and other countries also. Everywhere going to be open.

There is heavenly support for the Allied Powers. It is not its name ‘Iraqi freedom’, but this is coming to our knowledge and information: their fight, this war (is for the) Salvation of Humanity, not for the freedom of Iraq (only). No, for all humanity- to save mankind from the hands of tyrants. And they are supported 100% and should be successful 1000%. No worry! They have been granted for that purpose, because they are now on earth the two nations that Muhyi-ud-din ibn Arabi said: Should be the mastership for humanity for these two nations. And also the Spanish Prime minister is granted Sainthood from Heavens and the Australian Prime minister…

…The Turkish problem is not going to be ended until Iraq war finishing and whole Middle East cleaning. Then coming another action and wars on Turkey, because Russians preparing themselves to come into Turkey, to come down to help and make control on Middle East, because through centuries that is their main target. Since Kaiser Peter, and this last chance for them, if loosing, never going to be able to control Middle East after this date now.

And Allah is sending American and English Kingdom powers to save the holy places and to keep away tyrants and bad people. All Arabian Peninsula is going to be under the control of good powers, appointed by Heavens. Don’t worry!

This is the time that one after one (these tyrants) going to be changed and kingdoms must come. If not coming (kingdoms) to territories through Arabia and Turkey, East and West, America can’t trust any country that claims to be democratic or another system. Only kingdoms are going to be for them supporters. Therefore America’s plan is to change every democratic system through the Middle East and to bring the Kings or Sultans to their places, because people also are looking for their Sultans, asking to support them and to be with them. Sultans only keep heavenly Orders. Others, democracy, is only an artificial system, never going to be successful after today. No control on Arab countries.

The Hashemite Kingdom is going to reach ten countries on the Arabian Peninsula, to be under their control. This is written through heavenly Books. They must take care for this and this is something I may say, but their hearts are in the hands of holy people. Every movement, every fighting or war, every plan of their war is an inspiration through their heart. If I am saying this or not- they are through the hands of holy, heavenly people, directing them. Don’t worry! Must be always hopeful and fearless, because they are prepared to clean this dirty world, globe, from every dirtiness, physical and spiritual.

And just we reached the Last Days that holy Books saying and giving that information. … (That is satanic threatening for Bush and Blair.) If they think that Saint George Bush and Saint Tony Blair doing this by themselves- if there was no heavenly support, even one day they couldn’t be able to stand on their feet.

I am not speaking from my ego. It is a clear declaration. If anyone is asking to change this, may come for challenge! Come! But their heart is full with fear and al of them are hopeless and Shaitan knows that his sultanate is going to be un ruins. Up today the whole world established the satanic kingdom through East and West and Allah Almighty is asking to destroy the kingdom of Shaitan on earth. That is the problem. It is not the problem for US, UK, Spain, no! This belongs to Heavens. And time is over and devils and evil should be taken away and satanic kingdom must be in ruins, destroyed. Allahu Akbar!

They have also guardians from Jinn and Ashabu Nauba, heavenly people, to guard them, not to be touched with any harm, St.George Bush and St.Tony Blair and others. I am happy! Allahu akbar! Allah is the Great! Allah Almighty is saying: wa khabar kulli jabarin anid… How you can support tyrants, o Muslims! Where are you now? You fight the will of Allah! Whole tyrants must be destroyed, wiped off! Alhamdulillah wa kafaa…

When I was making Sajdah that holy verse was coming to me: Allah Almighty is saying: I am going to destroy every tyrant on earth! And if Saddam Hussein is not from tyrants, no one going to be a tyrant in earth! They call him Sufyani also… but hidden… Through old writings his name is: Saddam li man yuariduhu…

Lefke, März 2003

Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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