Pictures of Maulana Sheikh NazimGlory is for Allah Alone

Allah Allah; Rasul ya saydi ya sultanul awliyah;
Madat ya rijallah.
Audhu billahi minash shaytan nir rajim;
Bismillahi rahma nir rahim.
Lahawla wala quwwata ila bilahil alihil adhim

By the Name of Allah All Mighty All Merciful. Most Beneficent All
Munificent. For His Honour for His Glory. For His Glory we are sitting
here. He's Glorious; He is only one who He is Glorious. Real glory and
never ending glory from pre-eternal up to eternal only for Him. He's only
One in existence, nor another one.

If there is now American's plastic puppets everywhere now putting through
shops for showing. If dressing so many dressings on mannequins, plastic
bodies, man, woman, child. That dressing giving honour to that puppet
gives, if you may dress queen's dressing, puppet not taking any honour, any
glory, but that dress on queen giving glory, but not giving to puppet glory
or honour. Don't think that you are more than that puppet. All of you
puppets. All of you puppets. What you are dressing never giving to you
anything. Foolish puppets they are thinking that they are dressing so many
uniforms and so bright dressings. They are talking to themselves on mirror.
No one can be like you. Saying something and then mirror saying yes, what a
foolish one. So heedless, so ignorance people now.

I heard in California that some kings and their family people coming and
buying some shirts, some dressings from Los Angeles and San Francisco. Los
Angeles most important centre for dressing. And one shirt one million
dollars. My head; what's happened? What happened? One million, yes sir,
because they royal family people if you say one hundred thousand, they
saying leave it. Most more expensive must be. Shoes how much one shirt.
5000 dollars, one shoe. 5 dollars shoe I am dressing 3 years. 10 dollars,
doesn't matter. People they're thinking that dressing giving honour to them
or glory. And they're puppets. Take this those and stand in front of
mirror to look to your puppet. How it is going? You're puppet. You come
here you people to look. Everyone like buffalo. Then this disappear puppet
but dressing, also after everything. Very important one, very important
puppets, heedless people they living 21st century but they drunk, heedless,
ignorant ones. They're going after a while to be cadaver. Just lay in
coffin, never opening and then they that one underground. People no mind
people, never thinking people, lowest quality people or no quality for them
21st century people.

Glory and greatness only for me say the Lord of heavens not to anyone else.
Who is coming to make himself glorious and great they're coming to make a
partnership with me I'm going to destroy them.

Therefore so many hundreds of people they hanged on ropes. Hundreds of them
just shot down, whom they're asking to be partner to the Glory of the Lord
of Heavens and His Greatness. But people asking something that it is not
for them. Really only for One, for the Lord of Heavens for Allah Almighty.
It is not for anyone else. And He's the Creator. He is the Lord of whole
creation. He is the Lord from pre-eternal up to eternal. And the Lord's
Greatness, from pre-eternal up to eternal.

You are servant. You must know your position. If getting out the sword of
Heavenly Anger cutting your head, cutting your body and throwing you away.
But there are people they're coming foolly to claim that they're great ones
and glorious ones and then Allah Almighty making them to fight each other
and to make them down and down, so that they going to disappear from
existence not to be in existence, finishing.

That is the signs of last days that Prophet just informing ourselves that is
speaking through traditional knowledge of heavens that reach to ourselves
through holy books and through the way of hearts to wake up people to ask
for them a real honour. That the Lord of Heavens promised to mankind, Oh
mankind if you're keeping me, that means my rights, keeping my respect,
keeping my honour through yourself, I am granting to you from my glory to my
divinely honour that I am granting my servants whom they are in my divinely
present service. You're running to another services that those services
taking from you honour but never giving to you honour. You can be king,
queen, president, prime minister, chief commander in chief, richest one,
biggest one, but never given a glory to you for your titles. Nonsense
titles never giving to you anything. Then your services rubbish. Every
service that you are doing everyday from yourself is rubbish.

Only services that you are serving from my divinely present that is service
real service that I am rewarding you and I am honouring you and giving to
you also on your level from My Endless Glory Oceans granting to you. If I
am granting to you from My Glory Oceans even one spot of glory may give to
you from honour that you can't imagine. You can't imagine that honour if I'
m granting a spot only sprinkle on them or to I may spraying on them
impossible to imagine. Because it is not imagination, it is not
imagination. Then their imagination stopping finishing and you are getting
in a position that you are astonishing, you are finishing.

Oh mankind, you are not using your minds. Oh mankind, oh my servants that I
am I am honouring you that you are from my servants but you are refusing my
servanthood and you are running to another ones to be slaves instead to be
my servants. That is the trouble. Reason or biggest troublemaker that
one. Unless, unless you are leaving that servanthood to anyone else you are
not reaching any honour, you are not reaching any peace, you are not
reaching any pleasure and satisfaction and contentment and favours here or
hereafter. I am preventing because you are not my servants. I may prepare
for those people whom they're their donkeys of their egos, I am preparing
for themselves some another lands. But that lands is not the paradise, is
not like paradise that I am granting to my servants. Whom they were
servants of their egos I shall give them another lands that they're their
donkeys of their egos to be with their egos and to be with them forever.
But no taste for them, finish. Their taste only if they donkey when eating
straw or barley it is so happy and in pleasure. Most people going to be
like their donkeys eating drinking and enjoying but their level the level of
their donkeys because they were servants of their donkeys, they're not
servant of Me. I honoured them and I was calling them to be My Divinely
Service servants. They refuse it they accepting to be servants not servants
but slaves for their egos for their donkeys and I am increasing them their
special place to be with their donkeys on same level forever.

May Allah forgive me and bless you and send us from His lions to save
ourselves from jackals and bears and wolves and foxes and from the hands of
dragons and devils to work only for our Lord, Allah Almighty to try to be
his servants. Therefore everyone must think must think if he's going to do
something this what I'm doing for me or for Him for me or for the Lord of
Heavens for me or for my Lord. If they're knowing that it is for the Lord
Almighty they're going to be honoured and rewarded. If you are looking
this, this is for my ego, egoistic desire, therefore, beware you may fall
down you can't improve up. You can fall down and you're slavery going to be
more and shaytan and his successors and followers making you in much more
trouble and misery and sufferings. Every badness coming to people because
they' re not accepting divinely servanthood. So many people coming, going,
coming going, everyday and they're complaining, complaining, complaining, I'
m asking what are you doing, I have a business, I have a workshop I have
something like this someone. I'm asking are you thinking for your Lord's
servanthood, they asking what is that, I'm saying you are not knowing this
you can't be able to get out of that difficult circumstances, you can't get
out from darkness to lights, you can't get out of troubles to be saved from
danger to be in a safe a safety place you are not going to be enjoyful here
and hereafter. Change your way, change your life routines. You are not
changing coming much more difficulties on you. Not getting to finish. I am
not saying to you that in future you may be saved. As long as you on that
routine of life don't hope that coming to you good days, no. Everyday going
to be much more dark and hardness and sufferings and trouble and foolish
problems. Even you can have billions or trillions. It's same because
dollars, euros and other things never giving to you what you are asking from
pleasure and pleasement and happiness and enjoyment and satisfaction and
safety guarantee for your future here and hereafter. Keep yourself your
Lord's worship. It is good for you and for your life, for your children for
your future here and hereafter.

May Allah forgive me and bless you for the honour of that one he is most
honoured one in Divinely Present. Fatihah.

Lefke, 03.07.2003

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