Maulana Sheikh NazimIt is a good characteristic for a person not to be cut off from his homeland

(Today it was snowing in Cyprus, and there are some Pakistani guests. Sheikh
asked them about the weather in Pakistan, but the brothers live in England.)

It is a good characteristic for a person not to be cut off from his
homeland. You left your homeland and went to Europe, to England, to Germany,
but you must not forget your homeland, your birthplace. That is according to
the Hadith of Rasulullah sws: 'Hub-ul vatan mina-l iman; love of one's
homeland is a sign of faith, or iman, or it is a part of iman. Therefore you
must not cut yourself off from your homeland.

But now people lost so many things, so many good characteristics, which they
had before, and people become day by day more materialistic. And that is the
main target of Shaitan; and he is teaching people satanic ways and ideas.
Therefore always I am saying: Meded, asking for spiritual power for myself,
that I may be supported spiritually, and it is a sign that I am not a
materialistic person.

You must show that you are not a materialistic person; you must show that
you believe in something beyond the material ideas. We believe in something
beyond the material world, surrounding the material world and universe. They
say our world or earth is a global thing, Dunya is like a globe, and that
there is an atmosphere surrounding this earth.

I am asking: 'What is its distance? Up to where is this atmosphere
surrounding Dunya, the earth?' They may say 8o kms, or 1oo kms, less or
more. I am asking: 'That atmosphere- with which thing is it surrounded? You
think it is something material, or that your material world finishes with
its atmosphere? That atmosphere is a kind of material also, like gas,
because it is oxygen and hydrogen or another mineral, as minerals may be in
They say that it is only reaching up to a distance, and beyond that there is
no more atmosphere. So I am asking: 'Which thing surrounds the atmosphere?
What is that? It means the material world finishes. Which name can you give
to that which is surrounding the world and the atmosphere also? In which
thing are our world and solar system swimming, as well as our galaxy and
billions of other galaxies? Swimming or running or sinking in it, appearing
and disappearing? What is that medium? You think it is material? Never!
Can't be. What is it? In which thing they are moving?

Any answers from scholars of positive knowledge? From professors? Why they
are trying to make everything through a material vision, a material world,
and no more? They are fully wrong. They must answer to what we are asking:
'In which thing our world is running, turning, whirling? And from where to
where? Which thing is affecting on it to turn around itself or to move in a
direction that is no direction?' Because after reaching beyond the
atmosphere you can't say anymore East, West, North, South, up or down, left
or right- no. It is a big trick that modern science uses for cheating
people, to make people's care only on earth, not to look up; to make them a
piece of material world only, not to be interested in anything beyond
material things. That is materialism. And it is a big false. Shaitan
established a materialistic school, to make Batil up and Haqq down.
I am sorry to say that the whole world says 'Yes' to the material view and
'No' for spirituality. Therefore coming on people such a heavy burden, and
material is killing people. Under the big heaviness of materialism people
are going to be like a plate. They can't stand up anymore, and people in the
whole world are beginning to fall down on their knees; materialism is going
to finish them.

It is not an economical crisis, no. That is another cheating. Satanic
teaching is making people not to look to the real point. It wants them not
to look to the important point, but to loose the main problem for mankind,
and change their cares to another direction

Now we live in the 21st century, and humanity is just facing the biggest
problem through all historical periods. And Shaitan is making people not to
look what is the real solution for that biggest problem of mankind that
never faced such a big problem.

We say that what is coming to Argentina is going to come to America, to
England and Europe, to China and Japan, to Turkey and Arab countries- to
East and West, one after one, because every country and mankind there is
facing the same problem.

That is the main problem: Shaitan is showing to people their problem as
something only material, and they look to it like that, no more. They say:
'No, don't say spirituality- you are not a man of this century, you are not
of our age, you don't belong to our time. You should have lived before our
age, you can be there, but you are not suitable to be with us through this
age.' They prevent people, who can think, and defeat them, throwing them out
from their communities, saying: 'You are not suitable to be with us. We are
materialists and you come and say something else, we don't understand and we
are not accepting. We say that it is only economical problems that make
people in such bad conditions.'

This is through East and West, and yet America, who is claiming to be the
boss of the world, does not understand. And their Number one citizen, their
President, is never able to open and say that it is something else, and to
say: 'Our problem is not a material problem.' Up today I am asking to hear
this from that President. Because they have billions of Dollars, perhaps
quadrillions. They threw in Afghanistan up today bombs for billions of
Dollars. That means they have enough money, enough material support, so that
they can waste billions of Dollars and bombard mountains.

And they may print trillions of Dollars and no one is asking if they are
putting anything in the cases of the banks for those printed Dollars. Every
night on T.V. I am seeing people counting money, especially in Turkey. They
show how they print money, how they cut it and put it in the machine for
counting, how they put it in bags and how they are giving it out. What is
that? They have money. But all that richness never gives any benefit,
because all rich ones, rich companies and very rich business people are
fearing, too. They live in a depthless fear, not knowing what is going to
happen. That means: no money can bring a solution for the problems of
mankind, and I would like to hear from this from the President, to speak on
that point.

