Maulana Sheikh NazimThe Golden Chain of the Sheiks

Keep your Sheikh in your heart - If a murid does this he can be able to be forever with his Sheikh. That is the best because he helps you at any time. Carrying you – but when you are forgetting, leaving you to you. Your power is only like a battery but when the Sheikh is coming it is like electricity coming. That power continues, but a battery has limits. Therefore they are asking for mureeds (followers of a sufi sheikh) to be with his Sheikh. That fills him up with Divine Power that runs to the heart of Sayyidina Muhammad, (peace and blessing of Allah be upon him), and running from him to the saints, to Grandshiekh – and when you are taking your sheikh with you, that power is running to you.

Because man is created weak and needs support. Allah Almighty gives that support from His Divine Power through His beloved servant, Sayyidina Muhammad (May peace be upon him) and on through saints. Awliya (saints) are like springs, you may reach them. You may wash yourself. You may do everything. If no springs you can’t do anything. Allah Almighty made for His servants, Prophets, and saints so that ordinary people may reach His Divine Oceans through those springs which come from the Divine Oceans. As much as you need, try to be with them. And try to be with one who is closer than you.

Grandsheikh is now with the Messenger of God, ( peace be upon him). He left someone to be with you, one who is like you - – that is my mission. Because Grandsheikh gives from his spiritual power – so that who touches my hand is touching the hand of Grandsheikh. Who asks, may ask through me because I am connected to them. I am not alone; I belong to the silsilah. The Chain is not broken. Praise be to God.

God’s Messenger, Sallallahu ‘alayhi was-salam, Giving his holy hand to

Siddiq, Siddiq giving to
Salman, Salman to Qasim,
Qasim to Ja’far
Jaf’ar to Tayfur,
Tayfur to Abul Hasan,
Abul Hasan to abu ‘Ali,
Abu ‘Ali to Yusuf,
Yusuf to Abu l’Abbas,
Abul Abbas to Abdul Khaliq,
to ‘Arif,
Muhammad Baba As-Sammasi,
Sayyid Amir al Kulali,
Khwaja Baha’uddin Naqshbandi, Giving his hand, And the hand of rasul allah ( sallallahu’alayhi was-salam), reaching to Shah Naqshband Giving to
Muhammad azZahid,
Darwish Muhammad,
Kwaja Amkanaki,
Muhammad al Baqibillah Giving to
Ahmad al Faruqi Giving to
Muhammad Ma’sum
Nur Muhammad
Habaibullah Giving to
Abdullah Giving to
Sheikh Khalid giving to
Sheikh Isma’il to
Khas Muhammad, giving to
Sheikh Muhammad Effendi Yaraghi Giving to
Sayyid Jamaluddin al Ghumuqi Giving to
abu Ahmad as-Sughuri Giving to
abu Muhammad al- Madani Giving to
Sayyidina Sharafuddin ad- Daghistani, He’s giving to
Sheikh Abdullah ad-Daghistani
He’s giving it to me
And I am reaching
To you.

Therefore anything may be asked. I am only a channel – nothing else. What they are sending me, I am giving to you.

Wa min Allah taufiq.

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