When the Archbishop of Cyprus dreamt about the tree under which St Barnabas was buried and then found him there with his gospel, he was very happy and brought the gospel straight to Constantinopel, where the Pope was at the time. In exchange of that gospel, which the church did not want publicized, the Archbishop got an independent church for Cyprus. That was the beginning of the Orthodox Church. The original Gospel of Barnabas is in the library of the Vatican.

Barnabas was for Jesus like Abu Bakr was for Muhammad, may peace be on them. He was the youngest, but the most important one of all the disciples, because Jesus Christ knew that only his gospel would mention the reality of Jesus Christ and of the coming prophet. All the others disappeared and his gospel is still alive until today and is declaring the unity of God and the prophecy of the last seal of prophets. It denies everything concerning Trinity and crucifixtion. In the Gospel of Barnabas Muhammad is translated as Ahmed, as Paraklitos, the most respected person.

Italy - 01.11.1994

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