But maybe he is prevented, and it is prohibited and forbidden for him to
speak on spirituality. How about if the Number One person on earth would
speak and say: 'O people, it is not only a material problem, but beyond
materialism there must be something that prevents us not to reach peace and
happiness on earth, not to arrange everything and people everywhere not to
be in contentment and satisfaction'? But he is not saying this. He can't
speak yet, but I like to hear this from him, as well as from Turkey, Arabia,
Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia, Japan. But no one yet is speaking. They fear
some ones.

It is not the Israel-problem, or the Palestine-problem, because this world
is prepared for mankind, and really Allah Almighty is giving right to His
servants to live freely everywhere, not to put borders, no. This world is
created for all mankind, and they have the right to live everywhere, and not
to be prevented, as long as they serve Allah, keep the rights of their
neighbours and give benefit to each other.

Only troublemakers are not given a chance to be anywhere. At least they
should be in prison; or they should be killed, because they are dragons and
wolves; they can't live among people. Their out looking is like man, but
inside they are like a wolf or a dragon. Therefore this is the holy order
from Heavens: If you find through yourself a wolf or a dragon, harming
people, killing people, making trouble for people- take him away. At least
send them away, take them from the community and send them away.
Once in Cyprus in 1931, when Cyprus was a British colony, there was a
trouble against the government. Greek people were cheated by devils and did
a worst thing against the government, attacking it. I was that time 9 years
old. Then the British government took those people who were the head of that
trouble away and sent them to the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean, so far,
that during one year not even one ship passes by.The second day the trouble
in Cyprus was finished.

The holy command of Allah Almighty is at least this: 'O people, who harms
the servants of Allah and gives trouble to them- take them away, send them
far away, so that they can never be able to come back again.' Or: 'Cut their
heads.' That is the heaviest punishment- to kill terrorist people. First cut
one hand. If they are going to make it again, cut one leg. If they don't
finish, hang them, or, which is much more easy, take them away.
In the Ottoman Empire they were sending people to the desert of Fisan in
Libya. There are some oases, and they left people there, and they couldn't
escape. If they would try, they should die, because they can't be able to
reach to anywhere. Abdul Hamid was not killing people, but sending them
away. That is such a simple, but very effective punishment, and people were

Now the whole world is full with terrorists. The USA just lost itself, and
it doesn't know how to deal with these people, how to reach to the
terrorists. They left the holy command of Allah Almighty and they got
punished. Everywhere is full with terrorists. And all governments now lost
their mind: How should they find them? It is impossible. They are living
with people; you can't be able to say it is this one or that one. Full
everywhere now. They accuse someone in Afghanistan, but there are countless
terrorists in their own country, because their government system is giving
them a chance to live.

Democracy is giving a chance for those people to live among people. It is
like someone who has a flock of sheep and the government is saying: 'You may
keep among your sheep also wolves. Wolves also may live'. How can be wolves
among sheep! Or, another example, chicken-farm: 'Democracy is saying that
you may keep among your chicken also foxes'. - 'How it can be? It is an
order from the government?'- 'Yes.'- The government is saying to the fox:
'Now you may live with the chicken'. And the fox is very happy, waving the
flag and calling the other foxes, saying: 'O, the new system of democracy is
telling us now to live with the chicken. Come on!' And up to the next
morning there are no more chicken left.

Sheikh Hussein from Afrin, the Kurdish khalifa of Grandsheikh, used to tell
this story: 'Once upon a time it was said to the wolf: Did you not hear the
latest news? -What is that? -That the people of this village are fed up from
shepherds and they think to make you shepherd on their flocks. -And the wolf
begins to cry: O, if this news should be real, and I would like it to be
real, I am so happy, that I am crying. -You don't know that democracy is
coming, and wolves may be shepherds? -I am supporting democracy 1oo%. For
the honour of democracy I am so happy, I am crying. If it is true, I may
prepare my small kids to look after lambs. I may look after big ones, my
small ones may look after lambs.' That is democracy!

But yet people do not understand, and everywhere there is advertisement for
democracy. Democracy finished humanity and mankind; it is mankind's biggest
enemy. All troubles are on behalf of that democracy, fighting to Allah, His
Prophet and fighting against the holy Books.

Therefore, as long as democracy is living, terrorism is also living. When
people throw that worst and foolish system of democracy, terrorism also
should leave and Haqq is built. Now Shaitan just established the shaitanic
Sultanate everywhere in the Muslim and the non-Muslim world.
Keep this. But you can't say. No one is accepting, neither Turks, nor Arabs
or Europeans or Russians, no. And from democracy making women to be with
men. That is another kind of fasad and big trouble that living people now
take the barrier between men and women away. When they took it away, it was
finished; fasad began. Therefore- men to their works and sides, women to
homes. If not, there will be never ending troubles and terrorism. Democracy
takes women out of their homes and even makes them soldiers, pilots,
captains on planes, or Lieutenant. And men throw their guns, not fighting,
saying: How we can shoot them? And if men shoot up, the ladies throw their
weapons. That is cinema- fully fasad.

This is an important association. We didn't expect to speak on such things,
but every day now. If anyone is going to be unhappy, that means he belongs to
the terrorists- man or woman. It is Haqq what we speak on, right, and we are
asking righteous, true and trustworthy people Our Dunya is going to finish,
but we hope that now for every evil and devil comes an end, to finish. May
Allah make it quickly to be people, His servants, in peace in their life, to
be servants of Allah Almighty and to reach His pleasement here and hereafter.

Lefke - 09.01.2002

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