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O Glorious Prophet! The Prophet of the Prophets! The most beautiful one, who represents the Jamal/Beauty of Allah Almighty, is our glorious Prophet, Muhammad Mustafa (sas). Whatever is written, done for his name, it is maqbool/accepted. Whatever is not written, is not said for his name, is not accepted. Therefore he may put something from the munajat/duas of our Prophet (sas). Whatever he puts from them, it is ok.

O our Lord, O our Lord, O my Beautiful Allah. O our Lord, for the honour of Your Beloved Prophet (sas) may You grant us health & strength to be able to perform ibadah/worship services as Your servants. May we not be scattered here, there. We want to walk on the path of Your Beloved, of Your beautiful service O our Lord. Our dunya becomes happy with him & our akhirah becomes joyful with him forever.

O Glorious Prophet! May you grant us Shafa'ah & Mercy. We are weak nations. May you send us pure servants who are from your inheritors to guide us, that they show us the right path. May Allah keep us away from those who make Allah & the Prophet forgotten. May Allah Almighty grant us to be pure servants, we ask this for the honour of His Beloved. O Glorious Prophet! Save us from the heavy burdens put on us! Send us the Master who will dispel the clouds of heavy zulmat/darkness that have descended upon your nations- send us al-Mahdi! That he may conquer the West & the East, raise the flags of Islam.

O Allah, O Allah, O my Beautiful Allah! The one who represents your Beauty is Your Beloved (sas). O Lord, not only one world but a million worlds be sacrificed for that Beloved (sas). He is sufficient for all of them- Your Beloved Muhammad Mustafa (sas). O Glorious Prophet, send us al-Mahdi who will show us the way! May he, who will show us Your beautiful ways, he to whom Your Beloved has pointed- al-Mahdi may come! With the service & help of al-Mahdi (as), this whole dunya will be clean. May Allah accept us to be from His pure/clean servants. May He keep us away from who go astray. May He send us the Master who will straighten those who go astray- al-Mahdi (as).
O Our Lord, Tawba Ya Rabbi, tawba Astaghfirullah. The suffering mankind is going through is from their own egos/nafs. When we say "from their own nafs", it is because of following shaytan. The suffering men go through is because they follow shaytan, not from anything else. Don't follow shaytan but live peacefully/at ease. Your dunya & akhirah become happy. When you follow shaytan, you have no dunya nor akhirah left. May Allah keep us away from shaytan. May Allah make us to be together with the servants He (swt) loves, Fatiha.

The Sultan of the Sultans is our Prophet (sas). May it be salam on his glory. The people of dunya & Heavens send salat & salams on him. If Allah Almighty (swt) sends salat on His Beloved and shows him respect, how about us? If we forget him, we will be forgotten. Tawfiq/Success is from Allah Almighty, Fatiha.

This is like a drop from the ocean. May Allah not let us depart from the path of our Prophet (sas), not separate us from being under his flag. Fatiha.

Lefke, 26.06.2012

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